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2015-01-20_AM_Opening_and_Adm_Austin.pdfTrial Transcript530.41 KB2015-01-20Morning Session: Opening Statements by United States; Opening Statement by BPXP; Opening Statement by Anadarko; Direct and Cross Examination of Admiral Meredith Austin, United States Coast Guard, Fact Witness for the United States
2015-01-20_PM_D_Austin_and_Clapp.pdfTrial Transcript732.38 KB2015-01-20Afternoon Session: Direct and Cross Examination of Dr. Diane Austin, United States Expert in applied anthropology with a specialization in sociocultural effects of environmental change; Direct and Cross Examination of Dr. Richard Clapp, United States Expert in epidemiology and public health
TREX-010576.pdfExhibit169.12 KB2015-01-20Dispersant Monitoring and Assessment Directive - Addendum 3, signed 5/26/2010
TREX-233329.pdfExhibit11.19 MB2015-01-20Smith, M.T. Advances in Understanding Benzene Health Effects and Suspectibility. Annu. Rev. Public Health, 31:133-48, 2010 (Smith, 2010)
TREX-013249.pdfExhibit1.05 MB2015-01-20ERMA Map
D-33601.pdfDemonstrative372.52 KB2015-01-20Elements of Dr. Clapp’s Opinion (Source: TREX-13347, 13348)
D-33602.pdfDemonstrative275.84 KB2015-01-20Documentation of Cleanup Worker Injuries and Illnesses (Source: TREX-13346, 13347, 13348)
D-33603.pdfDemonstrative298.89 KB2015-01-20NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE) of the DWH Response (Source: TREX-12223)
D-33604.pdfDemonstrative333.38 KB2015-01-20Short - And - Long -Term Effects on Human Health (Source: TREX-232509, TREX-13346)
D-33605.pdfDemonstrative442.36 KB2015-01-20Prevalence and prevalence ratios for symptoms by exposures (Source: TREX-12257, TREX-13346, TREX-13347)
TREX-013346_Redacted.pdfExpert Report4.28 MB2015-01-20EXPERT REPORT: 8/15/2014 Expert Report of Richard W. Clapp, D.Sc., MPH
TREX-012481R.pdfExhibit60.00 KB2015-01-20E-Mail From: CAPT Meredith Austin Sent: Monday, July 26, 2010 9:43:48 PM To: D08-DG-MC252 ALL HOUMA Subject: Assumption of Coast Guard Incident Commander for Houma, LA
TREX-013347.pdfExpert Report5.45 MB2015-01-20EXPERT REPORT: Expert Response Report prepared by Richard W. Clapp, D.Sc., MPH dated September 12, 2014
TREX-013348.pdfExpert Report3.00 MB2015-01-20EXPERT REPORT: 9/26/2014 Expert Report of Richard W. Clapp, D.Sc., MPH
TREX-012257.pdfExhibit7.64 MB2015-01-20Health Hazard Evaluation of Deepwater Horizon Response Workers, Prepared by: Bradley King and Christine West, et al., Dated: December 7, 2010
TREX-012621.pdfExhibit352.16 KB2015-01-20Photograph of Clapper Rail in Exhibit 12620 Produced by US to BP
TREX-009105.pdfExhibit130.84 MB2015-01-20On Scene Coordinator Report - DWH Oil Spill
TREX-013108.pdfExhibit9.69 MB2015-01-20Carcinogenic Effects of Benzene: An Update
TREX-012223.pdfExhibit12.44 MB2015-01-20Health Hazard Evaluation of Deepwater Horizon Response Workers, August 2011
D-35337.pdfDemonstrative107.61 KB2015-01-20BOEM Report: VoO
D-35338.pdfDemonstrative102.21 KB2015-01-20BOEM Report: VoO
TREX-009105.14.1.BP.pdfCallout467.54 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-009105
D-35310.pdfDemonstrative103.24 KB2015-01-20BOEM Report
D-35311.pdfDemonstrative117.94 KB2015-01-20BOEM Study Code Report
D-35313.pdfDemonstrative110.45 KB2015-01-20BOEM Report
D-35315.pdfDemonstrative110.26 KB2015-01-20Claims Report
D-35316.pdfDemonstrative98.67 KB2015-01-20BOEM Report
D-35318.pdfDemonstrative87.88 KB2015-01-20BOEM Report
D-35323.pdfDemonstrative144.54 KB2015-01-20BOEM Study Code Report
D-35324.pdfDemonstrative88.88 KB2015-01-20BOEM Report
D-35339.pdfDemonstrative97.39 KB2015-01-20BOEM Report
D-35340.pdfDemonstrative113.24 KB2015-01-20BP Tourism Grants: State of the Gulf
D-35341.pdfDemonstrative93.87 KB2015-01-20U.S. 30(b)(6) Agrees That Claims Made a Substantial Impact
D-35342.pdfDemonstrative105.32 KB2015-01-20U.S. 30(b)(6) Agrees That VoO Helped Fishermen and Others
D-35347.pdfDemonstrative109.48 KB2015-01-20BOEM Report
TREX-011923.92.1.BP.pdfCallout806.78 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-011923
TREX-013115.pdfExhibit2.12 MB2015-01-20Gulf of Mexico - Four Years of Progress (called-out in D-35340)
D-35309.pdfDemonstrative83.97 KB2015-01-20BOEM Report
TREX-012486.2.1.BP.pdfCallout264.19 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012486
TREX-231739.pdfExhibit249.35 KB2015-01-20Photo: Oiled Seabird
TREX-232524.pdfExhibit12.59 MB2015-01-20Plaisance, et al., individually and on behalf of the Medical Benefits Settlement Class v. BP Exploration & Production Inc., et al., No. 12-cv-968. Status Report from the DWH Medical Benefits Settlement Claims Administrator. Doc. No. 13320.
TREX-012493.pdfExhibit825.02 KB2015-01-20Email from M. Austin to C. Bryant re OSC Report - Operation, Attachment Entitled Input for Skimmers
TREX-241736R.pdfExhibit48.33 KB2015-01-207/30/2010 Email from M. Austin to P. Zukunft re Continued EPA Air Monitoring
D-32000.pdfDemonstrative228.40 KB2015-01-20ERMA Map (Source: TREX-013249)
TREX-012489.6.2.BP.pdfCallout270.59 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012489
TREX-012485.pdfExhibit818.44 KB2015-01-20Email from M. Austin to K. Neary re NGA Director Visit
TREX-012489.6.3.BP.pdfCallout244.92 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012489
TREX-012484.pdfExhibit920.63 KB2015-01-20Email from M. Austin to K. Neary re NGA Director Visit
TREX-12481R.1.1.US.pdfCallout68.98 KB2015-01-20Callout of TREX-012481R
TREX-012489.pdfExhibit10.18 MB2015-01-20Email from E. Watson to J. Paradis re Section 3.4 of OSC Report, Attached Controlled Burns After Action Report
TREX-232509.pdfExhibit9.30 MB2015-01-20McCoy et al. - Assessing the health effects of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on human health: A summary of the June 2010 workshop. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press (IOM, 2010)
TREX-012487.pdfExhibit420.05 KB2015-01-20Email from M. Austin to J. Burch re Oil Spill Worker Overboard From Overboard From Decontamination Vessel Rescued By USCG Helo After Spending Six Hours in the Water at Spill Site
TREX-012495.pdfExhibit1.41 MB2015-01-20Email from M. Austin to J. Hanzalik re Request for 32,000 Gallons of Surface Dispersant Application
TREX-245806R.pdfExhibit107.89 KB2015-01-2012/29/2010 Email from T. Parker to R. Allen et al. re Attached please find this week's public report, attaching Public Report 12.29.10.pdf (called-out in D- 35135)
TREX-012486.pdfExhibit490.56 KB2015-01-20Email from M. Austin to J. Sommer re Spill of National Significance
TREX-009105.65.1.BP.pdfCallout483.08 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-009105.65.2.BP.pdfCallout552.30 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-009105.66.1.BP.pdfCallout551.17 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-012020.pdfExhibit15.08 MB2015-01-20E-mail from Mary Kay Bradbury to Amyo Taylor et al., dated December 4, 2010, Subject: HSE Stats 12-3-10, with attachments
TREX-009105.79.1.BP.pdfCallout112.70 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-009105.79.4.BP.pdfCallout523.25 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-009105.131.1.BP.pdfCallout113.21 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-241736.2.1.BP.pdfCallout245.34 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-241736
TREX-012493.3.1.BP.pdfCallout280.84 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012493
TREX-012493.8.1.BP.pdfCallout157.25 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012493
TREX-012485.1.1.BP.pdfCallout273.48 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012485
TREX-012486.2.2.BP.pdfCallout270.80 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012486
TREX-012495.1.5.BP.pdfCallout284.82 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012495
D-33600.pdfDemonstrative283.43 KB2015-01-20Dr. Clapp Educational/Professional Background (Source: TREX-13346)
TREX-012484.1.2.BP.pdfCallout314.26 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012484
TREX-012484.1.3.BP.pdfCallout321.48 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012484
TREX-012495.1.1.BP.pdfCallout214.38 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012495
TREX-012495.1.2.BP.pdfCallout302.68 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012495
TREX-012495.1.3.BP.pdfCallout266.85 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012495
TREX-012495.1.4.BP.pdfCallout209.13 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012495
TREX-012493.1.1.BP.pdfCallout206.75 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012493
TREX-009105.79.3.BP.pdfCallout524.76 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-009105
TREX-009105.131.2.BP.pdfCallout493.58 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-009105
D-35255.pdfDemonstrative119.81 KB2015-01-20OSHA's Independent Air Monitoring
D-35266.pdfDemonstrative95.22 KB2015-01-20Dr. John Howard, NIOSH Director
D-35268.pdfDemonstrative76.26 KB2015-01-20Dr. John Howard, NIOSH Director
D-35270.pdfDemonstrative122.25 KB2015-01-20Over 1 Million Data Analyses Available
D-35271.pdfDemonstrative93.10 KB2015-01-20NIOSH and OSHA Directors on Worker Health & Safety
D-35256.pdfDemonstrative104.76 KB2015-01-20OSHA's Independent Air Monitoring
D-35251.pdfDemonstrative98.84 KB2015-01-20NIOSH and OSHA Directors on Worker Health & Safety
D-35254.pdfDemonstrative99.36 KB2015-01-20NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluations
D-35257.pdfDemonstrative147.11 KB2015-01-20CDC & EPA Independent Analyses of Environmental Sampling Data
D-35258.pdfDemonstrative131.57 KB2015-01-20CDC & EPA Independent Analyses of Environmental Sampling Data
D-35260.pdfDemonstrative103.26 KB2015-01-20OSAT-1 Analysis of Human Health
D-35261.pdfDemonstrative102.01 KB2015-01-20OSAT-2 Analysis of Human Health
D-35252.pdfDemonstrative170.96 KB2015-01-20NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluations
D-35272.pdfDemonstrative81.46 KB2015-01-20NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluations
D-35273.pdfDemonstrative95.40 KB2015-01-20OSHA's Independent Air Monitoring
D-35274.pdfDemonstrative84.94 KB2015-01-20CDC & EPA Independent Analysis of Environmental Sampling Data
D-35276.pdfDemonstrative73.00 KB2015-01-20OSAT-2 Analysis of Human Health
D-35279.pdfDemonstrative111.62 KB2015-01-20NIOSH and OSHA Directors on Worker Health & Safety
D-35280.pdfDemonstrative67.19 KB2015-01-20OSHA’s Analysis of Response Health & Safety
D-35281.pdfDemonstrative153.41 KB2015-01-20OSHA’s Analysis of Response Health & Safety
D-35282.pdfDemonstrative87.51 KB2015-01-20EPA Community Air Monitoring
D-35283.pdfDemonstrative124.54 KB2015-01-20EPA Community Air Monitoring
D-35284.pdfDemonstrative94.69 KB2015-01-20EPA Community Air Monitoring
D-35286.pdfDemonstrative113.00 KB2015-01-20Institute of Medicine: June 2010 Workshop
D-35287.pdfDemonstrative58.67 KB2015-01-20Institute of Medicine: June 2010 Workshop
D-35259.pdfDemonstrative497.20 KB2015-01-20OSAT-1 Analysis of Human Health
TREX-013348.5.BP.pdfCallout200.77 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-013348
TREX-232463.5.1.BP.pdfCallout100.33 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-232463
TREX-232463.5.2.BP.pdfCallout105.34 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-232463
TREX-232463.23.1.BP.pdfCallout134.52 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-232463
TREX-232463.pdfExhibit5.82 MB2015-01-20Health Hazard Evaluation of Deepwater Horizon Response Workers: Bradley King and John Gibbins
TREX-013346.6.1.BP.pdfCallout88.34 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-013346
TREX-012221.pdfExhibit3.07 MB2015-01-20Review of the OSHA-NIOSH Response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Protecting the Health and Safety of Cleanup Workers
TREX-012235.pdfExhibit437.88 KB2015-01-20CDC's On-Line Publication re CDC Response to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
TREX-012236.pdfExhibit742.97 KB2015-01-20OSHA's Efforts to Protect Workers
TREX-012237.pdfExhibit18.98 MB2015-01-20OSAT's Summary Report for Sub-Sea and Sub-Surface Oil and Dispersant Detection: Sampling and Monitoring
TREX-012238.3.BP.pdfCallout213.14 KB2015-01-20BP Callout of TREX-012238
TREX-012238.pdfExhibit4.15 MB2015-01-20OSAT's Summary Report for Fate and Effects of Remnant Oil in the Beach Environment
TREX-012240.pdfExhibit3.34 MB2015-01-20May 2011 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: OSHA's Role in the Response
TREX-240159.pdfExhibit252.44 KB2015-01-20EPA. Monitoring Air Quality Along the Gulf Coast.
TREX-233616.pdfExhibit446.99 KB2015-01-20Photo: Placard denouncing BP Oil Spill and US government
TREX-233738.pdfExhibit1.29 MB2015-01-20OCS Study BOEM 2014-609 - Gulf Coast Communities and the Fabrication and Shipbuilding Industry: A Comparative Community Study, Vol I: Historical Overview and Statistical Model, Authors: Tyler Priest et al Dated: July 2014
TREX-233744.pdfExhibit32.92 MB2015-01-20OCS Study MMS 2002-022 Social and Economic Impacts of Outer Continental Shelf Activities on Individuals and Families, Vol I: Final Report, Authors: Diane Austin et al Dated: July 2002
TREX-233749.pdfExhibit30.52 MB2015-01-20OCS Study MMS 2008-042 History of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry in Southern Louisiana, Vol I: Papers on the Evolving Offshore Industry, Authors: Diane Austin et al Dated: September 2008
D-33300.pdfDemonstrative331.73 KB2015-01-20Education and Experience (Source: TREX-013112.054-.075)
D-33301.pdfDemonstrative288.35 KB2015-01-20What is Ethnography? (Source: TREX-013112.004-.008)
D-33302.pdfDemonstrative567.49 KB2015-01-2018 Years of Work with MMS/BOEM in the Gulf of Mexico (Source: TREX-233738; TREX-233739; TREX-233740; TREX-233741; TREX-233742; TREX-233743; TREX-233744; TREX-233745; TREX-233746; TREX-233747; TREX-233748; TREX-233749; TREX-233750; TREX-233751; TREX-233754; TREX-011922; TREX-011923)
D-33303.pdfDemonstrative308.84 KB2015-01-20Key Findings (Source: TREX-013112.003, TREX-013112.039-.047, TREX-013112.043; TREX-13113.025-.038)
D-33304.pdfDemonstrative405.53 KB2015-01-20Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research (Source: TREX-013113.006-.007)
D-33305.pdfDemonstrative1.67 MB2015-01-20Case Study Locations (Source: TREX-011922.022)
D-33306.pdfDemonstrative231.82 KB2015-01-20Data Collection (Source: TREX-013112.007-.008; TREX-011923.081)
D-33307.pdfDemonstrative249.75 KB2015-01-20Protection Against Bias (Source: TREX-013112.006-.007; TREX-011923.081)
D-33308.pdfDemonstrative1.94 MB2015-01-20The DWH Disaster: A Series of Events (Source: TREX-000001; TREX-013112.031; TREX-013112.40; TREX-011922.001; TREX-230964 )
D-33309.pdfDemonstrative211.16 KB2015-01-20Context (Source: TREX-013113.007; TREX-013112.017-.018; TREX-011922.070)
D-33310.pdfDemonstrative891.95 KB2015-01-20Sociocultural Harms (Source: TREX-013112.003; TREX-013113.037; TREX-233616 )
D-33311.pdfDemonstrative1.23 MB2015-01-20Disrupted Lives and Livelihoods (Source: TREX-011922.156-.160; TREX-011922.262-.263; TREX-011923.043-.044; TREX-011923.057-.061; TREX-013112.027-.028; TREX-013112.031-.033; TREX-013112.035-.037; TREX-013112.044)
D-33312.pdfDemonstrative272.78 KB2015-01-20Exacerbated Economic and Social Inequality (Source: TREX-011922.013; TREX-011922.013.031-.047; TREX-011922.157; TREX-011922.182-.183; TREX-013112.011-.012; TREX-013112.026; TREX-013112.033-.038; TREX-013112.043; TREX-013112.045; TREX-013113.035)
D-33313.pdfDemonstrative267.67 KB2015-01-20Challenged Individual and Collective Identity (Source: TREX-013112.044-.047)
D-33314.pdfDemonstrative258.14 KB2015-01-20Fostered Conflict and Divisiveness (Source: TREX-013112.023-.025; TREX-013112.040-.044)
D-33315.pdfDemonstrative270.54 KB2015-01-20Disempowered Local Governments and NGOs (Source: TREX-011922.013; TREX-011923.025; TREX-011923.042; TREX-011923.208; TREX-013112.025; TREX-013112.037-.039; TREX-013112.043; TREX-013112.045)
D-33316.pdfDemonstrative285.63 KB2015-01-20BP's Criticisms Trivialize Harm (Source: TREX-013113.025-.038)
TREX-011922.pdfExhibit58.71 MB2015-01-20Offshore Oil and Deepwater Horizon: Social Effects on Gulf Coast Communities Volume I: Methodology, Timeline, Context, and Communities
TREX-011923.pdfExhibit44.51 MB2015-01-20Offshore Oil and Deepwater Horizon: Social Effects on Gulf Coast Communities Volume II: Key Economic Sectors, NGOs, and Ethnic Groups
TREX-013112.pdfExpert Report16.73 MB2015-01-20EXPERT REPORT: Expert Report of Diane E. Austin - Sociocultural Effects of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico dated August 15, 2014
TREX-013113.pdfExpert Report8.76 MB2015-01-20EXPERT REPORT: Rebuttal Expert Report to BP Round 2 Reports of Diane E. Austin dated September 26, 2014
TREX-230964.pdfExhibit624.57 KB2015-01-20Photo: Water poured on burning Deepwater Horizon