Document NameTypeFile SizeDateDescription
2015-01-21_AM_Boesch.pdfTrial Transcript576.52 KB2015-01-21Morning Session: Direct and Cross Examination of Dr. Donald Boesch, United States Expert in ecosystems.
2015-01-21_PM_Rice_and_VanHaverbeke.pdfTrial Transcript838.45 KB2015-01-21Afternoon Session: Direct and Cross Examination of Dr. Stanley Rice, United States Expert in ecological toxicology and the toxicological effects of oil on marine life; Direct and Cross Examination of Captain Mark Haverbeke, United States Expert in in oil spill response and oil spill response research and development.
D-32151.pdfDemonstrative237.04 KB2015-01-21SUMMARY OF CONCLUSIONS: DEFINING ACTUAL AND POTENTIAL HARM (Source: TREX-013183.007-.008, .042)
D-32152.pdfDemonstrative262.26 KB2015-01-21SUMMARY OF CONCLUSIONS: ACTUAL HARM (Source: TREX- 013183.004, .042; Photos: TREX-230938; TREX-231001; TREX-230984; TREX-230992)
D-32153.pdfDemonstrative262.18 KB2015-01-21SUMMARY OF CONCLUSIONS: POTENTIAL HARM (Source: TREX- 013183.004; Photos: TREX-233586; TREX-233601; TREX-233735)
D-32154.pdfDemonstrative286.00 KB2015-01-21METHODOLOGY (Source: TREX-013183.006-.007; TREX-012199; TREX-231547; TREX-231516)
D-32155A.pdfDemonstrative203.30 KB2015-01-21GEOGRAPHIC AREA CONSIDERED (Source: TREX-013249; TREX- 013183.043; TREX-013185R.025)
D-32156.pdfDemonstrative175.82 KB2015-01-21AREA CONSIDERED BY BP MINIMIZES THE SIZE OF THE SPILL (Source: TREX-013184.005, .007-.008, .010; TREX-013246.004; TREX-013163.007-.008; TREX-013444.013; TREX-013132.043-.046)
D-32157A.pdfDemonstrative188.99 KB2015-01-21DEEP WATER OILING (Source: TREX-013183.006, .011-.012)
D-32158.pdfDemonstrative214.59 KB2015-01-21ACTUAL HARM TO SEABED ORGANISMS (Source: TREX-013183.006; TREX-013183.024-.025)
D-32159.pdfDemonstrative277.83 KB2015-01-21ACTUAL HARM TO RARE, LONG-LIVED CORALS (Source: TREX- 013183.026-.026; TREX-231547.002)
D-32160.pdfDemonstrative214.98 KB2015-01-21ACTUAL HARM TO PLANKTONIC ORGANISMS (Source: TREX- 013183.022-.023; Photos: TREX-233715; TREX-233719; TREX-233722; TREX-233602; TREX-233713)
D-32161.pdfDemonstrative285.20 KB2015-01-21POTENTIAL HARM TO FISHES (Source: TREX-013183.028-.029, .040-.041; Photos: TREX-233601; TREX-233576; TREX-233570; TREX- 233734; TREX-233728 )
D-32162.pdfDemonstrative220.17 KB2015-01-21DR. TUNNELL CONCLUDES NO SIGNIFICANT HARM TO FISH AND SHELLFISH POPULATIONS (Source: TREX-013184.006-.008, .010-.013)
D-32163.pdfDemonstrative312.78 KB2015-01-21ACTUAL HARM TO FLOATING SEAWEED (Source: TREX-013183.018-.019; Photos: TREX-233591; TREX-230986)
D-32164.pdfDemonstrative175.02 KB2015-01-21TURTLES, DOLPHINS AND BIRDS COLLECTED DURING THE RESPONSE (Source: TREX-013183.037; TREX-231360; TREX- 013183.037-038)
D-32165.pdfDemonstrative291.49 KB2015-01-21HARM TO TURTLES (Source: TREX-013183.019-.020; TREX- 013185R.010; TREX-231360; Photos: TREX-230959; TREX-230986)
D-32166.pdfDemonstrative240.67 KB2015-01-21HARM TO MARINE MAMMALS (Source: TREX-013183.037-.039; TREX-231360; Photos: TREX-230989; TREX-230958)
D-32167.pdfDemonstrative240.02 KB2015-01-21HARM TO BIRDS (Source: TREX-013183.038-.039; TREX-231360; Photos: TREX-230995; TREX-230985; TREX-230999)
D-32168.pdfDemonstrative238.44 KB2015-01-21DR. TUNNELL'S PRESENTATION OF DATA DILUTES HARM TO BIRDS (Source: TREX-013184.009-.011; TREX-013184.010)
D-32169.pdfDemonstrative265.39 KB2015-01-21COASTAL HABITATS: EXTENT OF OILING (Source: TREX-013183.012-.01, .031; TREX-013184.017; TREX-013246.075; Photos: TREX-013015.013; TREX-013015.018; TREX-231000; TREX- 230955)
D-32170.pdfDemonstrative274.63 KB2015-01-21HARM TO BEACHES (Source: TREX-013183.030-.031; Photos: TREX- 230963; TREX-232044; TREX-230978)
D-32171.pdfDemonstrative279.36 KB2015-01-21HARM TO MARSHES AND MANGROVES (Source: TREX-013183.018, .032-.035, .045; Photos: TREX-230937; TREX-230940; TREX-230983)
D-32172.pdfDemonstrative336.86 KB2015-01-21DR. TAYLOR'S ASSESSMENT OF MARSH RECOVERY IGNORES RELEVANT DATA AND POSSIBLE LONG TERM IMPACTS (Source: TREX-013246; TREX-013184.015, .017.019; Photos: TREX-230974; TREX-013015.013; TREX-013015.019)
D-32173.pdfDemonstrative274.93 KB2015-01-21IMPACT OF MARSH AND MANGROVE OILING ON ASSOCIATED ANIMAL COMMUNITIES (Source: TREX-013183.033-.037; Photos: TREX-233573; TREX-233586; TREX-230957)
D-32604.pdfDemonstrative237.59 KB2015-01-21SUMMARY OF CONCLUSIONS: KEY FINDINGS (Source: TREX- 013330.030; TREX-013332)
D-32605.pdfDemonstrative143.62 KB2015-01-21METHODOLOGY (Source: TREX-013330.005; TREX-013330.056-.064; TREX-013330.065-.081)
D-32606.pdfDemonstrative148.76 KB2015-01-21TOXICITY: TWO HALVES TO THE EQUATION (Source: TREX- 013330.006-.011)
D-32607A.pdfDemonstrative197.17 KB2015-01-21OIL CHEMISTRY
D-32609.pdfDemonstrative148.43 KB2015-01-21HYDROCARBON SIZE AFFECTS SOLUBILITY, FAT AFFINITY & TOXICITY (Source: TREX-013330.009-.010)
D-32611.pdfDemonstrative254.87 KB2015-01-21Bioavailable (Source: TREX-013330.007)
D-32612A.pdfDemonstrative215.31 KB2015-01-21DISPERSION OF OIL (Source: TREX-013330.006-.011)
D-32613.pdfDemonstrative186.73 KB2015-01-21TOXICITY: TWO HALVES TO THE EQUATION (Source: TREX- 013330.006-.011)
D-32614.pdfDemonstrative217.42 KB2015-01-21MANY MECHANISMS OF OIL TOXICITY (Source: TREX-013330.011-.012)
D-32615.pdfDemonstrative911.88 KB2015-01-21EXPOSURE IN GULF ESTABLISHED (Source: TREX-233140; TREX-242621; TREX-242677; TREX-242678; TREX-013249; TREX-232045; TREX- 231375; TREX-232664; TREX-242689)
D-32616.pdfDemonstrative638.93 KB2015-01-21EFFECTS ON GULF SPECIES ESTABLISHED (Source: TREX-013333; TREX- 013338; TREX-231494; TREX-231426)
D-32617.pdfDemonstrative157.70 KB2015-01-21EXAMPLE OF CHRONIC MECHANISM – PERICARDIAL EDEMA (Source: TREX-233611)
D-32618A.pdfDemonstrative238.93 KB2015-01-21DWH EMBRYO TOXICITY STUDIES DEMONSTRATE SIGNIFICANT EFFECTS (Source: TREX-013333; TREX-013338)
D-32619.pdfDemonstrative259.94 KB2015-01-21DWH STUDY RESULTS ARE NOT “NOVEL” (Source: TREX-232681; TREX- 013333; TREX-232667; TREX-232655; TREX-013338; TREX-232659; TREX-233330; TREX-233331; TREX-232691; TREX-233124; TREX- 232694)
D-32620A.pdfDemonstrative163.93 KB2015-01-21Frequency of Toxic Samples in Upper 2 Meters Within Slick Footprint (Source: TREX-232681; TREX-013333; TREX-232667; TREX-232655; TREX-013338; TREX-232659; TREX-233330; TREX-233331; TREX- 232691; TREX-233124; TREX-232694; TREX-013332E)
D-32622.pdfDemonstrative214.86 KB2015-01-21FIELD: OIL EXPOSURE TO ADULT KILLIFISH DEMONSTRATED (Source: TREX-231494; TREX-232649)
D-32624.pdfDemonstrative243.61 KB2015-01-21SUMMARY OF REBUTTAL TO SHEA: COMPARING METHODS AND FINDINGS (Source: TREX-013332.004 -.015; TREX-013331.020 - .027)
D-32625.pdfDemonstrative157.39 KB2015-01-21RESPONSES TO SHEA'S METHOD CRITIQUES (Source: TREX-013332.009-.012, .021; TREX-013330.026; TREX-013445.010 -.017; TREX-013444.041, .095 -.100; TREX- 013333.002 -.003; TREX-013331.027; TREX-013330.013 -.014, .018 - .019)
D-32628.pdfDemonstrative134.36 KB2015-01-21"TOXIC UNIT" APPROACH: A SCREENING TOOL (Source: TREX- 013332.004-.005; TREX-013340.015, .020)
D-32629.pdfDemonstrative232.94 KB2015-01-21DR. SHEA DISREGARDS KNOWN LIMITATIONS OF TU APPROACH (Source: TREX-232045; TREX-013332.005-.006; TREX-013331.044-.045; TREX-013340.020; TREX-013340.098)
D-32630A.pdfDemonstrative394.18 KB2015-01-21DR. SHEA'S TOXIC UNIT APPROACH IS NOT “SAFE” (Source: TREX- 013332.005-.006)
D-32632.pdfDemonstrative222.12 KB2015-01-21DR. SHEA'S WATER CHEMISTRY ANALYSIS DILUTES HARM (Source: TREX-013332.013-.014; TREX-013444.022; TREX-013444.013)
D-32633.2A.pdfDemonstrative255.56 KB2015-01-21BP ANALYSIS OF SURFACE WATERS HIDES TOXICITY (Source: TREX- 013444.137; TREX-013332.042; TREX-013332E)
D-32634B.pdfDemonstrative259.49 KB2015-01-21BP ANALYSIS OF DEEP WATERS HIDES TOXICITY (Source: TREX- 232045.069; TREX-013444.138; TREX-013332.042; TREX-231375)
D-32635.pdfDemonstrative523.76 KB2015-01-21TOXIC IMPACT ANALYSES SHOULD FOCUS ON IMPACTED AREAS (Source: TREX-013332E.010)
D-33751.pdfDemonstrative255.58 KB2015-01-21Captain Mark G. VanHaverbeke's Background (Source: TREX- 013513)
D-33752.pdfDemonstrative223.19 KB2015-01-21Captain Mark G. VanHaverbeke's Experience (Source: TREX- 013513)
D-33753.pdfDemonstrative219.92 KB2015-01-21Conclusions (Source: TREX-013513; TREX-013514; TREX-013515; TREX-233890)
D-33754.pdfDemonstrative225.40 KB2015-01-21Conclusions (Source: TREX-013513; TREX-013514; TREX-013515; TREX-233890)
D-33756.pdfDemonstrative137.05 KB2015-01-21ERMA is NOT a New Response Technology (Source: TREX-242543)
D-33757.pdfDemonstrative411.78 KB2015-01-21ERMA is NOT a New Response Technology (Source: TREX-242543)
D-33758.pdfDemonstrative178.78 KB2015-01-21Alternative Response Technologies (Source: TREX-230448)
D-33759.pdfDemonstrative183.22 KB2015-01-21Dispersing and Burning Oil are not Removal (Source: TREX-230012)
D-33760.pdfDemonstrative144.34 KB2015-01-21ART Produced Marginal Results (Source: TREX-232987)
D-33761.pdfDemonstrative149.95 KB2015-01-21In-Situ Burning is NOT a New Response Technology (Source: TREX- 230990)
D-33762.pdfDemonstrative202.72 KB2015-01-21Skimming and Dispersing are NOT New Response Technologies (Source: TREX-230012)
D-33763.pdfDemonstrative138.69 KB2015-01-21Alternative Response Technologies (Source: TREX-230448)
D-33764.pdfDemonstrative153.39 KB2015-01-21Burning is not Removal (Source: TREX-230990)
D-33768.pdfDemonstrative234.77 KB2015-01-21Only a Small Fraction of the Typically Recovered oil was Removed (Source: TREX-233890; Rec Doc. 14021)
D-33770.pdfDemonstrative112.06 KB2015-01-21Skimming and Dispersing are NOT New Response Technologies (Source: TREX-230012)
D-33775.pdfDemonstrative240.04 KB2015-01-21Revision & Errata (Source: TREX-233890)
D-33776.pdfDemonstrative106.44 KB2015-01-21Dispersing and Burning Oil are not Removal (Source: TREX-230012)
D-33779.pdfDemonstrative103.15 KB2015-01-21Burning is not Removal (Source: TREX-230990)
TREX-012199.pdfExhibit2.20 MB2015-01-21Extent and Degree of Shoreline Oiling: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Gulf of
D-32600.pdfDemonstrative183.25 KB2015-01-21PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (Source: TREX-013330.005; TREX- 013330.056-.064)
TREX-013185R.pdfExpert Report3.51 MB2015-01-21REDACTED by US: Rebuttal to BP Round 2 Reports Prepared by Donald F. Boesch, Ph.D., dated September 26, 2014
D-32150.pdfDemonstrative273.88 KB2015-01-21BACKGROUND (Source: TREX-013183.004, .047)
TREX-013275.3.1.BP.pdfCallout209.11 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013275
TREX-013336.2.1.BP.pdfCallout264.15 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013336
TREX-013336.25.1.BP.pdfCallout339.81 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013336
TREX-013338.pdfExhibit3.43 MB2015-01-21Acute Embryonic or Juvenile Exposure to Deepwater Horizon Crude Oil Impairs the Swimming Performance of Mahi-Mahi (Corphaena hippurus)
TREX-013513.pdfExpert Report8.82 MB2015-01-21EXPERT REPORT: Expert Report of Mark G. VanHaverbeke dated August 15, 2014
TREX-013514.pdfExpert Report2.40 MB2015-01-21Response Report of Mark G. VanHaverbeke dated September 12, 2014
TREX-013515.pdfExpert Report3.52 MB2015-01-21Second Response Report of Mark G. VanHaverbeke dated September 26, 2014
TREX-013518.8.1.BP.pdfCallout192.93 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013518
TREX-230012.pdfExhibit32.40 MB2015-01-21Report: National Academy of Sciences: Oil Spill Dispersants - Efficacy and Effect
TREX-230448.pdfExhibit7.50 MB2015-01-21Michael J. Cortez et al, Alternative Response Technologies: Progressing Learnings
TREX-230933.237.1.BP.pdfCallout514.46 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-230933
TREX-230958.pdfExhibit593.07 KB2015-01-21Photo: Floating marine animal
TREX-230959.pdfExhibit806.45 KB2015-01-21Photo: Turtle covered in oil being held
TREX-230963.pdfExhibit733.10 KB2015-01-21Photo: Oil on beach shore
TREX-230974.pdfExhibit690.42 KB2015-01-21Photo: Oil in marsh
TREX-230978.pdfExhibit855.73 KB2015-01-21Photo: Beach covered in oil
TREX-230984.pdfExhibit244.60 KB2015-01-21Photo: Oil on beach
TREX-230985.pdfExhibit285.87 KB2015-01-21Photo: Oil on beach and dead bird
TREX-230986.pdfExhibit645.28 KB2015-01-21Photo: Turtle in water under oil
TREX-230989.pdfExhibit795.99 KB2015-01-21Photo: School of dolphins swimming through oil
TREX-230990.pdfExhibit22.08 MB2015-01-21Oil Spill Response Offshore, In-Situ Burn Operations Manual, Final Report March 2003, Report No. CG-D-06-03
TREX-230992.pdfExhibit349.09 KB2015-01-21Photo: Turtle covered in oil
TREX-230995.pdfExhibit613.08 KB2015-01-21Photo: People trying to catch oiled bird
TREX-231000.pdfExhibit98.66 KB2015-01-21Photo: Shoreline response worker
TREX-231001.pdfExhibit103.47 KB2015-01-21Photo: Group of oiled birds
TREX-231360.pdfExhibit2.88 MB2015-01-21DWH Response Consolidated Fish and Wildlife Collection Report, April 20, 2011.
TREX-231375.pdfExhibit4.17 MB2015-01-21Richard Camilli and Christopher M. Reddy,, "Tracking Hydrocarbon Plume Transport and Biodegradation at Deepwater Horizon." Science Express 19 August 2010.
TREX-231426.pdfExhibit7.22 MB2015-01-21Article - Environmental Science and Technology Multitissue Molecular, Genomic, and Developmental Effects of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Resident Gulf Killifish (Fundulus grandis), by Benjamin Dubansky, Andrew Whitehead, et al
TREX-231481.pdfExhibit8.85 MB2015-01-21Schwacke LH, Smith CR, Townsend FI, Wells RS, Hart LB, Balmer BC, Collier TK, De Guise S, Fry MM, Guillette LJ, Lamb SV, Lane SM, Mcfee WE, Place NJ, Tumlin MC, Ylitalo GM, Zolman ES, Rowles TK (2014) Health of common bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Barataria Bay, Louisiana, following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Environ Sci Technol 48:93-103.
TREX-231482.pdfExhibit1.92 MB2015-01-21Schwacke LH, Smith CR, Townsend FI, Wells RS, Hart LB, Balmer BC, Collier TK, De Guise S, Fry MM, Guillette LJ, Lamb SV, Lane SM, Mcfee WE, Place NJ, Tumlin MC, Ylitalo GM, Zolman ES, Rowles TK (2014) Response to comment on health of common bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Barataria Bay, Louisiana following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Environ Sci Technol 48:4209-4211.
TREX-231494.pdfExhibit4.64 MB2015-01-21Whitehead A, Dubansky B, Bodinier C, Garcia TI, Miles S, Pilley C, Raghunathan V, Roach JL, Walker N, Walter RB, Rice CD, Galvez F (2012) Genomic and physiological footprint of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on resident marsh fishes. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109:20298- 20302.
TREX-231516.pdfExhibit4.42 MB2015-01-21Murawski SA, Hogarth WT, Peebles EB, Barbeiri L (2014) Prevalence of external skin lesions and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon concentrations in Gulf of Mexico fishes, post- Deepwater Horizon. Trans Am Fish Soc 143:1084-1097.
TREX-231539.pdfExhibit7.75 MB2015-01-21Turner RE, Overton EB, Meyer BM, Miles MS, McClenachan G, Hooper-Bui L, Engel AS, Swenson EM, Lee JM, Milan CS, Gao H (In Press) Distribution and recovery trajectory of Macondo (Mississippi Canyon 252) oil in Louisiana coastal wetlands. Marine Pollution Bulletin
TREX-231543.pdfExhibit7.97 MB2015-01-21F. Joel Fodrie, et. al. - Integrating organismal and population responses of estuarine fishes in Macondo spill research
TREX-231547.pdfExhibit8.39 MB2015-01-21Fisher CR, Demopoulos AWJ, Cordes EE, Baums IB, White HK, Bourque JR (2014) Coral Communities as Indicators of Ecosystem- Level Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Spill. BioScience 64:796- 807
TREX-232041.pdfExhibit4.11 MB2015-01-21Deep-Sea Benthic Footprint of the DWH blowout, Montagna, Baguley, et al
TREX-232044.pdfExhibit1.03 MB2015-01-21Photo of oil spill on sand
TREX-232045.pdfExhibit34.14 MB2015-01-21Joint Analysis Group, Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (2012). Review of Subsurface Dispersed Oil and Oxygen Levels Associated with the Deepwater Horizon MC252 Spill of National Significance. NOAA Technical Report NOS OR&R 27.
TREX-232987.pdfExhibit7.34 MB2015-01-21Alternative Response Technology (ART) Program Final Report MC252 Deepwater Horizon Response September, 2010
TREX-233140.pdfExhibit4.63 KB2015-01-21BP. Gulf Science Data, Water Chemistry Data File. Website:, directory: Water; subdirectory: Water Chemistry; filename: WaterChemistry_W-01v02-01.csv (zipped). Last modified May 2014
TREX-233557.pdfExhibit4.98 KB2015-01-21Video/Audio Paceholder (file available in native format) - BP Oil Spill Footage
TREX-233570.pdfExhibit305.90 KB2015-01-21Photo; Fish in Water
TREX-233557.wmvExhibit12.19 MB2015-01-21Video/Audio Paceholder (file available in native format) - BP Oil Spill Footage
TREX-233576.pdfExhibit285.78 KB2015-01-21Photo: Fish in water
TREX-233579.movExhibit19.70 MB2015-01-21AV File: showing oil leak from sea floor
TREX-233586.pdfExhibit273.40 KB2015-01-21Photo: Pile of shellfish
TREX-233591.pdfExhibit398.12 KB2015-01-21Photo: School of small fish underwater
TREX-233601.pdfExhibit276.92 KB2015-01-21Photo: Fish swimming near water's surface
TREX-233602.pdfExhibit272.50 KB2015-01-21Photo: Organism in water
TREX-233611.movExhibit2.00 MB2015-01-21AV File: Incardona showing developmental abnormalities in large marine fish
TREX-233715.pdfExhibit266.68 KB2015-01-21Photograph - CopepodAcartia
TREX-233719.pdfExhibit277.39 KB2015-01-21Photograph - Harpacticoid
TREX-233722.pdfExhibit261.22 KB2015-01-21Photograph - Moon Jellyfish
TREX-233728.pdfExhibit392.59 KB2015-01-21Photograph - Red Snapper
TREX-233734.pdfExhibit297.26 KB2015-01-21Photograph - Southern Hake
TREX-233735.pdfExhibit543.96 KB2015-01-21Photograph - Tilefish
TREX-233890.pdfExpert Report1.89 MB2015-01-21Revision and Errata of Reports of Mark VanHaverbeke
TREX-241493.pdfExhibit223.41 KB2015-01-21Jacobs, L.A. 2014. Comment on Health of Common Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Barataria Bay, Louisiana, Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Environmental Science & Technology.
TREX-242543.pdfExhibit56.80 MB2015-01-21Interagency Coordinating Committee on Oil Pollution Research: Biennial Report for Fiscal Years 2008 and 2009
TREX-242621.pdfExhibit17.14 MB2015-01-21Gulf Science Data website Water Chemistry Data Publication Summary Report, available at W-01v02-02-zip.
TREX-242677.pdfExhibit261.93 KB2015-01-21BP. Gulf Science Data, Water Chemistry Data File. Website:, directory: Water; subdirectory: Water Chemistry; filename: WaterChemistry_W-01v02-01.csv (zipped). Last modified May 2014
TREX-242678.pdfExhibit276.87 KB2015-01-21BP. Gulf Science Data Dispersant Marker Water Chemistry Data. Website:, directory: Water; subdirectory: Dispersant Marker WaterChemistry; filename: Last modified January 24, 2014
TREX-242689.pdfExhibit206.49 KB2015-01-21NOAA. ERMA Deepwater Gulf Response, available at
TREX-246253.pdfExhibit74.83 KB2015-01-21Haney, J.C., H. Geiger, and J. Short. No date. Acute bird mortality from the Deepwater Horizon MC 252 oil spill. II. Carcass sampling and exposure probability estimates for coastal Gulf of Mexico (abstract).
TREX-247590.1.2.BP.pdfCallout129.07 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-247590
TREX-013183.pdfExpert Report17.61 MB2015-01-22EXPERT REPORT: Actual and Potential Harm From The Macondo Well Blowout Prepared by Donald F. Boesch, Ph.D., dated August 15, 2014
TREX-013330.pdfExpert Report14.26 MB2015-01-22EXPERT REPORT: Toxicological Impact of the MC252 Blowout, Oil Spill, and Response by Stanley D. Rice (Ph.D.) dated August 15, 2014
TREX-013249.pdfExhibit1.05 MB2015-01-21ERMA Map
TREX-012237.28.2.BP.pdfCallout80.64 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-012237
TREX-012237.43.1.BP.pdfCallout97.64 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-012237
TREX-012237.1.BP.pdfCallout102.58 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-012237
TREX-012237.6.1.BP.pdfCallout82.30 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-012237
TREX-012237.6.2.BP.pdfCallout142.20 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-012237
TREX-012237.28.1.BP.pdfCallout96.64 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-012237
TREX-013331.pdfExpert Report16.67 MB2015-01-21EXPERT REPORT: Responses to BP Expert Reports by Donald F. Boesch (Ph.D.) and Stanley D. Rice (Ph.D.) dated September 12, 2014
TREX-013332.pdfExpert Report11.01 MB2015-01-21Rebuttal to BP Round 2 Reports by Stanley D. Rice (Ph.D.) dated September 26, 2014
TREX-013332E.pdfExpert Report5.20 MB2015-01-21Errata to Rebuttal to BP Round 2 Reports by Stanley D. Rice (Ph.D.) dated September 26, 2014
TREX-013333.pdfExhibit3.05 MB2015-01-21Deepwater Horizon crude oil impacts the developing hearts of large predatory pelagic fish
TREX-233579.pdfExhibit4.15 KB2015-01-21AV File: showing oil leak from sea floor
TREX-233611.pdfExhibit4.12 KB2015-01-21AV File: Incardona showing developmental abnormalities in large marine fish
TREX-233713.pdfExhibit259.39 KB2015-01-21Photograph - Comb Jelly
TREX-013332.36.1.BP.pdfCallout227.54 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013332
TREX-013336.1.1.BP.pdfCallout122.70 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013336
TREX-013336.1.2.BP.pdfCallout290.22 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013336
TREX-013184.pdfExpert Report53.33 MB2015-01-21EXPERT REPORT: Responses to BP Expert Reports Prepared by Donald F. Boesch, Ph.D., and Stanley D. Rice, Ph.D., dated September 12, 2014
TREX-013331.33.1.BP.pdfCallout213.18 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013331
TREX-013336.pdfExhibit5.90 MB2015-01-21A Perspective on the Toxicity of Low Concentrations of Petroleum-Derived Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons to Early Life Stages of Herring and Salmon
TREX-013338.1.1.BP.pdfCallout232.98 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013338
TREX-013338.6.1.BP.pdfCallout150.49 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013338
TREX-009124.pdfExhibit78.14 MB2015-01-21Final Action Memorandum - Incident Specific Preparedness Review (ISPR), DWH Oil Spill
TREX-230957.pdfExhibit596.38 KB2015-01-21Photo: Pelicans covered in oil
TREX-247590.pdfExhibit82.54 KB2015-01-21Copy of Manpower_and_CheckIn_Totals_20100515.xls
TREX-009105.1.pdfCallout131.67 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-009105.64.3.BP.pdfCallout100.20 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-009105.131.5.BP.pdfCallout106.37 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-009105.131.6.BP.pdfCallout111.69 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-013518.pdfExhibit3.74 MB2015-01-2105/23/2010 Deepwater Horizon Incident Daily Operational Report from the Unified Area Command
TREX-013518.1.pdfCallout44.50 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013518
TREX-009124.1.5.BP.pdfCallout100.21 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-009124
TREX-009124.4.pdfCallout112.82 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-009124
TREX-247590-ATTACHMENT.xlsExhibit3.04 MB2015-01-21Copy of Manpower_and_CheckIn_Totals_20100515.xls
TREX-230933.pdfExhibit47.14 MB2015-01-21U.S. Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook (2006)
TREX-230933.1.pdfCallout100.84 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-230933
TREX-009124.13.6.BP.pdfCallout110.21 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-009124
TREX-009124.49.1.BP.pdfCallout85.82 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-009124
TREX-009124.55.2.BP.pdfCallout92.73 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-009124
TREX-009124.56.1.BP.pdfCallout112.04 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-009124
TREX-009124.2.4.BP.pdfCallout135.24 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-009124
TREX-013132.7.1.BP.pdfCallout93.85 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013132
TREX-013195.1.1.BP.pdfCallout194.72 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013195
TREX-013196.1.1.BP.pdfCallout319.47 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013196
TREX-013196.5.3.BP.pdfCallout449.88 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013196
TREX-013275.1.1.BP.pdfCallout206.90 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013275
TREX-230955.pdfExhibit454.05 KB2015-01-21Photo: Oil on shore
TREX-230999.pdfExhibit739.96 KB2015-01-21Photo: Oil on bird and boom
TREX-009105.pdfExhibit130.84 MB2015-01-21On Scene Coordinator Report - DWH Oil Spill
TREX-009105.14.1.BP.pdfCallout467.53 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-012237.pdfExhibit40.17 MB2015-01-21OSAT's Summary Report for Sub-Sea and Sub-Surface Oil and Dispersant Detection: Sampling and Monitoring
TREX-232664.pdfExhibit2.36 MB2015-01-21Diercks, A.-R., R. C. Highsmith, et al. (2010). "Characterization of subsurface polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at the Deepwater Horizon site." Geophysical Research Letters 3
D-35401.pdfDemonstrative93.72 KB2015-01-21Captain Paskewich's Spill Response Effectiveness Analysis
TREX-012078.pdfExhibit486.22 KB2015-01-21Deepwater Horizon Response Consolidated Fish and Wildlife Collection Report
TREX-012078.1.1.BP.pdfCallout118.79 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-012078
TREX-012078.1.2.BP.pdfCallout145.54 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-012078
TREX-012078.1.5.BP.pdfCallout140.59 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-012078
TREX-012080.pdfExhibit346.19 KB2015-01-21"Oil Spill Clarifies Road Map for Sea Turtle Recovery"
TREX-012080.1.1.BP.pdfCallout88.58 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-012080
TREX-012080.1.2.BP.pdfCallout123.32 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-012080
TREX-012199.pdfExhibit2.20 MB2015-01-21Extent and Degree of Shoreline Oiling: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Gulf of
TREX-012199.1.1.BP.pdfCallout117.22 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-012199
TREX-012199.1.2.BP.pdfCallout131.24 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-012199
TREX-013183.19.1.BP.pdfCallout93.02 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013183
TREX-013183.19.2.BP.pdfCallout93.00 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013183
TREX-013183.44.1.BP.pdfCallout87.44 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013183
TREX-013183.8.1.BP.pdfCallout90.95 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013183
TREX-013191.pdfExhibit159.20 KB2015-01-21Email from D. Boesch to T. Garcia re Sea Grant Report on spill status
TREX-013191.1.2.BP.pdfCallout88.33 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013191
TREX-013191.1.4.BP.pdfCallout96.91 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013191
TREX-013191.1.6.BP.pdfCallout91.76 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013191
TREX-013195.1.1.BP.pdfCallout194.72 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013195
TREX-013275.1.1.BP.pdfCallout206.90 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013275
TREX-013275.3.1.BP.pdfCallout209.11 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013275
TREX-013277.pdfExhibit3.07 MB2015-01-21The Role of Ecology in Marine Pollution Monitoring: Ecology Panel Report
TREX-013277.1.1.BP.pdfCallout81.38 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013277
TREX-013277.1.2.BP.pdfCallout156.62 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013277
TREX-013284.pdfExhibit554.51 KB2015-01-21Email from D. Boesch to R. Lazarus re Possible visit by Oil Spill Commissioners
TREX-013284.1.1.BP.pdfCallout111.21 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013284
TREX-013287.pdfExhibit2.48 MB2015-01-21Integrating Organismal and Population Responses of Estuarine Fishes in Macondo Spill Research
TREX-013287.1.1.BP.pdfCallout99.39 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013287
TREX-013287.8.1.BP.pdfCallout135.20 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013287
TREX-013287.8.2.BP.pdfCallout153.15 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013287
TREX-013287.8.3.BP.pdfCallout146.50 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013287
TREX-013287.8.5.BP.pdfCallout108.27 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013287
TREX-013289.pdfExhibit1.85 MB2015-01-21Abundance and Size of Gulf Shrimp in Louisiana's Coastal Estuaries following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
TREX-013289.1.1.BP.pdfCallout95.25 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013289
TREX-013289.3.1.BP.pdfCallout106.48 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013289
TREX-013289.3.5.BP.pdfCallout106.75 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013289
TREX-013289.7.1.BP.pdfCallout128.10 KB2015-01-21BP Callout of TREX-013289
TREX-013183.47.pdfCallout82.77 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-013183
TREX-242543.21.pdfCallout675.67 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-242543
TREX-230012.19.pdfCallout408.64 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-230012
TREX-230012.20.pdfCallout436.33 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-230012
TREX-230012.28.pdfCallout436.54 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-230012
TREX-230012.87.pdfCallout421.70 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-230012
TREX-230448.14.pdfCallout398.08 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-230448
TREX-230990.1.pdfCallout765.59 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-230990
TREX-230990.2.pdfCallout842.34 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-230990
TREX-230990.96.pdfCallout419.91 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-230990
TREX-230990.144.pdfCallout416.52 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-230990
TREX-232987.6.pdfCallout615.81 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-232987
TREX-232987.9.pdfCallout667.51 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-232987
TREX-233890.1.pdfCallout992.69 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-233890
TREX-233890.3.pdfCallout559.35 KB2015-01-21US Callout of TREX-233890