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2015-01-26_AM_Paskewich_and_Folse.pdfTrial Transcript3.15 MB2015-01-26Morning Session: Direct and Cross Examination of Frank Paskewich, BPExpert in maritime safety, incident management and oil spill response; Direct and Cross Examination of Laura Folse, Fact Witness for BP, Executive Vice-President of Response and Environmental Restoration in the Gulf Coast Restoration Organization.
2015-01-26_PM_Utsler_and_Cox.pdfTrial Transcript562.35 KB2015-01-26Afternoon Session: Direct Examination of Mike Utsler, Houma Incident Commander representing BP at the time of the spill; Direct and Cross Examination of Robert Cox, BP expert in the field of medicine and toxicology and specifically in the assessment and treatment of acute and chronic health conditions resulting from exposures to hazardous substances or working conditions as well as an expert in the assessment of public health.
D-33780.pdfDemonstrative391.72 KB2015-01-26Capt. Roger Laferriere (Source: Laferriere Bundle at 134:24- 135:02, 135:04-135:17)
TREX-009182.pdfExhibit88.94 MB2015-01-26Oil Budget Calculator - Technical Documentation - November 2010
TREX-9182.87.1.US_TREX-13132.70.1.US.pdfCallout97.58 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-009182 & Callout of TREX-013122
TREX-9182.87.3.US.pdfCallout210.46 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-009182
TREX-012020.pdfExhibit15.08 MB2015-01-26E-mail from Mary Kay Bradbury to Amyo Taylor et al., dated December 4, 2010, Subject: HSE Stats 12-3-10, with attachments
TREX-12020.4.2.US.pdfCallout396.09 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-012020
TREX-013135.pdfExhibit2.30 MB2015-01-26Oil Spill Response - Experience, Trends and Challenges
TREX-13135.1.1.US_TREX-13135.6.1.US.pdfCallout223.14 KB2015-01-26Callouts of TREX-013135
TREX-013110.pdfExhibit1.58 MB2015-01-26Material Safety Data Sheet
TREX-231743.pdfExhibit225.28 KB2015-01-26Press Release - NIH News "Gulf Study gears up for second round of health exams" April 11, 2014
TREX-232479.pdfExhibit1.68 MB2015-01-26Atmospheric emissions from the Deepwater Horizon spill constrain air-water partitioning, hydrocarbon fate, and leak rate, TB Ryerson and KC Aikin, et al.
TREX-240164.pdfExhibit2.10 MB2015-01-26Air Quality Implications of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
D-35102.pdfDemonstrative90.50 KB2015-01-26Human Health Questions Investigated
D-35102.2.pdfDemonstrative73.54 KB2015-01-26Human Health Questions Investigated
D-35103.pdfDemonstrative99.85 KB2015-01-26Dr. Robert Cox, M.D., Ph.D.
D-35104.pdfDemonstrative81.67 KB2015-01-26Dr. Cox's Expert Reports
D-35105.pdfDemonstrative93.76 KB2015-01-26Opinions on Health Impacts
D-35106.pdfDemonstrative187.80 KB2015-01-26U.S. Government Findings on Health Effects
D-35106.1.pdfDemonstrative125.81 KB2015-01-26U.S. Government Findings on Health Effects
D-35106.2.pdfDemonstrative125.82 KB2015-01-26U.S. Government Findings on Health Effects
D-35106.3.pdfDemonstrative120.44 KB2015-01-26U.S. Government Findings on Health Effects
D-35107.pdfDemonstrative157.91 KB2015-01-26State Findings on Health Effects
D-35107.1.pdfDemonstrative116.42 KB2015-01-26State Findings on Health Effects
D-35107.2.pdfDemonstrative117.03 KB2015-01-26State Findings on Health Effects
D-35108.pdfDemonstrative77.65 KB2015-01-26Steps Performed in Reaching Independent Conclusions
D-35108.2.pdfDemonstrative73.43 KB2015-01-26Steps Performed in Reaching Independent Conclusions
D-35108.3.pdfDemonstrative67.65 KB2015-01-26Steps Performed in Reaching Independent Conclusions
D-35109.pdfDemonstrative83.38 KB2015-01-26Standard Approach to Risk Assessment
D-35110.pdfDemonstrative148.94 KB2015-01-26NIOSH Occupational Air Sampling Results
D-35110.1.wmvDemonstrative21.93 MB2015-01-26NIOSH Occupational Air Sampling Results (Animation of D-35110)
D-35111A.pdfDemonstrative87.78 KB2015-01-26DWH Air Data Consistently Below Benchmarks
D-35112.pdfDemonstrative83.35 KB2015-01-26DWH Benzene Air Data Consistently Below Benchmarks
D-35113.pdfDemonstrative114.99 KB2015-01-26Opinions on Potential Health Impacts: Inhalational
D-35115.pdfDemonstrative87.75 KB2015-01-26Lack of Significant Dermal Effects
D-35117.pdfDemonstrative114.92 KB2015-01-26CDC and State Health Surveillance
D-35118.pdfDemonstrative101.79 KB2015-01-26BP's Efforts to Mitigate Health Risks
D-35133.pdfDemonstrative91.53 KB2015-01-26OSAT Conclusions on Dermal and Oral Exposure Risk
D-35137.pdfDemonstrative95.91 KB2015-01-26Seafood Safety Assurance
D-35139.2.pdfDemonstrative130.34 KB2015-01-26U.S. Government Conclusions: Successful Mitigation of Potential Health Impacts
D-35139.4.pdfDemonstrative131.77 KB2015-01-26U.S. Government Conclusions: Successful Mitigation of Potential Health Impacts
D-35139A.pdfDemonstrative215.44 KB2015-01-26U.S. Government Conclusions: Successful Mitigation of Potential Health Impacts
D-35140.pdfDemonstrative160.19 KB2015-01-26Occupational Benchmarks Defined
D-35141.pdfDemonstrative154.24 KB2015-01-26Seafood Safety Assurance
D-35142.pdfDemonstrative110.46 KB2015-01-26NIOSH Convenience Survey Discussed by Dr. Clapp
D-35144.pdfDemonstrative99.69 KB2015-01-26OSHA and NIOSH on Worker Health
D-35145.pdfDemonstrative149.92 KB2015-01-26NIOSH Self-Identifies Significant Limitations of Convenience Survey
D-35146.pdfDemonstrative107.16 KB2015-01-26Opinions on Potential Health Impacts: Dermal and Oral
D-35270.pdfDemonstrative122.72 KB2015-01-26Over 1 Million Data Analyses Available
TREX-009105.pdfExhibit77.80 MB2015-01-26On Scene Coordinator Report - DWH Oil Spill
TREX-009124.pdfExhibit33.43 MB2015-01-26Final Action Memorandum - Incident Specific Preparedness Review (ISPR), DWH Oil Spill
TREX-011814.pdfExhibit4.74 MB2015-01-26Stipulation Regarding Early Restoration Project-- Alabama Dune Restoration Cooperative Project
TREX-012020.4.1.pdfCallout85.82 KB2015-01-26BP Callout of TREX-012020
TREX-012023.pdfExhibit1.53 MB2015-01-26Email from M. Chau to J. Fink et al. re Health Monitoring Summary Report - 15th September 2010, attaching Health Monitoring Summary Report 15 September 2010.DOC
TREX-012234.pdfExhibit8.42 MB2015-01-26December 2011 NIOSH's Lessons Learned from the Deepwater Horizon Response
TREX-012238.pdfExhibit5.38 MB2015-01-26OSAT's Summary Report for Fate and Effects of Remnant Oil in the Beach Environment
TREX-012240.pdfExhibit4.90 MB2015-01-26May 2011 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: OSHA's Role in the Response
TREX-013087.pdfExpert Report6.09 MB2015-01-26EXPERT REPORT: 09/26/2014 Round 3 Expert Report of Robert Cox, M.D., Ph.D
TREX-11814.5.1.US_TREX-11814.6.1.US.pdfCallout130.13 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-011814
TREX-232432.pdfExhibit743.19 KB2015-01-26FDA Voice: Taylor, Michael R: Gulf Seafood is Safe to Eat After Oil Spill
TREX-232452.pdfExhibit1.31 MB2015-01-26Department of Health and Hospitals; Seafood Update: Louisiana Seafood Safety Surveillance Report
TREX-232478.pdfExhibit7.01 MB2015-01-26Review of the OSHA-NIOSH Response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Protecting the Health and Safety of Cleanup Workers, David Michaels and John Howard
TREX-240001.pdfExhibit6.80 MB2015-01-26CDC, Substance and Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Behavioral Health in the Gulf Coast Region Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
TREX-240110.pdfExpert Report24.06 MB2015-01-26EXPERT REPORT: Round 1 Expert Report of Robert Cox
TREX-240111.pdfExpert Report2.90 MB2015-01-26EXPERT REPORT: Round 2 Expert Report of Robert Cox
TREX-240124.pdfExhibit309.32 KB2015-01-26Deepwater Horizon Response - Air Quality Status Report
TREX-240138.pdfExhibit2.19 MB2015-01-26OSHA. Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: OSHA's Role in the Response. May 2011
TREX-240141.pdfExhibit768.51 KB2015-01-26CDC, Community Fact Sheet, Volatile Organic Compounds and Your Health. Oct. 17, 2012
TREX-240159.pdfExhibit245.57 KB2015-01-26EPA. Monitoring Air Quality Along the Gulf Coast.
TREX-240198.pdfExhibit622.79 KB2015-01-26Mississippi State Department of Health. Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill - One Year Later. Mississippi Morbidity Report 2011;27:1-3
TREX-240210.pdfExhibit22.61 MB2015-01-26Operational Science Advisory Team (OSAT) Unified Area Command. Summary Report for Sub-Sea and Sub-Surface Oil and Dispersant Detection: Sampling and Monitoring. Prepared for Paul F. Zukunft, RADM, U.S. Coast Guard Federal On-Scene Coordinator Deepwater Horizon MC252. December 17, 2010
TREX-240215.pdfExhibit245.10 KB2015-01-26CDC. CDC Response to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
TREX-240227.pdfExhibit1.11 MB2015-01-26CDC/ATSDR Guidance on the Interpretation and Use of Blood Laboratory Analyses for Volatile Organic Compounds
TREX-240306.pdfExhibit795.33 KB2015-01-26CDC. Emergency Preparedness and Response, Health Surveillance
TREX-240310.pdfExhibit5.61 MB2015-01-26King BS, Gibbons JD. Health Hazard Evaluation of the Deepwater Horizon Response Workers. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 2011. Final HHE
TREX-240327.pdfExhibit318.98 KB2015-01-26Schwaab E, Kraemer D, Guidry J. Consumers can be confident in the safety of Gulf seafood. Joint statement released by NOAA, FDA, and the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, March 2011
TREX-240332.pdfExhibit22.94 MB2015-01-26Risk Assessment in the Federal Government: Managing the Process
TREX-240362.pdfExhibit5.53 MB2015-01-26DEQ Louisiana: Air Monitoring Fact Sheet
TREX-244097.pdfExhibit674.25 KB2015-01-26BP Fact Sheet - Early Environmental Restoration: BP's $1 billion pledge to accelerate restoration efforts in the Gulf of Mexico (May 2013), available at
D-34536A.pdfDemonstrative349.03 KB2015-01-26Cleanup of Buried Oil: Louisiana
D-34537.pdfDemonstrative75.12 KB2015-01-26Laura Folse Topics
D-34538.pdfDemonstrative121.33 KB2015-01-26BPXP's Ongoing Commitment: Rapid Response Teams
D-34539.pdfDemonstrative73.80 KB2015-01-26Laura Folse Topics
D-34540.pdfDemonstrative128.06 KB2015-01-26April 2011: BPXP Commits $1 Billion for Early Environmental Restoration
D-34541.pdfDemonstrative149.85 KB2015-01-26Early Environmental Restoration
D-34542.pdfDemonstrative103.25 KB2015-01-26Creating Barrier Island Habitat
D-34545.pdfDemonstrative74.93 KB2015-01-26Laura Folse Topics
D-34546.pdfDemonstrative129.72 KB2015-01-26BPXP Commits $500 Million Over 10 Years for Independent Gulf Science
D-34550.pdfDemonstrative136.34 KB2015-01-262010: No Actionable Oil in Offshore Water or Sediment
TREX-011826.pdfExhibit64.28 MB2015-01-26Operational Science Advisory Team (OSAT-3) Unified Command - Investigation of Recurring Residual Oil in Discrete Shoreline Areas in the Eastern Area of Responsibility
TREX-011829.pdfExhibit2.56 MB2015-01-26Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Master Research Agreement Dated March 14, 2011 Between BP Exploration & Production Inc. and Gulf of Mexico Alliance as Amended and Restated December 1, 2011
TREX-012237.pdfExhibit40.14 MB2015-01-26OSAT's Summary Report for Sub-Sea and Sub-Surface Oil and Dispersant Detection: Sampling and Monitoring
TREX-012238.pdfExhibit5.38 MB2015-01-26OSAT's Summary Report for Fate and Effects of Remnant Oil in the Beach Environment
TREX-230685.pdfExhibit155.36 MB2015-01-26Buried Oil Report Louisiana Area of Response
TREX-241898.pdfExhibit17.83 MB2015-01-26Buried Oil Project Eastern States Area of Response
TREX-243913.pdfExhibit8.78 MB2015-01-26Brief Description of the NRD Process/Middle R Process
TREX-244332.pdfExhibit118.01 MB2015-01-26Notice of Filing of Stipulations Under the Framework for Early Restoration Addressing Injuries Resulting from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (Phase I)
TREX-244333.pdfExhibit39.33 MB2015-01-26Notice of Filing of Stipulations Phase II Under the Framework for Early Restoration Addressing Injuries Resulting from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
TREX-244340.pdfExhibit1.73 MB2015-01-26April 15, 2014 Memo. of FOSc Sparks Closing Active Response in Louisiana
D-34527.pdfDemonstrative100.40 KB2015-01-26Background
TREX-245780.pdfExhibit874.30 KB2015-01-26Framework for Early Restoration Addressing Injuries Resulting from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
TREX-247382.pdfExhibit105.43 MB2015-01-26Notice of Filing of Stipulations Phase III Under the Framework for Early Restoration Addressing Injuries Resulting from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
D-34528.pdfDemonstrative105.05 KB2015-01-26Laura Folse Topics
D-34529.pdfDemonstrative115.35 KB2015-01-26Shoreline Cleanup of Buried Oil: Key Dates
D-34530A.pdfDemonstrative84.47 KB2015-01-26Nearshore Environment
D-34531.pdfDemonstrative115.39 KB2015-01-26Identification of Possible Buried Oil: OSAT-3
D-34533A.pdfDemonstrative324.91 KB2015-01-26Cleanup of Buried Oil: Eastern States
D-35005.pdfDemonstrative147.32 KB2015-01-26Primary Response Tools - Overview
D-35007.1.wmvDemonstrative4.58 MB2015-01-26Response Tool: High Volume Skimming (Animation of D-35007)
D-35007.pdfDemonstrative111.58 KB2015-01-26Response Tool: High Volume Skimming
D-35009.1.wmvDemonstrative8.15 MB2015-01-26Response Tool: Dispersant Application (Animation of D-35009)
D-35009.pdfDemonstrative103.01 KB2015-01-26Response Tool: Dispersant Application
D-35013.1.wmvDemonstrative7.34 MB2015-01-26Response Tool: Nearshore Skimming (Animation of D-35013)
D-35013.pdfDemonstrative107.10 KB2015-01-26Response Tool: Nearshore Skimming
D-35015.pdfDemonstrative106.48 KB2015-01-26Response Tool: Boom
D-35040.pdfDemonstrative154.80 KB2015-01-26Houma ICP: Communication and Coordination
TREX-013043.1.1.BP.pdfCallout226.47 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-013043
TREX-013043.1.2.BP.pdfCallout348.92 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-013043
TREX-013043.3.1.BP.pdfCallout290.53 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-013043
TREX-013043R.pdfExhibit837.63 KB2015-01-26Email from J. Mutschler to M. Utsler et al. re CRITICAL RESOURCE REQUEST: OFFSHORE SKIMMING ASSETS
TREX-247312.pdfExhibit80.75 KB2015-01-26Nine Participants in Vessel of Opportunity Program, Video -
TREX-247312-ATTACHMENT.mp4Exhibit5.43 MB2015-01-26Nine Participants in Vessel of Opportunity Program, Video -
TREX-247314.pdfExhibit80.68 KB2015-01-26Oil Recovery at Deepwater Horizon Drill Site -
TREX-247314-ATTACHMENT.mp4Exhibit5.12 MB2015-01-26Oil Recovery at Deepwater Horizon Drill Site -
TREX-247316.pdfExhibit80.80 KB2015-01-26Deepwater Horizon Response at Orange Beach, Al. -
TREX-247316-ATTACHMENT.mp4Exhibit12.40 MB2015-01-26Deepwater Horizon Response at Orange Beach, Al. -
D-35002.pdfDemonstrative96.70 KB2015-01-26Mike Utsler: Positions in DWH Response
D-35003.pdfDemonstrative130.20 KB2015-01-26Unified Command Structure
TREX-247534.pdfExhibit2.44 MB2015-01-26M.F. Fingas, The Newfoundland Offshore Burn Experiment - NOBE
TREX-247638.pdfExpert Report638.96 KB2015-01-26EXPERT REPORT: Captain Frank Paskewich's Adjusted Spill Response Effectiveness Calculations
TREX-247662.68.2.BP.pdfCallout551.58 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-247662
TREX-247662.pdfExhibit27.93 MB2015-01-26Sector New Orleans Area Contingency Plan -
D-34003.pdfDemonstrative99.10 KB2015-01-26Rapid Mobilization of Critical Response Resources
D-34006.4.pdfDemonstrative63.25 KB2015-01-26The Response was Effective
D-34006A.1.pdfDemonstrative74.35 KB2015-01-26The Response was Effective
D-34006A.1.wmvDemonstrative426.83 KB2015-01-26The Response was Effective
D-34006A.3.pdfDemonstrative77.32 KB2015-01-26The Response was Effective
D-34006A.3.wmvDemonstrative473.71 KB2015-01-26The Response was Effective
D-34036.pdfDemonstrative134.92 KB2015-01-26BPXP's Response Efforts Were Conducted Safely
D-34047.pdfDemonstrative131.39 KB2015-01-26BPXP's Proactive Funding of the Response Was Key to its Success
D-34677.pdfDemonstrative133.00 KB2015-01-26Captain Paskewich: Oil Spill Response Expert
D-34678.pdfDemonstrative86.66 KB2015-01-26Captain Paskewich: Expert Reports
D-34679.pdfDemonstrative119.64 KB2015-01-26Framework for Evaluating the Success of an Oil Spill Response
D-34680.pdfDemonstrative92.88 KB2015-01-26Captain Paskewich: Summary of Opinions
D-34682.pdfDemonstrative115.22 KB2015-01-26BPXP Mobilized Resources in Accordance with MMS-Approved Oil Spill Response Plan
D-34683.pdfDemonstrative76.71 KB2015-01-26Houma Incident Command Post
D-34684.pdfDemonstrative86.04 KB2015-01-26Rapid Mobilization of Responders
D-34686.pdfDemonstrative99.54 KB2015-01-26The Government Agrees That BPXP Placed No Limits on the Response
D-34688.pdfDemonstrative103.35 KB2015-01-26Offshore: Skimming
D-34689.pdfDemonstrative122.11 KB2015-01-26Effectiveness of Skimming Operations
D-34689.wmvDemonstrative2.43 MB2015-01-26Effectiveness of Skimming Operations
D-34692.pdfDemonstrative140.00 KB2015-01-26Effectiveness of Dispersant Operations
D-34693.pdfDemonstrative133.85 KB2015-01-26Effectiveness of Dispersant Operations
D-34694.pdfDemonstrative146.87 KB2015-01-26Effectiveness of Dispersant Operations
D-34694.wmvDemonstrative20.67 MB2015-01-26Effectiveness of Dispersant Operations
D-34695.pdfDemonstrative81.91 KB2015-01-26Offshore: In Situ Burning Operations
D-34696.wmvDemonstrative2.54 MB2015-01-26Effectiveness of Controlled In Situ Burning
D-34701.pdfDemonstrative148.09 KB2015-01-26Response Safety Measures
D-34707.pdfDemonstrative131.23 KB2015-01-26Government Scientists Recommended Continuing Dispersant Use
D-34708.pdfDemonstrative129.12 KB2015-01-26Dispersant Limitation Resulted in Increased Shoreline Oiling
D-34710.pdfDemonstrative157.22 KB2015-01-26In Situ Burning Removes Oil From the Environment
D-34717.pdfDemonstrative88.41 KB2015-01-26OSC and ISPR Reports
D-34718.pdfDemonstrative138.43 KB2015-01-26Government Reports Recognize the Success of the Response
TREX-000769.pdfExhibit269.56 MB2015-01-26BP Gulf of Mexico Regional Oil Spill Response Plan
TREX-009105.58.BP.pdfCallout146.04 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-009105.64.3.BP.pdfCallout401.41 KB2015-01-26BP Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-009105.68.2.BP.pdfCallout384.38 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-009105.181.BP.pdfCallout95.81 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-009114.1.1.BP.pdfCallout520.91 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-009114
TREX-009114.pdfExhibit2.58 MB2015-01-26Interview Summary form. Capt. James Hanzalik
TREX-009124.55.2.BP.pdfCallout283.48 KB2015-01-26BP Callout of TREX-009124
TREX-009124.110.2.BP.pdfCallout244.75 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-009124
TREX-011835.pdfExhibit2.01 MB2015-01-26RRT-6 FOSC Dispersant Pre-Approval Guidelines and Checklist
TREX-011839R.pdfExhibit40.52 MB2015-01-26Email from J. Hanzalik to J. Lehto re Dispersant Use meeting - Thank you!, attaching dispersant use thank you.pdf; DWH Dispersants Meeting Final Report.pdf
TREX-012212.6.2.BP.pdfCallout493.57 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-012212
TREX-012212.pdfExhibit674.89 KB2015-01-26Interview Summary Form of Joseph Paradis
TREX-012535.1.4.BP.pdfCallout334.94 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-012535
TREX-012535.pdfExhibit339.32 KB2015-01-26mail from M. Landry to R. Nash & C. Bennett re FOSC Report Table of Contents and Contributor List
TREX-013037.pdfExhibit18.58 MB2015-01-26After Action Report: Deepwater Horizon MC252 Aerial Dispersant Response
TREX-013134.pdfExpert Report11.20 MB2015-01-26EXPERT REPORT: 09/26/2014 Reply Expert Report of Frank Paskewich
TREX-013516.pdfExhibit59.82 MB2015-01-26May 2014 U.S. Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook
TREX-013522.pdfExhibit787.03 KB2015-01-26US' Third Supplemental Response to Defendants' First Set of Discovery Requests to the US of America Relating to the Clean Water Act Penalty Phase
TREX-013523.pdfExhibit2.20 MB2015-01-26Memorandum from the National Response Team Science and Technology Committee re Questions and Answers for Communicating with the Public
TREX-150022.9.1.BP.pdfCallout522.00 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-150022
TREX-150022.10.1.BP.pdfCallout473.33 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-150022
TREX-150022.pdfExhibit713.02 KB2015-01-26Interview Summary -- RADM Zukunft
TREX-150027.1.1.BP.pdfCallout429.05 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-150027
TREX-150027.pdfExhibit284.10 KB2015-01-26Interview Summary -- Rusty Wright
TREX-230883.pdfExhibit4.10 MB2015-01-26RRT VI In-Situ burn plan part I
TREX-230990.pdfExhibit22.08 MB2015-01-26Oil Spill Response Offshore, In-Situ Burn Operations Manual, Final Report March 2003, Report No. CG-D-06-03
TREX-241529.pdfExpert Report61.05 MB2015-01-26EXPERT REPORT: Round 1 Expert Report of Frank M. Paskewich
TREX-241530.pdfExpert Report15.24 MB2015-01-26EXPERT REPORT: Round 2 Expert Report of Frank M. Paskewich
TREX-241730.pdfExhibit3.75 MB2015-01-26Mabile et al., Controlled Burns -- After-Action Report Burns on May 28th - August 3, 2010, 8/8/2010
TREX-241918.pdfExhibit3.94 KB2015-01-26Video: Inside the crisis at Gulf Command Center
TREX-241918-ATTACHMENT.wmvExhibit118.83 MB2015-01-26Video: Inside the crisis at Gulf Command Center
TREX-247534.1.BP.pdfCallout69.08 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-247534
TREX-247534.2.BP.pdfCallout200.02 KB2015-01-26Callout of TREX-247534