Document NameTypeFile SizeDateDescription
2013-02-28 DEPOSITION BUNDLE INSTRUCTIONS.pdfInstructions150.29 KB2013-02-28Deposition Bundle Instructions
2013-02-28_BP_Trial_Day_04_AM-Final.pdfTrial Transcript2.02 MB2013-02-28Morning Session: Continuation of Cross-Examination of Mark Bly, BP's Group Head of Safety and Operations
2013-02-28_Barbier_Day_04_PM-Final.pdfTrial Transcript447.42 KB2013-02-28Afternoon Session: Continuation of Cross-Examination of Mark Bly, followed by his Direct Testimony.
Abbassian_Fereidoun-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle198.66 MB2013-02-28Fereidoun Abbassian (BP Vice President for Technology)
Albers_Shane-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle20.38 MB2013-02-28Shane Albers (BP Subsea Engineer Challenger)
Albertin_Martin-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle69.54 MB2013-02-28Martin Albertin (BP Geophysical Advisor)
Alberty_Mark-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle28.35 MB2013-02-28Mark Alberty (BP Senior Advisor for Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient)
Anderson_Rex-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle201.79 MB2013-02-28Rex Anderson (BP Investigator - Root Cause Analyst / Interview Facilitator)
Armstrong_Ellis-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle232.10 MB2013-02-28Ellis Armstrong (BP 30(b)(6) Witness - CFO for Exploration & Production)
Barron_Daniel-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle3.07 MB2013-02-28Daniel Clark Barron III (Transocean Floor Hand)
Baxter_John-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle245.42 MB2013-02-28John Baxter (BP 30(b)(6) Witness - Group Head of Engineering & Process Safety)
Beirne_Michael-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle82.05 MB2013-02-28Michael Beirne (BP Offshore Land Negotiator)
Beirute_Robert-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle252.43 MB2013-02-28Robert Beirute Ph.D. (BP Chemical Engineer - Consultant)
Bellow_Jonathan-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle133.95 MB2013-02-28Jonathan Bellow (BP Operations Geologist for Deepwater Exploration)
Bodek_Robert-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle222.19 MB2013-02-28Robert Bodek (BP Operations Geologist in Gulf of Mexico Exploration)
Braniff_Barry-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle176.79 MB2013-02-28Barry Braniff (Transocean Manager, Wells Operator)
Breazeale_Martin-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle354.76 MB2013-02-28Martin Breazeale (BP Wellsite-Leader-of-the-Future Program Manager)
Breland_Craig-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle6.16 MB2013-02-28Craig Breland (Transocean Crane Operator)
Brock_Tony-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle101.94 MB2013-02-28Tony Brock (BP Head of Safety and Operational Risk - Development Division)
Brown_Douglas-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle7.92 MB2013-02-28Douglas Brown (Transocean Chief Mechanic on the Deepwater Horizon)
Burgess_Mark-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle476.58 MB2013-02-28Micah Brandon Burgess (Transocean Driller)
Burns_Timothy-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle56.37 MB2013-02-28Timothy Burns (BP Drilling Engineering Team Leader)
Byrd_Michael-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle42.12 MB2013-02-28Michael Byrd (BP 30(b)(6) Witness - Manager of Global Agreement w/ FMC Corporation)
Cameron_David-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle328.85 MB2013-02-28David Cameron (Transocean Well Construction Supervisor)
Campbell_Patrick-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle18.36 MB2013-02-28Patrick Campbell (Wild Well Control CEO)
Canducci_Gerald-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle427.04 MB2013-02-28Gerald Canducci (Transocean QHSE Manager for the North America Division)
Castell_William-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle248.53 MB2013-02-28William Castell (BP Chairman-Safety, Ethics & Environment Assurance Committee)
Cocales_Brett-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle275.08 MB2013-02-28Brett Cocales (BP Engineering Operations Manager - Gulf of Mexico)
Corser_Kent-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle377.18 MB2013-02-28Kent Corser (BP Drilling Engineer)
Cowie_James-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle154.39 MB2013-02-28James Jim Cowie (BP 30(b)(6) Witness - VP of Wells, North Sea)
Cowlam_Gillian-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle1.20 MB2013-02-28Gillian Cowlam (BP Process Safety Technical Authority/Engineer)
Cramond_Neil-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle289.44 MB2013-02-28Neil Cramond (BP Area Operations Manager)
Cunningham_Erick-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle220.08 MB2013-02-28Erik Cunningham (BP Western Hemisphere Cementing Specialist)
Daigle_Keith-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle55.61 MB2013-02-28Keith Daigle (BP Wells Operations Advisor, Gulf of Mexico)
Daly_Mike-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle173.72 MB2013-02-28Mike Daly (BP Executive VP - Exploration)
DeFranco_Samuel-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle160.75 MB2013-02-28Samuel DeFranco (BP Segment Engineering Technical Authority for Process Safety)
Domangue_Bryan-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle89.94 MB2013-02-28Bryan Domangue (USA/Dept. of the Interior 30(b)(6) Witness BOEMRE)
Douglas_Scherie-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle43.60 MB2013-02-28Scherie Douglas (BP Regulatory Advisor)
Dugas_Roger-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle78.34 MB2013-02-28Roger Dugas (Halliburton Senior Sales Manager Cementing, Gulf of Mexico)
Dupree_James-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle24.28 MB2013-02-28James Dupree (BP Strategic Performance Unit (\SPU\") Leader for the Gulf of Mexico)"""
Durkan_Alaric-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle10.94 MB2013-02-28Alaric Durkan (Kongsberg Maritime, Inc. 30(b)(6) Witness Rep - Manager of Kongsberg Maritime, Inc.'s (\KMI\") Training Center)"""
Emilsen_Morten-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle23.94 MB2013-02-28Morten Haug Emilsen (Add Energy 30(b)(6) Witness Rep re fluid dynamics modeling ヨ VP, Software and Technology)
Erwin_Jack_Carter-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle53.78 MB2013-02-28Jack Carter Erwin (Cameron Manager for Aftermarket Operations)
Farr_Daniel-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle423.96 MB2013-02-28Daniel Farr (Transocean Lead on Transocean Investigation & Director of Special Projects)
Faul_Ronald-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle162.79 MB2013-02-28Ronald Faul (Halliburton's Cementing Technology Manager fothe Gulf of Mexico)
Flynn_Steve-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle129.12 MB2013-02-28Steve Flynn (BP Head of Health Safety Security Environment (\HSSE\"))"""
Fontenot_Kevin-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle97.23 MB2013-02-28Kevin Fontenot (BP Safety Superintendent for Texas City)
Frazelle_Andrew-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle470.02 MB2013-02-28Andrew Frazelle (BP 30(b)(6) Witness Rep - Regulatory Compliance)
Gardner_Craig-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle22.42 MB2013-02-28Craig Gardner (Chevron Leader of Team Testing Halliburton Foam Cement Materials for Presidential Commission)
Garrison_Greg-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle38.18 MB2013-02-28Gregory Garrison (Oilfield Testing & Consulting Principal in a third party, independent cement testing facility)
Gaude_Ed-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle21.19 MB2013-02-28Edward Gaude III (Cameron Director of Engineering for Drilling Control Systems)
Gray_Kelly-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle280.36 MB2013-02-28Kelly S. Gray (Halliburton Senior Mud Specialist ヨ SDL Field InSite Specialist)
Grounds_Cheryl-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle206.32 MB2013-02-28Cheryl Grounds (BP Chief Engineer of Process Safety & Process Safety Engineering)
Guillot_Walter-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle42.33 MB2013-02-28Walter Guillot (BP Well Site Leader)
Hackney_David-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle180.58 MB2013-02-28David Hackney (Transocean Master of Deepwater Horizon)
Hadaway_Troy-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle125.70 MB2013-02-28Troy James Hadaway (Transocean Rig Safety Training Coordinator on the Deepwater Horizon)
Hay_Mark-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle189.32 MB2013-02-28Mark Hay (Transocean Senior Subsea on Discoverer Spirit)
Hayward_Anthony-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle343.88 MB2013-02-28Anthony Hayward (BP Former CEO)
Inglis_Andy-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle253.40 MB2013-02-28Andy Inglis (BP Former CEO of BP Exploration & Production (E&P))
Jackson_Curtis-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle35.28 MB2013-02-28Curtis Jackson (BP Health, Safety, and Environment (\HSE\") Director of Gulf of Mexico)"""
Jassal_Kalwant-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle329.07 MB2013-02-28Kalwant Jassal (BP 30(b)(6) Witness - Integrity Engineer)
Johnson_Paul-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle392.25 MB2013-02-28Paul Johnson (Transocean Rig Manager - Performance)
Keeton_Jonathan-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle92.62 MB2013-02-28Jonathan Keeton (Transocean Rig Manager - Performance for the Deepwater Horizon from 2001 until 2009)
Kellingray_Daryl-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle348.48 MB2013-02-28Daryl Kellingray (BP Global Cementing Expert)
Kent_James-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle454.96 MB2013-02-28James Kent (Transocean 30(b)(6) Witness - Rig Manager, Asset)
Keplinger_Yancy-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle8.27 MB2013-02-28Yancy Keplinger (Transocean Sr. Dynamic Positioning Officer)
Lacy_Kevin-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle254.05 MB2013-02-28Kevin Lacy (BP VP of Drilling and Completions - Gulf of Mexico)
Lacy_Stuart-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle34.29 MB2013-02-28Stuart Lacy (BP Wellsite Geologist)
LeBleu_John-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle82.23 MB2013-02-28John LeBleu (BP Mud Specialist)
Lee_Philip-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle41.53 MB2013-02-28Phillip Earl Lee (BP Well Site Leader (\WSL\") on the Deepwater Horizon)"""
LeNormand_William-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle19.96 MB2013-02-28William LeNormand (Cameron Senior Field Service Technician)
Little_Ian-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle76.81 MB2013-02-28Ian Little (BP Wells Manager for Exploration and Appraisal (\E&A\"))"""
Little_Ian_30(b)(6)-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle100.84 MB2013-02-28Ian Little (BP 30(b)(6) Witness Rep re policies and procedures for exploration and appraisal)
Lucas_Matt-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle268.19 MB2013-02-28Matt Lucas (BP Senior Safety Advisor for Incident Investigation)
Lynch_Richard-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle343.86 MB2013-02-28Richard Lynch (BP VP of Drilling & Completions)
Mansfield_James-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle34.12 MB2013-02-28James Brent Mansfield (Transocean First Assistant Engineer on the Deepwater Horizon)
Martin_Brian-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle127.24 MB2013-02-28Brian Martin (BP Technical Development Coordinator and member of Investigation Team)
Maxie_Doyle-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle33.55 MB2013-02-28Doyle Maxie (MI SWACO Project Engineer)
Mazella_Mark-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle185.79 MB2013-02-28Mark Mazzella (BP 30(b)(6) Witness - Segment Engineering Technical Authority for Well Control)
McKay_Jim-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle175.29 MB2013-02-28Jim McKay (BP Junior Cementing Engineer)
McWhorter_Jim-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle287.59 MB2013-02-28Jim McWhorter (Transocean Senior Subsea Supervisor)
Meinhart_Paul-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle4.28 MB2013-02-28Paul Meinhart (Transocean Motorman on the Deepwater Horizon)
Miller_Richard-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle37.07 MB2013-02-28Richard Miller (BP Casing and Tubing Specialist)
Mogford_John-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle287.50 MB2013-02-28John Mogford (BP Former Sr. Group VP for Safety & Operations (2005 - 2008))
Moore_Jimmy-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle171.36 MB2013-02-28Jimmy Moore (Transocean Consultant for Expert working with Chevron)
Morgan_Rickey-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle3.03 MB2013-02-28Rickey Morgan (Principal Technologist in the Cementing, Materials and Maintenance Group at Halliburton lab in Duncan, Oklahoma)
Nguyen_Quang-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle170.91 MB2013-02-28Quang Nguyen (Halliburton Field Engineer)
Paine_Kate-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle97.52 MB2013-02-28Kate Paine (Quadril Self-Employed Independent Contractor for BP - Pore Pressure Analyst)
Patton_Frank-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle109.16 MB2013-02-28Frank Patton (United Stated (BOEMRE/MMS) Drilling Engineer (NOLA District))
Pleasant_Christopher-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle314.13 MB2013-02-28Christopher Pleasant (Transocean Subsea Supervisor)
Powell_Heather-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle16.18 MB2013-02-28Heather Powell (BP Regulatory Advisor)
Quitzau_Robert-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle194.78 MB2013-02-28Robert Quitzau (Anadarko 30(b)(6) Witness Rep ヨ Drilling Engineering)
Rainey_David-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle40.06 MB2013-02-28David Rainey (BP Vice President of Exploration, Gulf of Mexico)
Richard_Benjamin-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle31.21 MB2013-02-28Benjamin Richard (Lab Technician at Halliburton's Broussard Laboratory)
Rich_David-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle211.93 MB2013-02-28David Rich (BP 30(b)(6) Witness - Wells Director)
Rodriguez_Angel-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle78.23 MB2013-02-28Angel Rodriguez (BP Marine Advisor for the Deepwater Horizon)
Roller_Perrin-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle83.67 MB2013-02-28Perrin Roller (Upstream Forensics Third Party Contractor for Transocean Investigation)
Rose_Adrian-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle504.53 MB2013-02-28Adrian Rose (Transocean Vice President, Special Projects)
Sannan_Stuart-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle129.79 MB2013-02-28Stuart Bill Sannan (Transocean General Manager, North America)
Saucier_Michael-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle80.15 MB2013-02-28Michael Saucier (United Stated (BOEMRE/MMS) 30(b)(6) Witness Rep ヨ Regional Supervisor, Field Operations)
Schneider_Alan-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle239.49 MB2013-02-28Alan Schneider (ModuSpec USA 30(b)(6) Witness Rep ヨTechnical Supervisor & leader of Moduspec audit team in 2010)
Serio_Michael-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle131.88 MB2013-02-28Michael Serio (Halliburton Lead Technical Professional)
Shaughnessy_John-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle254.66 MB2013-02-28John Shaughnessy (BP Well Control Technical Authority, Gulf of Mexico)
Sierdsma_Peter-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle225.83 MB2013-02-28Peter Sierdsma (ModuSpec USA 30(b)(6) Witness Corporate Rep - regarding Deepwater Horizon surveys)
Simonsen_Jan-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle121.38 MB2013-02-28Jan Simonsen (Kongsberg Maritime, Inc. 30(b)(6) Witness Rep - Simrad vessel control (\SVC\") system on the Deepwater Horizon)"""
Sims_David-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle85.65 MB2013-02-28David Sims (BP Drilling & Completions (D&C) Operations Manager)
Skelton_Cindi-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle50.67 MB2013-02-28Cindi Skelton (BP VP of Safety and Operational Risk for the Gulf of Mexico)
Skidmore_Ross-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle10.22 MB2013-02-28Ross Skidmore (BP Subsea Well Supervisor for Swift and is a consultant for BP)
Skripnikova_Galina-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle85.39 MB2013-02-28Galina Skripnikova (BP Petrophysicist - Gulf of Mexico)
Smith_Newton-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle117.56 MB2013-02-28Newton Pharr Smith (Transocean Vice President of Engineering & Technical Support (Worldwide))
Sprague_John-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle542.68 MB2013-02-28Jonathan Sprague (BP Engineering Manager, Exploration Appraisal Development & Production)
Sprague_Jonathan_30(b)(6)-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle143.21 MB2013-02-28Jonathan Sprague (BP 30(b)(6) Witness Rep - regarding real-time data and casing)
Stelly_Phyllis-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle5.73 MB2013-02-28Phyllis Stelly (Principal Lab Tech at Halliburton's Fluids Lab in Broussard, Louisiana)
Strife_Stuart-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle82.13 MB2013-02-28Stuart Strife (Anadarko VP of Exploration for the Gulf of Mexico)
Stringfellow_William-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle387.25 MB2013-02-28William Stringfellow (Transocean Former Senior Subsea Superintendent on the Deepwater Horizon)
Suttles_Doug-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle277.64 MB2013-02-28Doug Suttles (BP Chief Operating Officer (\COO\") of BP Exploration and Production (\""E&P\"") worldwide)"""
Thierens_Henry-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle262.31 MB2013-02-28Henry Thierens (BP Director of Wells - Gulf of Mexico Drilling and Completions)
Thorseth_Jay-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle36.87 MB2013-02-28Jay Thorseth (BP Exploration Manager - Gulf of Mexico)
Tiano_Robert-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle101.58 MB2013-02-28Robert Tiano (Transocean Rig Manager Asset, and former Maintenance Supervisor)
Tooms_Paul-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle67.74 MB2013-02-28Paul Tooms (BP 30(b)(6) Witness for well integrity analysis - VP for Engineering within Exploration and Production (\E&P\"))"""
Trahan_Buddy-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle148.58 MB2013-02-28Buddy Trahan (Transocean Operations Manager Asset)
Trocquet_David-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle45.35 MB2013-02-28David Trocquet (US/Dept. of the Interior 30(b)(6) Witness BOEMRE District Manager for NOLA)
Wall_David-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle172.35 MB2013-02-28David Wall (BP VP of HSSE and Integrity Management for Upstream)
Walz_Gregory-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle130.36 MB2013-02-28Gregory Walz (BP Drilling Engineering Team Leader)
Wetherbee_James-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle160.90 MB2013-02-28James Wetherbee (BP Safety and Operations (S&O) Auditor)
Whitby_Melvin-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle45.39 MB2013-02-28Melvin Whitby (Cameron Director of Engineering Technology)
Winters_Warren-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle387.90 MB2013-02-28Warren Winters (BP Senior Drilling Engineer in the Drilling Technology Group)
Yilmaz_Barbara-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle120.16 MB2013-02-28Barbara Yilmaz (BP Technology VP for Drilling & Completions)
TREX-00001.pdfTrial Exhibit817.77 MB2013-02-28BP Deepwater Horizon Accident Investigation Report (Bly Report)
TREX-00002.pdfTrial Exhibit420.99 MB2013-02-28Appendices to BP Deepwater Horizon Accident Investigation Report
TREX-00282.pdfTrial Exhibit363.75 KB2013-02-28Email - From: Mark Hafle To: Brian Morel - Subject: RE: Cement Job
TREX-00283.pdfTrial Exhibit228.95 KB2013-02-28Email - From: Brian Morel To: Gregory Walz and others - Subject: Nitrogen Cement Team
TREX-00571.pdfTrial Exhibit12.50 MB2013-02-28Safety Drill Report - Complete - Well Control Audit - 01/31/10 - 04/18/10
TREX-00572.pdfTrial Exhibit265.08 KB2013-02-28E-Mail - From: Rainey
TREX-00866.pdfTrial Exhibit8.85 MB2013-02-28Document: Gulf of Mexico SPU - Operating Plan (OMS Handbook)
TREX-01148.pdfTrial Exhibit579.72 KB2013-02-28E-Mail - From: Sims
TREX-01220.pdfTrial Exhibit389.91 KB2013-02-28Emails between Beirne & Bodek
TREX-01241.pdfTrial Exhibit400.99 KB2013-02-28Email - From: Robert Bodek To: Michael Beirne and others - Subject: RE: Macondo TD
TREX-01311.pdfTrial Exhibit140.60 KB2013-02-28E-Mail - Subject: RE: OPEN HOLE LOT?
TREX-01335.pdfTrial Exhibit775.50 KB2013-02-28DAILY PPFG REPORT
TREX-01337.pdfTrial Exhibit1.61 MB2013-02-28BP: MC 252 #1 (MACONDO): 18 1/8 X 22\"\" HOLE-SECTION REVIEW (18\"\" CSG SECTION) - DRILLING OPERATIONS: OCTOBER 21-28\", 2009."
TREX-01343.pdfTrial Exhibit207.38 KB2013-02-28RE: Macondo 9-78 LOT FIT worksheet.xls
TREX-01374.pdfTrial Exhibit1.42 MB2013-02-28E-mail: RE: Deepwater Horizon Rig Audit
TREX-01694.pdfTrial Exhibit994.28 KB2013-02-28Email - From: John Guide To: David Sims - Subject: RE: Discussion - The way we work with engineering
TREX-01734.pdfTrial Exhibit12.99 MB2013-02-28GP 48-50 - Major Accident Risk (MAR) Process: Group Practice - BP Group Engineering Technical Practices
TREX-01742.pdfTrial Exhibit5.70 MB2013-02-28BP - GDP 4.4-0002 Incident Investigation (14 October 2009) - Operating Practice
TREX-01831.pdfTrial Exhibit1.34 MB2013-02-28Email - From: Brett Cocales To: DWH
TREX-01967.pdfTrial Exhibit487.68 KB2013-02-28REPORT - DAILY PPFG REPORT
TREX-02187.pdfTrial Exhibit12.42 MB2013-02-28Major Accident Hazard Risk Assessment For the Deepwater Horizon Dated August 29
TREX-02654.pdfTrial Exhibit840.54 KB2013-02-28BP - DAILY PPFG REPORT - MISSISSIPPI CANYON BLOCK 252 #1 ST00 BP01 OCS-G-32306 API-60-817-4116901 - MACONDO EXPLORATION WELL
TREX-02919.pdfTrial Exhibit8.52 MB2013-02-28Presentation: BP - Process Safety Planning 2010
TREX-03715.pdfTrial Exhibit35.46 KB2013-02-28Email - From: Martin Albertin To: Mark Hafle - Subject: RE: Yumuri LOT @ M66 way above overburden
TREX-03727.pdfTrial Exhibit57.57 KB2013-02-28E-MAIL - SUBJECT: RE: MC 252 #001
TREX-03732.pdfTrial Exhibit57.87 KB2013-02-28FIT or LOT for Bypass
TREX-03733.pdfTrial Exhibit80.17 KB2013-02-28Email - From: Mark Alberty To: Martin Albertin and others - Subject: RE: LOT data from the cement unit
TREX-03734.pdfTrial Exhibit70.52 KB2013-02-28Email - From: Brian Morel To: Tim Burns - Subject: Re: Question
TREX-03995.pdfTrial Exhibit32.63 MB2013-02-28Email - From: John LeBleu To: Tim Burns - Subject: Macondo reports
TREX-04019.pdfTrial Exhibit1.53 MB2013-02-28National Office Potential Incident of Noncompliance (Pinc) List
TREX-04021.pdfTrial Exhibit669.53 KB2013-02-28Application for Permit to Drill a New Well
TREX-04022.pdfTrial Exhibit21.58 KB2013-02-2830 C.F.R. SEC 250.427 - WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMETNS FOR PRESSURE INTEGRITY TESTS?
TREX-04047.pdfTrial Exhibit382.80 KB2013-02-28Application for Revised Bypass
TREX-04135.pdfTrial Exhibit413.87 KB2013-02-28Minerals Management Service Drilling Inspection PINC List Announced and Unannounced/Surface and Subsea
TREX-04170.pdfTrial Exhibit2.03 MB2013-02-28Report: BP Gulf of Mexico SPU
TREX-04171.pdfTrial Exhibit117.20 KB2013-02-28Report: Risk Mitigation Plan
TREX-04261.pdfTrial Exhibit3.97 MB2013-02-28Lloyd's Register Safety Management Systems and Safety Culture/Climate Reviews: Deepwater Horizon
TREX-04362.pdfTrial Exhibit2.90 MB2013-02-28Deepwater Horizon Follow Up Rig Audit
TREX-04411.pdfTrial Exhibit903.52 KB2013-02-28Application for Permit to Drill/Revised Bypass and revisions from 10/29/09 - 3/26/10 (beg with 10/09 request for approval to replace upper annular element)
TREX-04533.pdfTrial Exhibit5.44 MB2013-02-28Email - From: Mark Alberty To: Kurt Mix and others - Subject: RE: MC252 #1
TREX-04535.pdfTrial Exhibit529.56 KB2013-02-28Email from B. Morel to D. Wesley
TREX-04538.pdfTrial Exhibit461.08 KB2013-02-28Drilling & Completions MOC Initiate dated 4/15/2010
TREX-04776.pdfTrial Exhibit1.85 MB2013-02-28Document: BP Daily Geological Report
TREX-05689.pdfTrial Exhibit454.12 KB2013-02-28PerformanzFest 2009
TREX-05777.pdfTrial Exhibit118.94 KB2013-02-28Transocean Launches Major Evaluation of Safety Processes and Culture
TREX-05837.pdfTrial Exhibit915.75 KB2013-02-28Document: 30 C.F.R. 250.428
TREX-05944.pdfTrial Exhibit197.74 KB2013-02-28Structures & Floating Systems Network Technical Note : Human & Organizational Factors in Facilities Design of the Future
TREX-05950.pdfTrial Exhibit2.49 MB2013-02-28Implimentation of High Reliability Organziation Developments in BP / Amoco Operations
TREX-05958.pdfTrial Exhibit2.06 MB2013-02-28Safety & Operations Learning Programmes - May 2009
TREX-05959.pdfTrial Exhibit260.32 KB2013-02-28Deepwater Horizon Safety Pulse Check - Report & Action Plan
TREX-05962.pdfTrial Exhibit75.40 KB2013-02-28Minerals Management Service - MMS Recognizes Companies for Safety Excellence
TREX-05963.pdfTrial Exhibit791.87 KB2013-02-28Letter from A. Verret and T. Sampson to Department of the Interior Minerals Management Service re: OOC and API written comments on proposed rule to add a new Subpart S-Safety and SEMS published June 17
TREX-05965.pdfTrial Exhibit50.61 KB2013-02-28Email from J. Guide to P. Johnson
TREX-05966.pdfTrial Exhibit504.17 KB2013-02-28Email from J. Guide to R. Sepulvado and R. Mcneill re: confernce call attaching GoM Townhall 9-23-09 for WSL telecon - final
TREX-05967.pdfTrial Exhibit140.04 KB2013-02-28Email from J. Guide to P. Johnson
TREX-05969.pdfTrial Exhibit158.14 KB2013-02-28Email from D. Sims to B. Cocales re: Forward Plan for review
TREX-05973.pdfTrial Exhibit85.43 KB2013-02-28Email from J. Guide to D. Sims re: Heads up
TREX-05974.pdfTrial Exhibit58.94 KB2013-02-28Email from J. Guide to D. Sims re: Questions
TREX-05976.pdfTrial Exhibit170.92 KB2013-02-28Email from J. Guide to R. Lee re: Need Feedback: BHP MadDog 08EXP002 EXC 54
TREX-05984.pdfTrial Exhibit165.74 KB2013-02-28Letter attaching Safety and Environmental Management Systems for Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Operations
TREX-06025.c.pdfTrial Exhibit1.11 MB2013-02-28GoM DC OMS GAP ASSESSMENT
TREX-06065.pdfTrial Exhibit4.65 MB2013-02-28Gulf of Mexico SPU GoM Drilling and Completions; GoM D&C Operating Plan/Local OMS Manual
TREX-06217.pdfTrial Exhibit38.30 KB2013-02-2830 CFR ™250.401 What Must I do to Keep Wells Under Control?
TREX-06257.pdfTrial Exhibit34.05 MB2013-02-28BP - The BP Operating Management System Framework - Part 1 - An overview of OMS; Part 2 - Elements of Operating including Group Essentials; Part 2 - OMS Performance Improvement Cycle; Part 4 - OMS Governance and Implementation
TREX-07099.pdfTrial Exhibit305.91 KB2013-02-28Annual Individual Performance Assessment of John Guide Jan - Dec 2009; 6 pages
TREX-07346.p1.pdfTrial Exhibit26.91 KB2013-02-28S. HRG. 111-653
TREX-07364.p1.pdfTrial Exhibit54.68 KB2013-02-28Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee
TREX-07411.pdfTrial Exhibit2.14 MB2013-02-28Expert Report of Chuck Schoennagel
TREX-07520.pdfTrial Exhibit251.27 KB2013-02-28Formation Pressure Integrity Test (PIT) Reporting Spreadsheet
TREX-08018.pdfTrial Exhibit1.78 MB2013-02-282006 BP Health
TREX-08093.pdfTrial Exhibit159.87 KB2013-02-28DW Wells Leadership Houma Leadership Engagement
TREX-08186.pdfTrial Exhibit193.36 KB2013-02-28Daily PPFG Report dated 4/4/2010
TREX-20198.pdfTrial Exhibit329.20 KB2013-02-28Transocean: Transocean - DEEPWATER HORIZON OIM to OIM Handover Report. shuttle valve on mud boost had slight leak allowing to leak by to yellow pod and have to run in vent and leak stopped. Decision made to take 6 days BOP maintenance and change all
TREX-20308.pdfTrial Exhibit186.98 KB2013-02-28Bea
TREX-20309.pdfTrial Exhibit263.17 KB2013-02-28Bea
TREX-20403.pdfTrial Exhibit420.44 KB2013-02-28Bea
TREX-32019.pdfTrial Exhibit8.56 MB2013-02-28Macondo daily recorded operations data sheet
TREX-41063.pdfTrial Exhibit718.60 KB2013-02-28IADC Daily Drilling Report No. 23 (9-Apr-2010)
TREX-44024.pdfTrial Exhibit37.12 KB2013-02-28Email from P. Johnson to J. Guide re BP Audit Findings
TREX-44027.pdfTrial Exhibit66.47 KB2013-02-28Email from T. Endicott to J. Guide re FW: DW Horizon Rig Audit Updates and path forward.
TREX-45062.pdfTrial Exhibit191.26 KB2013-02-28S&O Description
TREX-45393.pdfTrial Exhibit205.19 MB2013-02-28BP Sustainability Reports
TREX-47182.pdfTrial Exhibit217.00 KB2013-02-28Email from P. Johnson to J. Guide et al. re FW: Deepwater Horizon Rig Audit
TREX-47221.pdfTrial Exhibit3.71 KB2013-02-28Deepwater Horizon Follow Up Audit Report Sept 2009 - Working Copy (Rev Date 11-17-09)
TREX-47414.pdfTrial Exhibit56.30 KB2013-02-28Email from J. Neumeyer to J Thibodeaux et al. re Houma Leadership Week - HSSE performance meeting Wednesday 3/31
TREX-48154.pdfTrial Exhibit1.76 MB2013-02-28Email from B. Cocales to J. LeBleu et al. re Forward Plan for review
TREX-48157.pdfTrial Exhibit3.30 MB2013-02-28E & P Telecom 4/2/2010
TREX-48250.pdfTrial Exhibit30.37 MB2013-02-28GoM SPU Performance Management Report - Final - January GFO
TREX-51165.pdfTrial Exhibit361.46 KB2013-02-28Drilling & Completions MOC dated 4-15-2010
TREX-52673.pdfTrial Exhibit4.04 MB2013-02-28Guilty Plea Agreement [Doc. 2-1]
TREX-89052.pdfTrial Exhibit4.21 MB2013-02-28Guilty Plea Agreement [Doc 2-1]
D-2279.pdfVisual Aid229.14 KB2013-02-28Photos of DWH on Fire
D-2293.pdfVisual Aid113.26 KB2013-02-28Risk Register
D-2445.pdfVisual Aid179.12 KB2013-02-28Chart: Key Decisions at Macondo
D-2670.pdfVisual Aid182.44 KB2013-02-28BP Organizational Chart ñ Overall
D-2672.pdfVisual Aid176.18 KB2013-02-28BP Organizational Chart ñ SEEAC
D-2673.pdfVisual Aid191.28 KB2013-02-28BP Organizational Chart ñ Board of Directors
D-2674.pdfVisual Aid197.89 KB2013-02-28BP Organizational Chart ñ Executive Management
D-2675.pdfVisual Aid184.16 KB2013-02-28BP Organizational Chart ñ GORC
D-2729.pdfVisual Aid229.69 KB2013-02-28Process Safety Defenses
D-2730.pdfVisual Aid248.92 KB2013-02-28Over Budget
D-2731.pdfVisual Aid424.68 KB2013-02-28Dr. Robert ìBobî Bea
D-2732.pdfVisual Aid175.43 KB2013-02-28Dr. Robert ìBobî Bea
D-2734.pdfVisual Aid246.29 KB2013-02-28BPís Deepwater Horizon Blowout (Photo)
D-2735.pdfVisual Aid155.22 KB2013-02-28Macondo System Designed & Operated By and For BP
D-2737.pdfVisual Aid253.09 KB2013-02-28OMS Only at One Rig in GoM
D-2738.pdfVisual Aid586.11 KB2013-02-28BP Production & Cost-Cutting
D-2739.pdfVisual Aid475.10 KB2013-02-28Every Dollar Counts ñ A Global Initiative
D-2745.pdfVisual Aid179.10 KB2013-02-28Major Forensic Investigations
D-2746.pdfVisual Aid174.08 KB2013-02-28Major Forensic Investigations
D-2747.pdfVisual Aid294.54 KB2013-02-28Mark Bly ñ BPís Executive VP
D-2750.pdfVisual Aid83.17 KB2013-02-28Root Causes ñ Production/Protection Imbalances
D-2759.pdfVisual Aid363.39 KB2013-02-28The Macondo Spear
D-2760.pdfVisual Aid164.58 KB2013-02-28Consulting for BP
D-2771.pdfVisual Aid99.55 KB2013-02-28Root Cause Analysis
D-2772.pdfVisual Aid142.07 KB2013-02-28Root Cause Analysis
D-2826.pdfVisual Aid122.62 KB2013-02-28Opinion #1 (Bea)
D-2827.pdfVisual Aid129.88 KB2013-02-28Opinion #2 (Bea)
D-2828.pdfVisual Aid122.15 KB2013-02-28Opinion #3 (Bea)
D-2830.pdfVisual Aid278.78 KB2013-02-28Baker Report Findings
D-2833.pdfVisual Aid230.84 KB2013-02-28What Bea Told BP Management
D-2835.pdfVisual Aid242.87 KB2013-02-28What Bea Told BP Management
D-2839.pdfVisual Aid249.27 KB2013-02-28What Bea Told BP Management
D-2841.pdfVisual Aid253.44 KB2013-02-28What Bea Told BP Management
D-2843.pdfVisual Aid189.50 KB2013-02-28What Bea Told BP Management
D-2849.pdfVisual Aid193.00 KB2013-02-28What Bea Told BP Management
D-2851.pdfVisual Aid200.51 KB2013-02-28What Bea Told BP Management
D-2853.pdfVisual Aid160.77 KB2013-02-28What Bea Told BP Management
D-2855.pdfVisual Aid208.79 KB2013-02-28What Bea Told BP Management
D-2868.pdfVisual Aid286.58 KB2013-02-28The Highest Risk (Hayward Depo)
D-2871.pdfVisual Aid314.93 KB2013-02-28OMS: Cornerstone of Safety at BP (Hayward Depo)
D-2872.pdfVisual Aid234.08 KB2013-02-28Hayward Knew OMS Not Implemented in GoM (Hayward Depo)
D-2873.pdfVisual Aid417.57 KB2013-02-28EFFECT of Failure to Implement OMS (Hayward Depo)
D-2874.pdfVisual Aid387.47 KB2013-02-28OMS Not Applied Across Operations (Baxter/OíBryan Depo)
D-2875.pdfVisual Aid273.04 KB2013-02-28What Is Process Safety ?
D-2887.pdfVisual Aid433.49 KB2013-02-28The Highest Risk (Risk Mitigation Plan)
D-2888.pdfVisual Aid220.21 KB2013-02-28No MAR Was Done
D-2895.pdfVisual Aid214.63 KB2013-02-28Every Dollar Counts (OMS Handbook)
D-2896.pdfVisual Aid540.96 KB2013-02-28Every Dollar Counts (Hayward Press Release)
D-2897.pdfVisual Aid302.36 KB2013-02-28Every Dollar Counts (Guide Email)
D-2898.pdfVisual Aid343.31 KB2013-02-28Every Dollar Counts (Guide Performance Assessment)
D-2908.pdfVisual Aid344.59 KB2013-02-28MMS Regulation Requirements
D-2912.pdfVisual Aid399.13 KB2013-02-28Technical Note: Structures & Floating Systems Network
D-2913.pdfVisual Aid403.33 KB2013-02-28Technical Note: Structures & Floating Systems Network
D-2914.pdfVisual Aid524.54 KB2013-02-28Technical Note: Structures & Floating Systems Network
D-2915.pdfVisual Aid283.06 KB2013-02-28Lamar McKay: May 11
D-2916.pdfVisual Aid283.65 KB2013-02-28Lamar McKay: May 11
D-2917.pdfVisual Aid140.61 KB2013-02-28Lamar McKay: May 11
D-2918.pdfVisual Aid336.87 KB2013-02-28Lamar McKay: May 11
D-2920.pdfVisual Aid221.44 KB2013-02-28Major Accident Risk (MAR) Process
D-2921.pdfVisual Aid306.42 KB2013-02-28Major Accident Risk (MAR) Process
D-3145.pdfVisual Aid115.53 KB2013-02-28OMS Not in Effect on DWH - McKay Deposition @ p214:2-16
D-3553.pptxVisual Aid64.12 KB2013-02-28BP Presentation Chart
D-3554.pptxVisual Aid60.96 KB2013-02-28FG Chart
D-3564.pdfVisual Aid384.15 KB2013-02-28Excerpt from TREX 32000 - BP internal Tubular Design Manual BPA-D-003 @ p 14 (12/30/2008)
D-4363.pdfVisual Aid101.39 KB2013-02-28BP Demonstrative used in Cross-Examination of Lamar McKay (Static Version)
D-6593.wmvVisual Aid4.84 MB2013-02-28Video Excerpt of Anthony Hayward Interview on ABC News