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2013-04-04_BP_Trial_Day_22_AM-Final.pdfTrial Transcript733.87 KB4/4/2013Morning Session: Conclusion of Cross-Examination of Dr. Gene Beck, Halliburtonís Expert Witness on Well Design, specifically as it relates to Control, Drilling, and Monitoring
Bement_James-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle44.35 MB2013-04-04James Bement (Halliburton's Vice President of Sperry Drilling)
Bertone_Stephen-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle93.64 MB2013-04-04Stephen Bertone (Transocean's Chief Engineer/Maintenance Supervisor)
Clawson_Bryan-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle37.12 MB2013-04-04Bryan Clawson (Weatherford's 30(b)(6) Technical Sales Representative)
Coronado_Richard-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle90.53 MB2013-04-04Richard Coronado (Cameron International's Expert Witness on Blowout Preventers)
Cramond_Neil-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle289.51 MB2013-04-04Neil Cramond (BP's Area Operations Manager: Marine Authority)
Emmerson_Anthony-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle114.88 MB2013-04-04Anthony Emmerson (BP's Well Operations Manager)
Fleytas_Andrea-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle4.01 MB2013-04-04Andrea Fleytas (Transocean's Dynamic Positioning Operator)
Hafle_Mark-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle33.38 MB2013-04-04Mark Hafle (BP's Senior Drilling Engineer)
Haire_Christopher-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle100.39 MB2013-04-04Christopher Haire (Halliburton's Service Supervisor)
Harrell_Jimmy-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle338.34 MB2013-04-04Jimmy Harrell (Transocean's Offshore Installation Manager)
Hart_Derek-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle60.84 MB2013-04-04Derek Hart (Aberdeen's Manager of QHSE - North Sea)
Haynie_William-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle69.36 MB2013-04-04William Haynie (ABS' Principal Surveyor)
Holloway_Caleb-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle18.41 MB2013-04-04Caleb Holloway (Transocean's Floor Hand)
Ingram_James-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle3.46 MB2013-04-04James Ingram (Transocean's Senior Materials Coordinator)
Johnson_Dustin-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle950.86 KB2013-04-04Dustin Johnson (Transocean's Roustabout on the Deepwater Horizon)
Johnson_Steven-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle1.27 MB2013-04-04Steven Johnson (MI-Swaco's Drilling Fluids Specialist/Mud Engineer)
Kaluza_Robert-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle56.29 MB2013-04-04Robert Kaluza (BP's Well Site Leader)
Kuctha_Curt-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle42.85 MB2013-04-04Curt Kuchta (Transocean's Captain of the Deepwater Horizon)
Liu_Xuemei-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle12.29 MB2013-04-04Xuemei Liu (BP's Economics Manager/Head of Finance - Gulf of Mexico Exploration)
MacDonald_John-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle32.50 MB2013-04-04John MacDonald (Transocean's Marine Manager, AMU)
Martinez_Victor-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle203.19 MB2013-04-04Victor Martinez (ModuSpec's Auditor)
McKay_David-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle76.80 MB2013-04-04David McKay (Det Norske Veritas' Chief Surveyor)
Meche_Gregory-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle23.64 MB2013-04-04Gregory Meche (MI-Swaco's Compliance Specialist)
Morel_Brian-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle26.16 MB2013-04-04Brian Morel (BP's Drilling Engineer)
Neal_Eric-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle4.73 MB2013-04-04Eric Neal (BOEMRE/MMS' Drilling Rig Inspector)
Neal_Robert-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle176.27 MB2013-04-04Robert Neal (BOEMRE/MMS' Drilling Rig Inspector)
Odenwald_Jay-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle3.83 MB2013-04-04Jay Odenwald (Transocean's Sr. Subsea Supervisor)
Odom_Michael-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle18.53 MB2013-04-04Michael Odom (U.S. Coast Guard's Chief of Prevention - Port Arthur)
Price_Vincent-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle18.71 MB2013-04-04Vincent Price (BP's Well Site Leader - Of The Future)
Sandell_Micah-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle1.25 MB2013-04-04Micah Sandell (Transocean's Crane Operator)
Sepulvado_Murry-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle171.36 MB2013-04-04Murry Sepulvado (BP's Well Site Leader)
Seraile_Allen-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle27.00 MB2013-04-04Allen Seraile (Transocean's Assistant Driller)
Sutton_Steve-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle10.79 MB2013-04-04Steve Sutton (U.S. Coast Guard's Offshore Compliance Specialist)
Taylor_Carl-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle10.59 MB2013-04-04Carl Taylor (Transocean's Radio Operator/Personnel Manager)
Walsh_Bob-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle194.62 MB2013-04-04Bob Walsh (Transocean's Engineer/"New Builds" Div.)
Watson_Nick-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle2.19 MB2013-04-04Nick Watson (Transocean's Roustabout)
Willis_Cathleenia-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle227.90 MB2013-04-04Cathleenia Willis (Halliburton's Surface Data Logger)
Wolfe_Jeff-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle72.00 MB2013-04-04Jeff Wolfe (Transocean's Expert Witness on Deepwater Horizon's Seaworthiness, Marine System, and Safety Condition)
Young_Kenneth-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle218.72 MB2013-04-04Kenneth Young (Stress Engineering's 30(b)(6) and Consulting Engineer)
TREX-00003A.pdfTrial Exhibit2.62 MB2013-04-04Typewritten Notes
TREX-00126.pdfTrial Exhibit75.88 KB2013-04-04Email from Mark Hafle to Richard Miller, Subject: RE: Macondo APB
TREX-00287.pdfTrial Exhibit178.05 KB2013-04-04EMAIL: FW: LAB TESTS (EMAILED AND ATTACHED LOCATION BLEND 8 GPHS SCR-100L BC18-73909.1.PDF; LOCATION BLEND 9 GPHS SCR-100L BC18-73909.2.PDF)
TREX-00291.pdfTrial Exhibit23.65 MB2013-04-04MC 252 #1 MACONDO PROSPECT: DRILLING PROGRAM JANUARY 2010, FINAL
TREX-00540.pdfTrial Exhibit479.83 KB2013-04-04Email - From: Ronald Sepulvado To: Robert Kaluza and others, with attachment
TREX-00545.pdfTrial Exhibit5.01 MB2013-04-04E-Mail - From: Morel, Brian P to Ronald Sepulvado, et. al. Sent: Fri Apr 16 04:38:03 2010 - Subject: Updated Procedure Attachment: GoM Exploration Wells MC 252 #1ST00BP01 - Macondo Prospect - 7 x 9-7/8 Interval
TREX-00547.pdfTrial Exhibit" 436.06 KB2013-04-04E-Mail - From: Morel, Brian P Sent: Tue Apr 20 15:36:07 2010 - Subject: Ops Note
TREX-00567.pdfTrial Exhibit424.93 KB2013-04-04BP / Deepwater Horizon Rheliant Displacement Procedure - Macondo OCS-G 32306
TREX-00570.pdfTrial Exhibit1.72 MB2013-04-04Form MMS-124 - Electronic Version: Application for Permit to Modify
TREX-00675.pdfTrial Exhibit55.33 KB2013-04-04Email - From: Paul Johnson (Houston) To: Dan Reudelhuber - Subject: RE: Negative test Procedure
TREX-00680.pdfTrial Exhibit337.58 KB2013-04-04Email - From: John Guide To: Paul Johnson - Subject: Nile
TREX-00711.pdfTrial Exhibit705.11 KB2013-04-04Email from Chaisson to Gagliano, Subject: BP / Horizon / Update, attaching 9.875 x 7 Casing Job Procedure - M.C. 252 Well #1 - Ver. 1 & Cement Info for Drillers Report
TREX-00713.pdfTrial Exhibit2.50 MB2013-04-04Email from Chaisson to Gagliano, Subject: BP / Horizon / Post Job Report, attaching 9.875 x 7 Foamed Production Casing Post Job Report - Prepared for Jesse Gagliano
TREX-00717.pdfTrial Exhibit9.79 MB2013-04-04Email from Gagliano, Subject: Info for Prod Casing job, attaching Halliburton - Lab Results - Primary - Cementing Gulf of Mexico, Broussard - Request/Slurry: 73909/2 & Halliburton - BP America - 9-7/8/ x 7 Production Casing/Design Report
TREX-00718.pdfTrial Exhibit4.11 MB2013-04-04Handwritten notes - Event log starting on 4/16/2010
TREX-00737.pdfTrial Exhibit769.99 KB2013-04-049.875 x 7 Casing Job Procedure - M.C. 252 Well #1 - Ver. 2; Cement Info for Drillers Report & Pressure Indications
TREX-00752.pdfTrial Exhibit141.62 KB2013-04-04GRAPH OF Test Results
TREX-00802W.pdfTrial Exhibit814.76 KB2013-04-04Cement Lab Weigh-Up Sheet, Feb 10, 2010 - Req/Slurry: US-65112/1
TREX-00802X.pdfTrial Exhibit3.66 MB2013-04-04Cement Lab Weigh-Up Sheet, Feb 12, 2010 - Req/Slurry: US-65112/2
TREX-00808.pdfTrial Exhibit688.80 KB2013-04-04Cement Lab Weigh-Up Sheet, Feb 12, 2010 - Req/Slurry: US-65112/3
TREX-00809.pdfTrial Exhibit732.27 KB2013-04-04Cement Lab Weigh-up Sheet, Feb 16, 2010- Req/ Slurry: US-65112/3
TREX-00820.pdfTrial Exhibit1.36 MB2013-04-04DAILY DRILLING REPORT (DATED 20 APR 2010); NO. 512100-000034-0; REPORT NO. 54
TREX-00984.pdfTrial Exhibit2.48 MB2013-04-04CEMENT LAB WEIGH-UP SHEET - Req/Slurry: US-73909/1
TREX-01072.pdfTrial Exhibit475.76 KB2013-04-04Email - From: Jonathan Bellow To: Robert Bodek and others - Subject: FW: Some Thoughts and Help Requested, PP detection, Macando
TREX-01118.pdfTrial Exhibit4.12 MB2013-04-04Safety System Design Philosophy - RBS8D Project Deepwater Horizon
TREX-01119.pdfTrial Exhibit955.59 KB2013-04-04U.S. Coast Guard - NAVIGATION AND VESSEL INSPECTION CIRCULAR NO. 2-89 - Guide for Electrical Installations on Merchant Vessels and Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (dated 14 Aug 1989)
TREX-01136.pdfTrial Exhibit691.31 KB2013-04-04E-Mail - From: Paine, Kate (QuaDril Energy LT) Sent: 01:44:47 - Subject: RE: Lesson Learned - Plan Forward: Macondo
TREX-01144.pdfTrial Exhibit595.69 KB2013-04-04Email - From: John Guide To: David Sims - Subject: Discussion - The way we work with engineering
TREX-01300.pdfTrial Exhibit5.03 MB2013-04-04SHEAR RAM CAPABILITIES STUDY (REQUISITION NO. 3-4025-1001)
TREX-01395.pdfTrial Exhibit462.50 KB2013-04-04Email - From: Brian Morel To: Jesse Gagliano - Subject: RE: Retarder concentration
TREX-01455.pdfTrial Exhibit1.57 MB2013-04-04Daily Drilling Report
TREX-01469.pdfTrial Exhibit2.53 MB2013-04-04Manual: Transocean - SUBSEA SYSTEMS - FAMILY 400 Subsea Maintenance Philosophy
TREX-01693.pdfTrial Exhibit997.57 KB2013-04-04Document: Drilling & Completions MOC Initiate (date initiated 4/14/2010)
TREX-01726.pdfTrial Exhibit948.43 KB2013-04-04RMI Minimum Safe Manning Certificate for DWH
TREX-01786.pdfTrial Exhibit1.93 MB2013-04-04International Ship Security Certificate
TREX-01832.pdfTrial Exhibit4.38 MB2013-04-04Email - From: Angel Rodriguez To: John Guide and others - Subject: Deepwater Horizon's Rig Audit close out report status, with attachment
TREX-01870.pdfTrial Exhibit1.88 MB2013-04-04TRANSOCEAN CHANGE PROPOSAL
TREX-02033.pdfTrial Exhibit16.85 MB2013-04-04Document: Committee on Energy and Commerce, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., Telephone Interview of: Jesse Marc Gagliano
TREX-02035.pdfTrial Exhibit170.52 KB2013-04-04Email from J Gagliano to E Cunningham re: Foamed Production Jobs at BP- Livelink 10 KB
TREX-02129.pdfTrial Exhibit540.40 KB2013-04-04Halliburton - Cementing: Foam Delivers Long-Term Zonal Isolation and Decreases Remedial Costs
TREX-02562.pdfTrial Exhibit4.41 MB2013-04-04Whetherford - Float Equipment - Flow-Activated Mid-Bore Auto-Fill Float Collar Model M45AP - Document No.: D000446283
TREX-02580.pdfTrial Exhibit481.70 KB2013-04-04Email from Brian Morel to Gagliano, Hafle, Cocales, and Walz, Re: OptiCem Report
TREX-03032.pdfTrial Exhibit10.20 MB2013-04-04Email from J. Gagliano to A. Culpit, et al. re: Updated Info for Prod Casing job
TREX-03074.pdfTrial Exhibit1.60 MB2013-04-04Email from Cynthia to P. Smith re: ABS - DWH Status report with all parts attaching ABS Surver status
TREX-03075.pdfTrial Exhibit13.77 MB2013-04-04Transocean - Deepwater Horizon - Licensing Information / Documentation
TREX-03076.pdfTrial Exhibit489.88 KB2013-04-04Republic of the Marshall Islands - Maritime Administrator - safety inspection documents
TREX-03298.pdfTrial Exhibit5.47 MB2013-04-04WEST Engineering Services, Inc. Evaluation of Secondary Intervention Methods in Well Control for US Minerals Management Service
TREX-03299.pdfTrial Exhibit1.90 MB2013-04-04Document: RMS II - Equipment History, Equipment: BOP Control Pod, Tag: WCS BOPP 002
TREX-03308.pdfTrial Exhibit67.97 MB2013-04-04Engineering Report on Testing of Weatherford M45AP Float Collar: Report PN 1751225
TREX-03324.pdfTrial Exhibit439.45 KB2013-04-04Email - From: Randy Ezell To: DWH AsstDriller - Subject: Macondo Part 1, with attachment
TREX-03326.pdfTrial Exhibit89.86 KB2013-04-04Email - From: DWH Asst. Driller To: DWH Toolpusher - Subject: Negative Test While Displacing, with attachment
TREX-03420.pdfTrial Exhibit175.79 KB2013-04-04Email - From: Buddy Trahan To: James Kent - Subject: RE: Horizon BOP Leak
TREX-03540.pdfTrial Exhibit18.03 MB2013-04-04Document: Final Triple Combo Log Report
TREX-03541.pdfTrial Exhibit58.77 MB2013-04-04Report: Laminated Sand Analysis - Hydrocarbon Identification from RT Scanner
TREX-03549.pdfTrial Exhibit83.16 KB2013-04-04Email - From: Robert Bodek To: Paul Chandler and others - Subject: Evaluation complete at Macondo
TREX-03551.pdfTrial Exhibit3.97 MB2013-04-04Memo: Post-Well Subsurface Description of Macondo Well (MC0252_1BP1) v3
TREX-03624.pdfTrial Exhibit1.87 MB2013-04-04Report: West Engineering Services, Inc. Evaluation of Secondary Intervention Methods in Well Control for U.S. Minerals Management Services
TREX-03628.pdfTrial Exhibit23.12 KB2013-04-04Email - From: Michael Fry To: William LeNormand - Subject: FW: Event Logger readings
TREX-03749.pdfTrial Exhibit940.23 KB2013-04-04Deepwater Horizon Bridge Procedures Guide
TREX-03769.pdfTrial Exhibit954.74 KB2013-04-042010 Cementing Reliabillity Audit
TREX-03773.pdfTrial Exhibit491.96 KB2013-04-04DATA REQUEST FROM D&C MANAGEMENT
TREX-03775.pdfTrial Exhibit1.15 MB2013-04-04Cement Lab Weigh-Up Sheet, A Req/Slurry: US-73909/1 (Dated 2010/04/13 & 17)
TREX-03782.pdfTrial Exhibit154.20 KB2013-04-04Email - From: Owen McWhorter To: Michael Fry and others - Subject: RE: Transocean Horizon yellow SEM
TREX-03785.pdfTrial Exhibit363.13 KB2013-04-04E-mail string among Michael Fry and DWH, Subseasup (DEEPWATER HORIZON); Subject: Battery replacement
TREX-04112.pdfTrial Exhibit660.07 KB2013-04-04Drilling Contract, RBS-8D Semisubmersible Drilling Unit Vastar Resources, Inc. and R&B Falcon Drilling Co.
TREX-04140.pdfTrial Exhibit147.37 KB2013-04-04RMS - Gas Detection
TREX-04246.pdfTrial Exhibit444.83 KB2013-04-04Agreed 30(b)(6) Deposition Notice of Transocean Defendants (With 30(b)(5) Document Requests)
TREX-04248.pdfTrial Exhibit32.03 MB2013-04-04Macondo Well Incident Transocean Investigation Report Volume 1, June 2011
TREX-04276.pdfTrial Exhibit12.74 MB2013-04-04Cameron Quotation for DWH BOP
TREX-04306.pdfTrial Exhibit127.54 KB2013-04-04Email from G. Leach to G. Boughton re: MUX Batteries
TREX-04350.pdfTrial Exhibit30.20 KB2013-04-04Cementing Technology Manual
TREX-04357.pdfTrial Exhibit68.75 KB2013-04-04Observations
TREX-04457.pdfTrial Exhibit25.56 KB2013-04-04Emails between Hafle &; Re: run this one next time
TREX-04514.pdfTrial Exhibit177.55 KB2013-04-04E-mail - From Cocales, Brett to Morel, Brian Sent: April 16, 2010 - Subject: Macondo STK geodetic, with Attachments
TREX-04640.pdfTrial Exhibit31.14 KB2013-04-04Transocean Deepwater Horizon Task Specific THINK Procedure for a negative flow test using choke and kill lines
TREX-04647.pdfTrial Exhibit14.23 KB2013-04-04DEEPWATER HORIZON Emergency Disconnect Procedure, Section 12, Subsection 2
TREX-04743.pdfTrial Exhibit1.54 MB2013-04-04Appendix O. Industry Comparison Data on Long String Casing and Casing Liners in the Macondo Well Area
TREX-04803.pdfTrial Exhibit173.89 KB2013-04-04Interviewing Form re A. Seraille by B. Scott
TREX-04823.pdfTrial Exhibit639.55 KB2013-04-04Subject: Solenoid 103, attaching handwritten notes
TREX-04934.pdfTrial Exhibit161.19 KB2013-04-04DWH Technical Group Summary Report
TREX-05094.pdfTrial Exhibit1,006.96 KB2013-04-04BOP Stack Design, Technical Position Paper
TREX-05101.pdfTrial Exhibit81.72 KB2013-04-04Transocean DWH Investigation
TREX-05102.pdfTrial Exhibit5.83 MB2013-04-04Email from DWH, MaintSup to P. Johnson et al. re Rig Move Feb 2010
TREX-05125.pdfTrial Exhibit1.01 MB2013-04-04Email - From: Bob Walsh To: Wesley Bell and others - Subject: Gumbo Box generic info, with attachments
TREX-05204.pdfTrial Exhibit1.78 MB2013-04-04Email from K. Ravi to T. Roth re: presentation attaching presentation
TREX-05219.pdfTrial Exhibit119.96 KB2013-04-04ZoneSealant 2000 Foamer/Stabilizer for Freshwater and Saturated-Salt Slurries
TREX-05296.pdfTrial Exhibit550.89 KB2013-04-04Transocean Interview Notes of David Young
TREX-05299.pdfTrial Exhibit4.32 MB2013-04-04Transocean's Deepwater Horizon Organization Chart
TREX-05340.pdfTrial Exhibit128.54 KB2013-04-04Transocean SedcoForex Task Specific Think Procedure Chart re DriveOff - DriftOff
TREX-05345.pdfTrial Exhibit2.50 MB2013-04-04IADC Well Control Accreditation Program - David Young completed a Full Course at the Supervisor Level
TREX-05409.pdfTrial Exhibit115.49 KB2013-04-04Subject: DWH - BOP follow up, with Attachments
TREX-05479.pdfTrial Exhibit202.28 KB2013-04-04Email from W. Cabucio to M. Nuttall, et al. re: 2004 Task Planning and Risk Management Survey Questionnaire attaching Consolidated Regions Task Planning and Risk Management Questionnaires
TREX-05569.pdfTrial Exhibit162.32 KB2013-04-04Email from T. Quirk to R. Vargo re: RP 65
TREX-05570.pdfTrial Exhibit105.93 KB2013-04-04Technology Bulletin on ZoneSealant 2000
TREX-05574.pdfTrial Exhibit112.21 KB2013-04-04Chart in a report entitled Annex G: List of Certificates and Expiration Dates
TREX-05580.pdfTrial Exhibit194.55 KB2013-04-04DHS/USCG Activity Summary Report: Inspection of Deepwater Horizon; no deficiencies
TREX-05585.pdfTrial Exhibit187.78 KB2013-04-04Activity Summary Report - MODU is in very good condition, Good Crew participation
TREX-05586.pdfTrial Exhibit224.69 KB2013-04-04Activity Summary Report
TREX-05587.pdfTrial Exhibit177.86 KB2013-04-04Activity Summary Report
TREX-05589.pdfTrial Exhibit216.73 KB2013-04-04Activity Summary Report - Check CVp showed no outstanding deficincies
TREX-05590.pdfTrial Exhibit205.56 KB2013-04-04U.S. Department of Homeland Securtiy United States Coast Gaurd - Certificate of Compliance
TREX-05629.pdfTrial Exhibit784.00 KB2013-04-04Transocean Interview Notes of C. Pleasant
TREX-05650.pdfTrial Exhibit2.21 MB2013-04-04TO EAU Incident Investigation Report - Well Control Incident - Riser Unloading
TREX-05662.pdfTrial Exhibit370.58 KB2013-04-04Email from C. Tolleson to E. Florence re: Fedex info
TREX-05823.pdfTrial Exhibit44.84 MB2013-04-04Annular Gas Migration - Solutions to Annular Gas Flow (46 pg document, only pg 1 is Bates stamped)
TREX-05845.pdfTrial Exhibit122.06 KB2013-04-0430 CFR 250.421 What are the casing and cementing requirements by type of casing string?
TREX-06120.pdfTrial Exhibit1.84 MB2013-04-04Transocean letter to BP America Production Company, Randy Rhoads, from Christopher Young, Subject: Letter Agreement for Conversion of VBR to a Test Ram
TREX-07030.pdfTrial Exhibit409.86 KB2013-04-04Cameron Well Control Equipment - Periodic Inspection/Recertification
TREX-07114.pdfTrial Exhibit350.89 KB2013-04-04Email from B. Braniff to B Sannan, et al. re: Advisory- monitoring well control integrity of mechanical barriers
TREX-07279.pdfTrial Exhibit255.05 KB2013-04-04Email dated June 25, 2010 from Kent Corser to Morten Haug Emilsen, RE: ACTION - Dynamic Simulation Report
TREX-07469.pdfTrial Exhibit1.40 MB2013-04-04Email from Gagliano to Morel & Hafle, Subject: Macondo BoD, attaching Halliburton Macondo BoD
TREX-07485.pdfTrial Exhibit145.14 KB2013-04-04Screen shot of Halliburton Advantage website page dated 10/14/2011
TREX-07491A.pdfTrial Exhibit299.92 KB2013-04-04Halliburton Experience with Foam Cement Using D-AIR 3000 in The Slurry In The GOM - 2005 - April 20, 2010 chart - Revised as per Gagliano's testimony on 4/3/2013
TREX-07492.pdfTrial Exhibit981.97 KB2013-04-04Defendant Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.'s Objections and Responses to Co-Defendant Anadarko Petroleum Corporation's Interrogatories and Requests for Production
TREX-07493.pdfTrial Exhibit49.06 KB2013-04-04Email - From: Christopher Haire To: Danny Mooney and others - Subject: daily report horizon, with attachment
TREX-07494.pdfTrial Exhibit1.05 MB2013-04-04Email from Gagliano, Jesse to Cupit, Anthony; Haire, Christopher; Deepwater Horizon (BP); Fleming, Jason; Tabler, Vincent dated January 28, 2010 12:47 PM Subject: Macondo Well
TREX-07532.pdfTrial Exhibit337.42 KB2013-04-04Interviewing Form of Wyman Wheeler
TREX-07564.pdfTrial Exhibit1.05 MB2013-04-04The Maritime Act 1990 as amended office of the Maritime administrator
TREX-07669.pdfTrial Exhibit56.97 KB2013-04-04Email from J. Van Lue to W. Stringfellow re: AMF battery EB attaching image
TREX-07670.pdfTrial Exhibit345.52 KB2013-04-04West Engineering Services - Daily Report 8/5/2011 - Deepwater Enterprise West Job #3936
TREX-07691.pdfTrial Exhibit6.92 MB2013-04-04Letter attaching report from assessment of the well control equipment on the Deepwater Horizon
TREX-07700.pdfTrial Exhibit159.23 KB2013-04-04Transocean DwH Investigation; Investigations: Blind Shear Ram Performance - Closed by Surface Control
TREX-07708.pdfTrial Exhibit2.37 MB2013-04-04West weekly activity reports - various dates beg July 2010 and ending Jan 2011
TREX-07709.pdfTrial Exhibit245.80 KB2013-04-04TO DWH Incident Investigation - Subsea - re battery replacement (summary of TO records, Cameron purchase records, et.)
TREX-07852.pdfTrial Exhibit5.63 MB2013-04-04Log: 5 MD Phase Attenuation Log
TREX-07872.pdfTrial Exhibit2.61 MB2013-04-04Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.'s Responses to Subpoena to Produce Documents Information or Objects
TREX-07876.pdfTrial Exhibit987.76 KB2013-04-04Email from Gagliano, Jesse to Fleece, Trent dated Oct 29 22:37:23 2009 Subject: Re: cement
TREX-20012.pdfTrial Exhibit198.38 KB2013-04-04N2 CEMENT Job Summaries
TREX-26011.pdfTrial Exhibit1.21 MB2013-04-04Email chain ending with email from Steve Hand to Mandar Pathak, Barry Braniff, Larry McMahan re: Marianas, Kodiak sidetrack
TREX-26052.pdfTrial Exhibit221.96 KB2013-04-04Email from Corporate Communications, Subject: FIRST NEWS BULLETIN: a Message from Bob Long and Steven Newman
TREX-30025.pdfTrial Exhibit138.77 KB2013-04-04Harrell Interview-1 (Interview Form)
TREX-31002.pdfTrial Exhibit192.68 KB2013-04-04N2 Job Summaries & Operation Summaries
TREX-33273.pdfTrial Exhibit13.39 MB2013-04-04Cameron Factory Acceptance Test Procedure 11-28-2007
TREX-36030.pdfTrial Exhibit263.78 KB2013-04-042009 Deepwater Horizon UWILD/Between Well Maintenance KODIAC BOP/LMRP Work Performed
TREX-36070.pdfTrial Exhibit5.19 MB2013-04-04Transocean Annual Report - 2009 Well Control Events & Statistics 2005 to 2009
TREX-36708.pdfTrial Exhibit134.68 KB2013-04-04Email from Stringfellow, William to Kent, James dated May 14, 2010 Subject: Fw: AMF battery EB
TREX-36711.pdfTrial Exhibit219.27 KB2013-04-04Cameron Field Service Order dated December 21, 2008
TREX-37037.pdfTrial Exhibit991.27 KB2013-04-04Viking System emails related to Request 73909
TREX-37039.pdfTrial Exhibit1.16 MB2013-04-04Viking System scree shots related to Request 73909/1 with test results
TREX-37041.pdfTrial Exhibit1.15 MB2013-04-04Viking System screen shots and files related to Request 73909
TREX-37042.pdfTrial Exhibit912.83 KB2013-04-04Viking System screen shots and files related to Request 65112
TREX-41022.pdfTrial Exhibit978.19 KB2013-04-04Apr. 20, 2010 MC 252 Daily Drilling Report
TREX-41139.xlsTrial Exhibit593.00 KB2013-04-045 Day Planner Macondo
TREX-41208.pdfTrial Exhibit12.10 MB2013-04-042010.01.30 Email (and attachments) from TP to Driller encl Drilling Program Plan - Part 2
TREX-44070.pdfTrial Exhibit18.28 MB2013-04-04ABS Mobile Offshore Drilling Units Rules-Part 7- Surveys
TREX-47180.pdfTrial Exhibit281.90 KB2013-04-04Email from P. Johnson to B. Trahan et al. re Deepwater Horizon Rig Audit
TREX-47568.xlsTrial Exhibit1.88 MB2013-04-04Marine Assurance Spreadsheet
TREX-47996.pdfTrial Exhibit1.06 MB2013-04-04Email from J. Gagliano to M. Hafle re Post Job (w/ attachment)
TREX-48001.xlsTrial Exhibit48.50 KB2013-04-04Halliburton - Material Transfer Ticket
TREX-48102.pdfTrial Exhibit490.58 KB2013-04-04Photograph - BOP Control Panel
TREX-48193.pdfTrial Exhibit6.97 MB2013-04-0465112 Online Weigh-Up Sheet (Screen Shots from Viking)
TREX-48194.pdfTrial Exhibit4.81 MB2013-04-0473909 Online Weigh-Up Sheet (Screen Shots from Viking)
TREX-50003.pdfTrial Exhibit3.28 MB2013-04-04Expert Report of Jeff Wolfe - Deepwater Horizon - Seaworthiness, Marine System, and Safety Condition on April 20, 2010
TREX-50180.pdfTrial Exhibit657.89 KB2013-04-04Deepwater Horizon, Marine Department Current Report, April 20, 2010 (1730)
TREX-50296.pdfTrial Exhibit531.40 KB2013-04-04Transocean Investigation Team Interview of Mark Ezell
TREX-50306.pdfTrial Exhibit6.31 MB2013-04-04Transocean Investigation Team Interview of David Young
TREX-50324.pdfTrial Exhibit957.05 KB2013-04-04American Bureau of Shipping Certificate of Classification, Deepwater Horizon, A1, Column Stabilized Drilling Unit, AMS, Accu, DPS-3
TREX-50325.pdfTrial Exhibit408.56 KB2013-04-04American Bureau of Shipping Dry-docking Survey Checklist, Report Number MC 1722260-D
TREX-50326.pdfTrial Exhibit546.63 KB2013-04-04American Bureau of Shipping Dry-docking Survey Checklist, Report Number MC 1722260
TREX-50381.pdfTrial Exhibit1.48 MB2013-04-04Rebuttal Expert Report of Jeff L. Wolfe, Deepwater Horizon - Seaworthiness, Marine System, and Safety Condition on April 20, 2010
TREX-50394.pdfTrial Exhibit326.75 KB2013-04-04Letter from Republic of the Marshall Islands Re: Deepwater Horizon Casualty Investigation, August 25, 2010, at p. 2
TREX-50427.pdfTrial Exhibit547.19 KB2013-04-04Transocean Emergency Disconnect Procedures for Red Alert EDS
TREX-50428.pdfTrial Exhibit1.02 MB2013-04-04Code for Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, 2009, Resolution A.1023(26)
TREX-51133.pdfTrial Exhibit900.44 KB2013-04-04Vidrine/Kaluza written statement re: negative test
TREX-51245.pdfTrial Exhibit20.60 MB2013-04-04Flight Manifest
TREX-52536.pdfTrial Exhibit3.20 MB2013-04-04Charter Party between Transocean & R&B Falcon - Deepwater Horizon
TREX-52664.pdfTrial Exhibit489.04 KB2013-04-04Summary: Deepwater Horizon BOP Function and Pressure Testing at Macondo
TREX-52665.pdfTrial Exhibit2.48 MB2013-04-04Summary: Deepwater Horizon Well Control Preventive Maintenance Tasks, April 19, 2009 to April 19, 2010
TREX-52666.pdfTrial Exhibit985.81 KB2013-04-04Summary: Deepwater Horizon Audits / Inspections / Surveys / Certifications (2005-2010)
TREX-52668.pdfTrial Exhibit815.78 KB2013-04-04Summary: Certifications for Deepwater Horizon as of April 20, 2010
TREX-60068.pdfTrial Exhibit3.97 MB2013-04-04Email: From: Jesse Gagliano To: Anthony Cuprit and others - Subject: Updated Info of Prod Casing Job
TREX-60405.pdfTrial Exhibit531.60 KB2013-04-04Report: Cement Lab Weigh-Up Sheet, Feb 10, 2010 - Req/Slurry: US-65112/1
TREX-60412.pdfTrial Exhibit538.82 KB2013-04-04Report: Halliburton Cementing Lab Results - Lead
TREX-60415.pdfTrial Exhibit222.03 KB2013-04-04Report: Cement Lab Weigh-Up Sheet, Apr 17, 2010 - Req/Slurry: US-73909/1
TREX-60443.pdfTrial Exhibit6.40 MB2013-04-04Document: Production Casing Proposals versions 1 - 6
TREX-60455.pdfTrial Exhibit887.71 KB2013-04-04Report: Halliburton Cementing Lab Results Lead (UCA Compressive Strength Test ID 722098)
TREX-63076.pdfTrial Exhibit1.02 MB2013-04-04Report: 9 7/8 Casing
TREX-63201.pdfTrial Exhibit386.54 KB2013-04-04Document: Viking Screenshot, April 19 Finished in Lab Email Related to Request 73909
D-3126.pdfVisual Aid92.35 KB2013-04-04Macondo Was 'The Well From Hell'
D-3157.pdfVisual Aid158.80 KB2013-04-04Macondo Casing Strings Set Short
D-3256.pdfVisual Aid151.55 KB2013-04-04HESI Lab Photos (Cement)
D-3257.pdfVisual Aid140.79 KB2013-04-04HESI Lab Photos (Cement)
D-3258.pdfVisual Aid114.17 KB2013-04-04HESI Lab Photos (Cement)
D-3266.pdfVisual Aid47.95 KB2013-04-04Changes Made by BP and TO to DWH BOP
D-3267.pdfVisual Aid47.70 KB2013-04-04Improvements Not Made by BP and TO to DWH BOP
D-3268.pdfVisual Aid60.08 KB2013-04-04Opinions on Whether AMF Fired on April 20, 2010
D-3272.pdfVisual Aid111.15 KB2013-04-04Summary: Confusion of Master's Authority in Transocean Manuals and Documents
D-3273.pdfVisual Aid87.76 KB2013-04-04Pre-Incident Determination of Shallowest Hydrocarbon-Bearing Zone
D-3275.pdfVisual Aid315.06 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-3601A.pdfVisual Aid156.06 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-3602.pdfVisual Aid258.15 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4290.pdfVisual Aid205.70 KB2013-04-04Slide Demonstratives
D-4327A.1.pdfVisual Aid298.55 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4334B.pdfVisual Aid109.45 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4337.pdfVisual Aid208.74 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4338B.PDFVisual Aid134.81 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4352.pdfVisual Aid165.55 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4353.pdfVisual Aid179.13 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4354.pdfVisual Aid168.73 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4377A.PDFVisual Aid106.39 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4538.pdfVisual Aid113.31 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4572A.PDFVisual Aid276.88 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4586.pdfVisual Aid121.21 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4599.pdfVisual Aid115.26 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4603A.PDFVisual Aid291.21 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4605.pdfVisual Aid163.03 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4607.pdfVisual Aid98.09 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4611.pdfVisual Aid372.66 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4620.pdfVisual Aid92.39 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4621.pdfVisual Aid93.15 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4638.pdfVisual Aid95.36 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4639.pdfVisual Aid111.09 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4640.pdfVisual Aid99.52 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4647.pdfVisual Aid94.24 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4649.pdfVisual Aid88.41 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4651.pdfVisual Aid95.10 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4653.1.pdfVisual Aid143.24 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4653.2.pdfVisual Aid142.46 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4653.3.pdfVisual Aid143.36 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4653.4.pdfVisual Aid141.68 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4653.5.pdfVisual Aid143.01 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4653.6.pdfVisual Aid140.30 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4653.7.pdfVisual Aid133.03 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4653.8.pdfVisual Aid140.56 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4666.pdfVisual Aid121.52 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4673.pdfVisual Aid703.49 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4683.pdfVisual Aid110.25 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4684.pdfVisual Aid114.37 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4686.pdfVisual Aid109.59 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4687.pdfVisual Aid187.36 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-4691A.pdfVisual Aid143.77 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6234.pdfVisual Aid146.44 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6241.pdfVisual Aid147.71 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6579.pdfVisual Aid502.71 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6588.pdfVisual Aid950.29 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6635.pdfVisual Aid169.42 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6637B.pdfVisual Aid168.55 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6641.jpgVisual Aid86.71 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6643.jpgVisual Aid91.06 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6645.JPGVisual Aid49.83 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6646.JPGVisual Aid144.46 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6647.JPGVisual Aid82.43 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6648.JPGVisual Aid60.97 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6649.JPGVisual Aid97.35 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6650.JPGVisual Aid74.82 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6651.jpgVisual Aid62.08 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6652.pdfVisual Aid2.90 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6665.jpgVisual Aid54.65 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6667.pdfVisual Aid92.65 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6668.wmvVisual Aid2.49 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6669.wmvVisual Aid2.53 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6670.wmvVisual Aid3.09 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6671.wmvVisual Aid2.19 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6672.wmvVisual Aid3.05 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6673.wmvVisual Aid1.78 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6674.wmvVisual Aid6.45 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6675.wmvVisual Aid1.66 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6676.pdfVisual Aid98.98 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6678.pdfVisual Aid546.81 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6679.wmvVisual Aid14.42 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6681.wmvVisual Aid6.38 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6683.pdfVisual Aid138.54 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6684.wmvVisual Aid3.39 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6685.pdfVisual Aid111.11 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6686.pdfVisual Aid453.54 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6687.wmvVisual Aid1.52 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6688.wmvVisual Aid3.09 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6689.wmvVisual Aid2.05 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6690.wmvVisual Aid4.20 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6692.wmvVisual Aid4.02 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6696.wmvVisual Aid6.13 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6697.wmvVisual Aid2.42 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6698.pdfVisual Aid104.48 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6700.pdfVisual Aid9.80 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6701.pdfVisual Aid10.13 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6703.pdfVisual Aid173.73 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6704.pdfVisual Aid107.49 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6709.wmvVisual Aid13.62 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6710.wmvVisual Aid8.74 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6712.pdfVisual Aid1.90 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6713.pdfVisual Aid1.69 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6714.pdfVisual Aid1.97 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6715.pdfVisual Aid1.82 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6716.pdfVisual Aid101.94 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6721.pdfVisual Aid975.89 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6722.pdfVisual Aid246.92 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6723.pdfVisual Aid173.64 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6724.pdfVisual Aid209.08 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6725.pdfVisual Aid238.18 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6739.pdfVisual Aid338.96 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6747.pdfVisual Aid22.55 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6753.pdfVisual Aid267.88 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6755.pdfVisual Aid272.97 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6756.pdfVisual Aid1.45 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6761.pdfVisual Aid374.41 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6763.pdfVisual Aid287.09 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6768.pdfVisual Aid604.72 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6769.pdfVisual Aid606.22 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6770.pdfVisual Aid600.76 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-6771.pdfVisual Aid607.38 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-8015.pdfVisual Aid594.67 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-8025.pdfVisual Aid5.80 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-8036.pdfVisual Aid1.02 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-8038.pdfVisual Aid911.11 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-8244.pdfVisual Aid184.16 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-8245.pdfVisual Aid230.01 KB2013-04-04Demonstrative
D-8247.pdfVisual Aid4.05 MB2013-04-04Demonstrative