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2013-03-14_BP_Trial_Day_12_AM-Final.pdfTrial Transcript1.79 MB3/14/2013Morning Session: Continued Direct Examination of Geoff Webster, Plaintiffs' Expert Witness on the Seaworthiness of Transocean's Deepwater Horizon.
2013-03-14_BP_Trial_Day_12_PM-Final.pdfTrial Transcript458.29 KB3/14/2013Afternoon Session: Continued Direct Examination and Beginning of Cross-Examination of Geoff Webster, Plaintiffs' Expert Witness on the Seaworthiness of Transocean's Deepwater Horizon
Billon_Brad-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle38.40 MB2013-03-14Brad Billon (MI SWACO's 30(b)(6) witness and Senior Director of Oil Field Water Management)
Boughton_Geoff-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle433.86 MB2013-03-14Geoff Boughton (Transocean's Subsea Superintendent)
Florence_Robert-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle37.83 MB2013-03-14Robert Florence (Transocean's Field Service Support Supervisor)
Gisclair_John-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle363.38 MB2013-03-14John Gisclar (Halliburton's 30(b)(6) witness and Inside Support Service Coordinator for the Gulf of Mexico)
Lirette_Brent-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle28.34 MB2013-03-14Brent Lirette (Weatherford's 30(b)(6) witness and Engineering Manager)
McWhorter_David-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle22.14 MB2013-03-14David McWhorter (Cameron's 30(b)(6) witness and Vice President of Engineering and Quality for Drilling Systems Division)
O'Bryan_Patrick-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle223.10 MB2013-03-14Patrick O'Bryan (BP's 30(b)(6) witness and Vice President for Drilling & Completions and Interventions for Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Operations)
Sabins_Fred-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle960.52 MB2013-03-14Fred Sabins (CSI Technologies' 30(b)(6) Witness)
Turlak_Robert-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle393.42 MB2013-03-14Robert Turlak (Transocean's Manager of Subsea Engineering & Well Control Systems)
Vargo_Richard-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle276.71 MB2013-03-14Richard Vargo (Halliburton's 30(b)(6) Witness and Gulf of Mexico PSL Manager - Cementing)
Vinson_Graham-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle41.15 MB2013-03-14Graham Vinson (BP's 30(b)(6) Witness and Manager of Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Exploration - TIGER Team)
Williams_Michael-Depo_Bundle.zipDeposition Bundle90.17 MB2013-03-14Michael Williams (Transocean's Chief Electronics Technician)
TREX-00016.pdfTrial Exhibit700.15 KB2013-03-14CUNNINGHAM ATTENDED (2) MEETINGS REGARDING CEMENTING HORIZON. March 23rd topic: Long string. April 14 topic: Request to review ECD Modeling
TREX-00050.pdfTrial Exhibit358.88 KB2013-03-14Email from M. Sepulvado to S. Robinson re Rev 1 Procedure
TREX-00097.pdfTrial Exhibit792.74 KB2013-03-14Email - From: Brian Morel To: Cynthia Holik - Subject: FW: Ops Note
TREX-00137A.pdfTrial Exhibit137.52 KB2013-03-14E-Mail - From: Guide, John Sent: Fri Apr 16 18:27:43 2010 - Subject: Additional Centralizers
TREX-00225.pdfTrial Exhibit2.15 MB2013-03-14EMAIL: RE: ACTION - PROPOSAL FOR SLURRY TESTS
TREX-00529.pdfTrial Exhibit331.04 KB2013-03-14Email from Morel to M. Sepulvado, R. Sepulvado & Guide, Re: Procedures - discussing procedures for running casing, cementing & T&A work
TREX-00533.pdfTrial Exhibit491.12 KB2013-03-14E-Mail - From: Sepulvado, Murry R to Brian Morel & Ronald Sepulvado, Sent: Tue Apr 13 20:32:26 2010 - Subject: RE: Rev 1 Procedure
TREX-00537.pdfTrial Exhibit707.12 KB2013-03-14E-Mail - From: Morel, Brian P to R. Sepulvado, Sent: 19:24:50 - Subject: RE: Forward Ops
TREX-00545.pdfTrial Exhibit5.01 MB2013-03-14E-Mail - From: Morel, Brian P to Ronald Sepulvado, et. al. Sent: Fri Apr 16 04:38:03 2010 - Subject: Updated Procedure Attachment: GoM Exploration Wells MC 252 #1ST00BP01 - Macondo Prospect - 7 x 9-7/8 Interval
TREX-00546.pdfTrial Exhibit523.78 KB2013-03-14E-Mail - From: Sepulvado, Ronald W Sent: Fri Apr 16 12:51:55 2010 - Subject: Relief Notes
TREX-00557.pdfTrial Exhibit894.87 KB2013-03-14GoM Production Training Summary Report
TREX-00569.pdfTrial Exhibit7.94 MB2013-03-14Wellsite Checklists - Cementing Responsibilities
TREX-00599.pdfTrial Exhibit" 2.42 MB2013-03-14Cameron Controls Daily Report Sheet
TREX-00606.pdfTrial Exhibit281.09 KB2013-03-14Sperry sensors used on the Horizon - SDL - MWD - Transocean sensor data transmitted to Sperry
TREX-00607.pdfTrial Exhibit238.82 KB2013-03-14Deepwater Horizon Flow Diagram - Return Flow to Pits
TREX-00625.pdfTrial Exhibit1.64 MB2013-03-14E-Mail - From: Erick Cunningham to Brian Morel, Sent: Mon Mar 08 20:00:32 2010 - Subject: RE: Nitrogen Production Job
TREX-00708.pdfTrial Exhibit2.16 MB2013-03-14Email - From: Nathaniel Chaisson To: Jesse Gagliano - Subject: 9.875 x 7 Casing Post Job, with attachment
TREX-00717A.pdfTrial Exhibit8.32 MB2013-03-14Halliburton - BP America Production Company - Macondo #1 - 9 7/8 x 7 Production Casing Design Report
TREX-00750.pdfTrial Exhibit377.60 KB2013-03-14LAB RESULTS - SLURRY 73909/2
TREX-00757.pdfTrial Exhibit1.37 MB2013-03-14Document Produced Natively - Risk Register for Project: Macondo (Last updated 20-June-09)
TREX-00811.pdfTrial Exhibit617.61 KB2013-03-14Cement Lab Weigh-Up Sheet, Apr 16, 2010- Req/Slurry: US-73909/2
TREX-00836.pdfTrial Exhibit1.35 MB2013-03-14E-mail from Brian Morel to Murray Sepulvado and Ronald Sepulvado re Rev 1 Procedure attaching Macondo Drilling Production Interval
TREX-00982.pdfTrial Exhibit3.59 MB2013-03-14BP Deepwater Horizon Investigation: Preliminary Insights (Halliburton)
TREX-01339.pdfTrial Exhibit3.80 MB2013-03-14Form MMS 123A/123S: Appication for Bypass
TREX-01356A.pdfTrial Exhibit55.94 MB2013-03-14Drilling Contract No. 980249, RBS-8D Semisubmersible Drilling Unit, Vastar Resources, Inc. and R&B Falcon Drilling Co., December 9, 1998
TREX-01367.pdfTrial Exhibit753.57 KB2013-03-14EMAIL: RE: MACONDO STK GEODETIC
TREX-01396.pdfTrial Exhibit1.23 MB2013-03-14Email - From: Brett Cocales To: Brian Morel and others - Subject: F50, with attachment
TREX-02013.pdfTrial Exhibit806.71 KB2013-03-14Email from C Mann to Press; HAL Press Release- Facts on Rig Incident
TREX-02017.pdfTrial Exhibit1,006.32 KB2013-03-14Prepared Statement: Tim Probert before the Committee on Environment and Public Works
TREX-02030.pdfTrial Exhibit532.76 KB2013-03-14Email Halliburton Communications, Oct 28, 2010, RE: Update: Deepwater Horizon
TREX-02128.pdfTrial Exhibit2.05 MB2013-03-14Halliburton - Cementing - Zone Seal Isolation Process
TREX-02188.pdfTrial Exhibit3.44 MB2013-03-14MAHRA for the Deepwater Horizon Conducted in 2004
TREX-02582.pdfTrial Exhibit3.91 MB2013-03-14Whetherford - Float Equipment - Flow-Activated Mid-Bore Auto-Fill Float Collar Model M45AP - Revision A.2 - 1/25/2011 - D00446283
TREX-02586.pdfTrial Exhibit739.36 KB2013-03-14E-Mail - From: Clawson, Bryan to Budde, Versteeg and Eli - Sent: 4/20/2010 7:00:35 PM - Subject: FW: Circulation
TREX-02702.pdfTrial Exhibit45.25 MB2013-03-14National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling cement testing results
TREX-02793.pdfTrial Exhibit13.74 MB2013-03-14Dril-Quip - Running the Dummy Hanger and the Second Position Casing Hanger, Casing, and Seal Assembly
TREX-03020.pdfTrial Exhibit7.08 MB2013-03-14Email from J. Gagliano to A Cupit, et al. re: Production Casing Proposal and OptiCem Report
TREX-03058.pdfTrial Exhibit762.19 KB2013-03-14BP - Deepwater cementing guidelines - UTG Drilling Sunbury, December 2002 - Ashley Hibbert
TREX-03400.pdfTrial Exhibit1.28 MB2013-03-14DEEPWATER HORIZON Technical Rig Audit, January 2005, 63 pages, Prepared by Kevan Davies, Rig Audit Group
TREX-03405.pdfTrial Exhibit4.07 MB2013-03-14DEEPWATER HORIZON Follow-up Rig Audit, Marine Assurance Audit and Out of Service Period September 2009, 64 pages
TREX-03626.pdfTrial Exhibit114.12 KB2013-03-14Document: Cameron Safety Alert # 4058 - Mark III Modular Drilling Control POD SEM (Subsea Electronics Module) Indication Faults
TREX-03797.pdfTrial Exhibit311.07 KB2013-03-14E-mail string among Geoff Boughton and Ronald Guidry, et al.; 5/9/2010; Subject: RE: Issue on the Horizon with pie connectors
TREX-03798.pdfTrial Exhibit430.73 KB2013-03-14Transocean Technical Information Bulletin OPT-TIB-435-01, Instructions for Rebuilding Cameron Controls Solenoid Valve
TREX-04003.pdfTrial Exhibit258.48 KB2013-03-14Email - From: Brian Morel To: Ronal Sepulvado and others - Subject: FW: Revised APD Approval - Macondo, with attachment
TREX-04114.pdfTrial Exhibit386.17 KB2013-03-14Vastar Resources, Inc. DWH Technical Position Paper (Revision 5)
TREX-04277.pdfTrial Exhibit106.82 KB2013-03-14From Carter Erwin to Geoff Boughton Subject: 20506009 Transocean (Mark III Model 80).pdf-Adobe Acrobat Standard, marked as Confidential with Attachments
TREX-04340.pdfTrial Exhibit13.46 KB2013-03-14Email from Gagliano to Roth re cement job
TREX-04345.pdfTrial Exhibit193.50 KB2013-03-14Email from M. Edwards to C. Mann and T. Roth re Re: **MEDIA STMT** for clarification
TREX-04352.pdfTrial Exhibit17.79 KB2013-03-14Email from T. Roth to A. Badaiamenti and S. Turton re: Fred Sabins
TREX-04356.pdfTrial Exhibit19.53 KB2013-03-14Email from T. Roth to R. Shuman re: cement white paper
TREX-04451.pdfTrial Exhibit501.05 KB2013-03-14Notes re Mark Hafle - Engineer in Office
TREX-04566.pdfTrial Exhibit159.29 KB2013-03-14Cement Lab Weigh-Up Sheet, Apr 17, 2010 - Req/Slurry: US-73909/1 for Transocean Horizon
TREX-05054.pdfTrial Exhibit789.22 KB2013-03-14West Engineering Services, Inc. - Mini Shear Study for the U.S. Minerals Management Services
TREX-05155.pdfTrial Exhibit307.62 KB2013-03-14Email from E. Gaude to R. Jahn re: AMF batteries
TREX-05165.pdfTrial Exhibit422.89 KB2013-03-14Cameron Sept. 15, 2010 memo re reversed solenoid valves.
TREX-05204.pdfTrial Exhibit1.78 MB2013-03-14Email from K. Ravi to T. Roth re: presentation attaching presentation2
TREX-05220.pdfTrial Exhibit61.98 KB2013-03-14Email from T. Roth to A. Badalamenti and S. Turton re: Fred Sabins
TREX-05283.pdfTrial Exhibit5.79 MB2013-03-14Halliburton Presentation re Deepwater Challenges: Solved Efficiently
TREX-05413.pdfTrial Exhibit95.29 KB2013-03-14R&B Falcon Deepwater Horizon TL BOP Stack Operation and Maintenance Manual
TREX-05513.pdfTrial Exhibit439.62 KB2013-03-14Email - From: John Shaughnessy To: Jonathan Sprague and others - Subject: GP10-10 Well Control STP, with attachment
TREX-05593.pdfTrial Exhibit506.16 KB2013-03-14Cement Lab Weigh-Up Sheet
TREX-05595.pdfTrial Exhibit6.73 MB2013-03-14Cement Lab Weigh-Up Sheet for 03/07/10
TREX-05937.pdfTrial Exhibit5.59 MB2013-03-14Letter from D. Adkins to S. Murphy attaching JIT Macondo Well Testing Report
TREX-05990.pdfTrial Exhibit628.81 KB2013-03-14Report: Expert Report of Glen Benge
TREX-06166.pdfTrial Exhibit6.62 MB2013-03-14Deepwater Horizon Technical Rig Audit January 2008 prepared by Kevan Davis, marked as Confidential
TREX-06230.pdfTrial Exhibit1.32 MB2013-03-14E-mails - Between Cunningham, Erick and Christopher, Tom Sent: April 6, 2008 and April 8, 2008 - Subject: SRP Cement Placement Final DSK TC EC TF DSK 25 Feb.doc, with Attachments: Christopher, Tom - SRP Cement Placement Final DSK TC EC JM TF DSK 8 April.d
TREX-06233.pdfTrial Exhibit1.46 MB2013-03-14BP - E&P Segment - Recommended Practice - Drilling and Completions Cementing Manual - Cement Laboratory Testing Section
TREX-06235.pdfTrial Exhibit716.18 KB2013-03-14Recommended Practice on Preparation and Testing of Foamed Cement Slurries at Atmospheric Pressure,
TREX-07001.pdfTrial Exhibit539.75 KB2013-03-14Cameron EB 852D Shear Ram Product Line
TREX-07483.pdfTrial Exhibit91.48 KB2013-03-14Email from Hafle, Mark to Gagliano, Jesse dated March 07, 2010 2:20 PM Subject: Macondo 11-7/8 or 11-3/4 Expendable with attachment
TREX-07484.pdfTrial Exhibit573.98 KB2013-03-14Email from Gagliano, Jesse to Hafle, Mark dated March 07, 2010 3:32 PM Subject: RE: Macondo 11-7/8 or 11-3/4 Expendable
TREX-07489.pdfTrial Exhibit27.63 KB2013-03-14Email from Gagliano, Jesse to Hafle, Mark; Morel, Brian; Fleece, Trent; Gray, George dated Dec 07 20:31:48 2009 Subject: Bulk Cement & Chemical on Marianas
TREX-07491.pdfTrial Exhibit62.90 KB2013-03-14Halliburton Experience with Foam Cement Using D-AIR 3000 in The Slurry In The GOM - 2005 - April 20, 2010 chart
TREX-07550.pdfTrial Exhibit3.77 MB2013-03-14Assess the Acceptability and Safety of Using Equipment, Particularly BOP and Wellhead Components, at Pressures in Excess of Rated Working Pressure
TREX-07577.pdfTrial Exhibit2.11 MB2013-03-14Assembly drawing driller control panel and Assembly drawing tool pusher remote control panel
TREX-07651.pdfTrial Exhibit158.96 KB2013-03-14Email from J. Keeton to Rig DWH, Oim re: Green Team - we are a drilling contractor - #3 Supplement A
TREX-07660.pdfTrial Exhibit8.76 MB2013-03-14Expert Report of Rory Davis - Deepwater Horizon Blowout Preventer - Examination & Testing
TREX-07661.pdfTrial Exhibit1.21 MB2013-03-14Expert Rebuttal Report - Deepwater Horizon Blowout Preventer Examination and Testing - November 7, 2011- Prepared by: The team of Talas Engineering, Inc.
TREX-07665.pdfTrial Exhibit383.18 KB2013-03-14Minerals Management Service, Interior - CFR 250.105 last amended May 4, 2007
TREX-07685.pdfTrial Exhibit16.65 MB2013-03-14Email from DWH, OIM to P. Johnson re: Final Signed Macondo Drilling Program attaching Well info; Subsurface pdf; Sect 16 interval; Sect05_13_48_interval; Sect06_9_78_interval
TREX-07697.pdfTrial Exhibit16.53 MB2013-03-14Appendix M Structural Analysis of the Macondo #252 work string
TREX-07717.pdfTrial Exhibit1.38 MB2013-03-14Email from B. Morel to M. Hafle re: KOP Procedure attaching image001
TREX-07718.pdfTrial Exhibit1.26 MB2013-03-14Handwritten notes on Conductivity Test
TREX-07722.pdfTrial Exhibit1.58 MB2013-03-14Halliburton Lab Results - Primary
TREX-07766.pdfTrial Exhibit77.21 KB2013-03-14Safety Alert 22258 Reduced Fatigue Life of Packer for 18-3/415K Type T/TL BOP CDVS Ram & 18-3/4 10/15K Type UII BOP CDVS Ram
TREX-07836.pdfTrial Exhibit1.13 MB2013-03-14Expert Report of David G. Calvert submitted on behalf of Weatherford
TREX-07882.pdfTrial Exhibit247.84 KB2013-03-14Halliburton Lab Results - Primary dated April 19, 2010
TREX-08147.pdfTrial Exhibit1.18 MB2013-03-14Energy and Commerce Committee Staff Briefing
TREX-21109.pdfTrial Exhibit20.94 KB2013-03-14VIDRINE, DON: EMAIL - SUBJECT: FW: UPDATED PROCEDURE
TREX-21292.pdfTrial Exhibit23.73 MB2013-03-14BP Exploration and Production Inc.; Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.: Contract for Gulf of Mexico Strategic Performance Unit Offshore Well Services between BP Exploration and Production Inc. and Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.
TREX-22573.pdfTrial Exhibit2.68 MB2013-03-14CV of Calvert, David
TREX-22694.pdfTrial Exhibit14.36 MB2013-03-14Expert Report of Heenan, Richard
TREX-22737.pdfTrial Exhibit20.41 MB2013-03-14Expert Report of Novak, Patrick
TREX-22761.pdfTrial Exhibit21.70 MB2013-03-14Expert Report of Calvert, David
TREX-26140.pdfTrial Exhibit187.05 KB2013-03-14Stipulation regarding Well Advisor use by Transocean for Macondo (Document 4741)
TREX-31001.pdfTrial Exhibit291.99 KB2013-03-14Re: HAL and SLB Lost Circulation Materials
TREX-31003.pdfTrial Exhibit2.31 MB2013-03-14Benge, Glen; McDermott, Jim R; Langlinais, Joey C; Griffith, James E: Oil & Gas Journal article, Practical Drilling Technology, Foamed cement job successful in deep HTHP offshore well by Benge, Glen, McDermott, Jim R., Langlinais, Joey C. and Griffith
TREX-33216.pdfTrial Exhibit304.61 KB2013-03-14FBI Photo
TREX-41105.pdfTrial Exhibit690.92 KB2013-03-143/22/10 Daily Operations Report
TREX-44018.pdfTrial Exhibit2.75 MB2013-03-14Deepwater Horizon Follow Up Rig Audit, Marine Assurance Audit and Out of Service Period
TREX-45036.xlsTrial Exhibit1.25 MB2013-03-14Risk Register and Action Tracking Sheet for E&P Projects, Version 8.04
TREX-47361.xlsTrial Exhibit137.00 KB2013-03-14Deepwater Horizon Follow Up Audit Report Dec 30 2009 - Working Copy of what is left (Rev Date 3-17-10)
TREX-47678.pdfTrial Exhibit1.26 MB2013-03-14Task Specific Think Procedure, Displacing Riser to Sea H20
TREX-48002.pdfTrial Exhibit88.15 KB2013-03-14Materials currently in lab for BP, Transocean Horizon Rig
TREX-48098.pdfTrial Exhibit213.54 KB2013-03-14Halliburton Comments on National Commission Cement Testing Press Release:
TREX-48102.pdfTrial Exhibit490.58 KB2013-03-14Photograph - BOP Control Panel
TREX-48103.pdfTrial Exhibit536.78 KB2013-03-14Photograph - BOP Control Panel
TREX-48109.pdfTrial Exhibit600.47 KB2013-03-14Deepwater Horizon Driller Cabin
TREX-48110.pdfTrial Exhibit560.43 KB2013-03-14Deepwater Horizon Driller Cabin
TREX-48113.pdfTrial Exhibit98.64 KB2013-03-14Deepwater Horizon General Arrangement Main Deck
TREX-48116.pdfTrial Exhibit92.93 KB2013-03-14Deepwater Horizon General Arrangement Drill Floor Plan
TREX-48195.pdfTrial Exhibit8.11 MB2013-03-1465112 Online Weigh-Up Sheet (Screen Shots from Viking) - Test Results
TREX-48196.pdfTrial Exhibit4.15 MB2013-03-1473909 Online Weigh-Up Sheet (Screen Shots from Viking) - Test Results
TREX-50150.pdfTrial Exhibit13.98 MB2013-03-14Stress Engineering Services Inc. Hydraulic Analysis of Macondo #252 Well Prior to Incident of April 20, 2010, Revision 1
TREX-51350.pdfTrial Exhibit604.19 KB2013-03-14Email from D. Sims to J. Canducci, et al. re DWH 1 year recordable free
TREX-60105.pdfTrial Exhibit16.13 MB2013-03-14Manual: IADC Deepwater Well Control Guidelines
TREX-60110.pdfTrial Exhibit15.77 MB2013-03-14Report: Expert Report of Richard Heenan
TREX-60456.pdfTrial Exhibit1.51 MB2013-03-14Email - From: Jesse Gagliano To: Mark Hafle and others - Subject: OptiCem Run, with attachment
TREX-60999.pdfTrial Exhibit179.80 KB2013-03-14Email - From: TSC Controls To: Perrin Roller - Subject: Flow Line Sensor
TREX-75074.pdfTrial Exhibit474.84 KB2013-03-14Congressional Hearing Involving Lamar McKay (BP), Tim Probert (Halliburton), Steve (Transocean), Jack Moore (Cameron), viewed portions of television coverage, May 2010
D-2077.pdfVisual Aid244.77 KB2013-03-14Typical Configuration of Flexible Hoses in Moon Pool
D-2143.pdfVisual Aid393.34 KB2013-03-14Subsurface Portion of DWH
D-2661.pdfVisual Aid211.50 KB2013-03-14Table: BSR Shearing Pressures
D-3093.pdfVisual Aid581.19 KB2013-03-14Pressure Transmission as Cement Sets
D-3094.pdfVisual Aid123.75 KB2013-03-14Chart: Cement Transition from Fluid to Hardening
D-3096.pdfVisual Aid108.04 KB2013-03-14BOP Emergency Systems
D-3195.pdfVisual Aid185.50 KB2013-03-14Thomas Roth - Cross Examination
D-3211.pdfVisual Aid540.66 KB2013-03-14Thomas Roth - Cross Examination
D-3241.pdfVisual Aid" 119.90 KB2013-03-14Thomas Roth - Cross Examination
D-3248.pdfVisual Aid328.43 KB2013-03-14Demonstrative
D-3249.pdfVisual Aid1.41 MB2013-03-14Perkin Qualifications
D-3254.pdfVisual Aid79.64 KB2013-03-14HESI Lab Photos (Cement)
D-3518.exeVisual Aid5.49 MB2013-03-14Cement_ Job_ Sequence
D-3528.wmvVisual Aid17.50 MB2013-03-14Centralizers
D-3550.001.pptVisual Aid2.33 MB2013-03-14US Demonstrative for Davis
D-3561.exeVisual Aid5.50 MB2013-03-14Negative_Pressure_Test_Specific
D-3582.pdfVisual Aid1.42 MB2013-03-14Deepwater Horizon Follow Up Rid Audit, Marine Assurance Audit and Out of Service Period, September 2009
D-3583.pdfVisual Aid428.71 KB2013-03-14Deepwater Horizon Technical Rig Audit, January 2005
D-3590.pdfVisual Aid1.83 MB2013-03-14US Demonstrative for Davis
D-3591.pdfVisual Aid383.13 KB2013-03-14US Demonstrative for Davis
D-3592.docVisual Aid43.00 KB2013-03-14US Demonstrative for Davis
D-4269A.pdfVisual Aid248.33 KB2013-03-14BP Demonstrative for Benge / Roth
D-4309A.pdfVisual Aid219.56 KB2013-03-14Revised Slide Demonstrative
D-4319.pdfVisual Aid228.88 KB2013-03-14Slide Demonstratives
D-4320.pdfVisual Aid216.05 KB2013-03-14Slide Demonstratives
D-4321.pdfVisual Aid241.82 KB2013-03-14Slide Demonstratives
D-4369.pdfVisual Aid74.51 KB2013-03-14Slide Demonstrative
D-4370.pdfVisual Aid65.95 KB2013-03-14Slide Demonstrative
D-4373.pdfVisual Aid644.44 KB2013-03-14BP Demonstrative for Roth
D-4377.pdfVisual Aid98.47 KB2013-03-14BP Demonstrative for Probert
D-4378.1.pdfVisual Aid750.73 KB2013-03-14BP Demonstrative for Benge
D-4379.pdfVisual Aid105.99 KB2013-03-14BP Demonstrative for Probert
D-4381.pdfVisual Aid143.72 KB2013-03-14BP Demonstrative for Benge and for Roth
D-6582.pdfVisual Aid96.93 KB2013-03-14Photograph
D-6629.pdfVisual Aid138.78 KB2013-03-14TO Demonstrative for Heenan
D-6630.pdfVisual Aid56.00 KB2013-03-14TO Demonstrative for Benge
D-6631.pdfVisual Aid63.01 KB2013-03-14TO Demonstrative for Benge
D-6632.pdfVisual Aid311.43 KB2013-03-14TO Demonstrative for Benge
D-6636.pdfVisual Aid1.85 MB2013-03-14TO Demonstrative for Davis
D-6656.pdfVisual Aid174.47 KB2013-03-14TO Demonstrative for Roth
D-6658B.pdfVisual Aid2.86 MB2013-03-14TO Demonstrative for Davis
D-6659.pdfVisual Aid2.53 MB2013-03-14TO Demonstrative for Davis
D-6660A.pdfVisual Aid2.64 MB2013-03-14TO Demonstrative for Davis
D-6661.pdfVisual Aid222.08 KB2013-03-14TO Demonstrative for Davis
D-6662.pdfVisual Aid262.02 KB2013-03-14O Demonstrative for Davis
D-8007.pdfVisual Aid170.77 KB2013-03-14Well Control Clock
D-8011.pdfVisual Aid1.29 MB2013-03-14D-Air Communications
D-8015.pdfVisual Aid594.67 KB2013-03-14Well Bore Schematic
D-8165.pdfVisual Aid714.94 KB2013-03-14Sedco_Macondo Comparison (PPTX)
D-8167.pdfVisual Aid117.79 KB2013-03-14SIMOPS (Joe Keith)
D-8242.pdfVisual Aid204.79 KB2013-03-14HESI Demonstrative for Benge
D-10006.pdfVisual Aid413.11 KB2013-03-14CAM Demonstrative for Davis
D-10012.pdfVisual Aid499.17 KB2013-03-14CAM Demonstrative for Davis