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D-2106.pdfVisual Aid655.90 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-2220.pdfVisual Aid173.68 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-2444.pdfVisual Aid329.62 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-2452.pdfVisual Aid329.63 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-2774.pdfVisual Aid4.04 MB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-2775.pdfVisual Aid20.22 MB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-3175.pdfVisual Aid167.18 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-3281A.pdfVisual Aid101.04 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-3283A.pdfVisual Aid105.41 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-3283B.pdfVisual Aid103.06 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-3283C.pdfVisual Aid103.09 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-3283D.pdfVisual Aid82.39 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-3284.pdfVisual Aid48.02 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4072.pdfVisual Aid187.97 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4316.pdfVisual Aid124.57 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4327B.pdfVisual Aid77.73 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4328B.pdfVisual Aid297.69 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4329D.pdfVisual Aid88.83 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4334D.pdfVisual Aid248.32 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4335B.pdfVisual Aid226.15 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
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D-4336C.pdfVisual Aid307.97 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4338C.pdfVisual Aid476.09 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4340A.pdfVisual Aid466.13 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4350.pdfVisual Aid526.57 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4363.4.pdfVisual Aid87.77 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4401A.1.pdfVisual Aid296.64 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4401A.4.pdfVisual Aid346.74 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4576A.pdfVisual Aid155.57 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4584.pdfVisual Aid180.34 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4608.pdfVisual Aid151.33 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4780.pdfVisual Aid183.70 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4780.1.pdfVisual Aid101.09 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4800.pdfVisual Aid151.50 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4801.1.pdfVisual Aid82.56 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4801.2.pdfVisual Aid86.33 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4802.1.pdfVisual Aid109.06 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4802.2.pdfVisual Aid106.81 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4802.3.pdfVisual Aid83.52 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4803.1.pdfVisual Aid114.49 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4803.3.pdfVisual Aid76.70 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4803.4.pdfVisual Aid132.18 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4806.pdfVisual Aid354.21 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4809.pdfVisual Aid352.14 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4810.pdfVisual Aid403.79 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4811.pdfVisual Aid295.17 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4813.pdfVisual Aid613.99 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4815.pdfVisual Aid398.02 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4818.pdfVisual Aid327.24 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4819.pdfVisual Aid299.21 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4824.pdfVisual Aid311.11 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4857.pdfVisual Aid54.61 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4858.pdfVisual Aid49.17 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4859.pdfVisual Aid65.21 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4872.pdfVisual Aid244.44 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4874.pdfVisual Aid405.77 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4876.pdfVisual Aid254.32 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4878A.pdfVisual Aid91.30 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4880.pdfVisual Aid110.60 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4881.pdfVisual Aid107.72 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
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D-4883.pdfVisual Aid144.45 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4884.pdfVisual Aid150.92 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4885.pdfVisual Aid169.88 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4889.pdfVisual Aid107.71 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4893.pdfVisual Aid89.51 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4896.pdfVisual Aid93.87 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4897.pdfVisual Aid177.58 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4898A.pdfVisual Aid187.54 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4906.1.pdfVisual Aid73.02 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4906.2.pdfVisual Aid73.64 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4906.3.pdfVisual Aid84.09 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4906.4.pdfVisual Aid78.63 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4906.5.pdfVisual Aid78.93 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4906.6.pdfVisual Aid83.33 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4912.pdfVisual Aid385.59 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4914.pdfVisual Aid105.46 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4919.pdfVisual Aid220.76 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4920.pdfVisual Aid227.14 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4923A.pdfVisual Aid131.35 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4924.pdfVisual Aid283.55 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4925.pdfVisual Aid279.20 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4926.jpgVisual Aid1.01 MB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4927.jpgVisual Aid955.81 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4932A.pdfVisual Aid149.65 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4940.pdfVisual Aid159.65 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4941.pdfVisual Aid92.87 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4943.pdfVisual Aid109.15 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4948.pdfVisual Aid65.32 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4949.pdfVisual Aid104.14 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4950.1.pdfVisual Aid142.24 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4951.pdfVisual Aid410.47 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4952.pdfVisual Aid464.24 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4953.1.pdfVisual Aid836.62 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4954.pdfVisual Aid613.53 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4955A.PDFVisual Aid100.69 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4956.pdfVisual Aid351.72 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4959.pdfVisual Aid416.21 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4963.pdfVisual Aid430.99 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4965.pdfVisual Aid147.46 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4966.pdfVisual Aid147.97 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-4967.pdfVisual Aid305.58 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-6591.6.pdfVisual Aid96.32 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-6710.1.pdfVisual Aid130.18 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-6783.pdfVisual Aid3.07 MB2013-05-17Demonstrative
D-6784.pdfVisual Aid752.35 KB2013-05-17Demonstrative
RECDOC 05927.pdfTrial Exhibit6.43 MB2013-05-17Agreed Stipulations
TREX-000275.pdfTrial Exhibit12.52 MB2013-05-17Document: Deepwater Horizon Follow Up Rig Audit, Marine Assurance Audit and Out of Service Period September 2009
TREX-000684.pdfTrial Exhibit538.14 KB2013-05-17Email from J. Guide to P. Johnson RE: Hazard Recognition
TREX-000741.pdfTrial Exhibit9.69 MB2013-05-17EMAIL Subject: FW: Updated Info for Prod Casing job; CASING DESIGN REPORT (V.6)
TREX-000759.pdfTrial Exhibit649.27 KB2013-05-17EMAIL SUBJECT RE: BLADDER EFFECT
TREX-000796.pdfTrial Exhibit699.51 KB2013-05-17E-Mail Re: Additional Centralizers
TREX-000948.pdfTrial Exhibit1.65 MB2013-05-17BP Gulf of Mexico (GoM) - Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling Inc. North America (TODDI NAM) HSE Management System Bridging Document
TREX-000954.pdfTrial Exhibit475.87 KB2013-05-17Letter re: Results of BP Gulf of Mexico HSSE Audit conducted on AUGUST 3, 2009
TREX-001021.pdfTrial Exhibit1.77 MB2013-05-17E-mail RE: Lesson learned - Plan forward: Macondo
TREX-001126.pdfTrial Exhibit1.01 MB2013-05-17Email - From: David Sims To: John Guide - Subject: RE: call
TREX-001127.PDFTrial Exhibit917.16 KB2013-05-17EMAIL FROM SIMS TO GUIDE RE: CALL
TREX-001129.pdfTrial Exhibit319.09 KB2013-05-17Email - From: John Guide To: David Sims - Subject: Re: Meeting
TREX-001140.pdfTrial Exhibit176.74 KB2013-05-17Email - From: Brett Cocales To: Adam Salmi and others - Subject: RE:
TREX-001143.pdfTrial Exhibit648.19 KB2013-05-17Email - From: David Sims To: Graham Vinson - Subject: RE: Macondo
TREX-001234.pdfTrial Exhibit704.69 KB2013-05-17E-Mail - From: Paine, Kate (QuaDril Energy LT) to John Brannan (QO Inc.) - Sent: Fri Mar 19 05:06:10 2010 - Subject: FW: Lesson learned - Plan forward: Macondo
TREX-001363.pdfTrial Exhibit345.58 KB2013-05-17Email from J. Guide to H. Bonsall re Q's for if we run out of conversation at lunch
TREX-001375.pdfTrial Exhibit2.28 MB2013-05-17FW: Deepwater Horizon Rig Audit
TREX-001379.pdfTrial Exhibit2.25 MB2013-05-17E-mail RE: FW:Results from visit to Deepwater Horizon
TREX-001736.pdfTrial Exhibit1.26 MB2013-05-17Gulf of Mexico SPU Risk Management SEEAC Brief - Rev 1 (12 May 2010).
TREX-001806.pdfTrial Exhibit382.12 KB2013-05-17Email - From: Mark Hafle To: Brian Morel - Subject: Re: Negative Test
TREX-001814.pdfTrial Exhibit791.72 KB2013-05-17Subject: VH
TREX-001816.pdfTrial Exhibit497.29 KB2013-05-17E-Mail - From: Morel, Brian P Sent: Sun Apr 18 17:09:05 2010 - Subject: Re: Negative Test
TREX-001951.pdfTrial Exhibit856.23 KB2013-05-17Email - From: John Guide To: Brett Cocales and others - Subject: FW: Deepwater Horizon Rig Audit
TREX-001958.pdfTrial Exhibit249.88 KB2013-05-17MACONDO UPDATE
TREX-001976.pdfTrial Exhibit928.09 KB2013-05-17Role Definition - Title: Wells Team Leader
TREX-002190.pdfTrial Exhibit1.00 MB2013-05-17Document Titled Global Leadership Discussion, BP and Transocean Drilling Operations
TREX-002500.pdfTrial Exhibit682.34 KB2013-05-17E-Mail - From: Shaw, Neil to G GOM SPU ELT - Sent: Tue Jan 06 23:51:23 2009 - Subject: GOM - 2008 Performance - Attachments: GoM 2008 Performance v4.doc
TREX-002514.pdfTrial Exhibit1.70 MB2013-05-17Email - From: Steven Carter To: Cindi Skelton and others - Subject: FW: Action requested FW: OMS SPU Gap Closure Status - Review with Richard, with attachment
TREX-002807.pdfTrial Exhibit94.27 KB2013-05-17Document: M-I SWACO BP/Deepwater Horizon Rheliant Displacement Procedure Macondo OSC-G 32306
TREX-002907.pdfTrial Exhibit3.46 MB2013-05-17Email - From: Kevin Lacy To: Neil Shaw and others - Subject: Pre Read for HSSE QPR - Tuesday, October 13, with attachments
TREX-002908.pdfTrial Exhibit9.39 MB2013-05-17GULF OF MEXICO SPU- OPERATING PLAN (OMS HANDBOOK)
TREX-003037.pdfTrial Exhibit1.36 MB2013-05-17Email from J. Gagliano to M. Hafle and B. Morel re: OptiCem Run and Image Attachments
TREX-003130.pdfTrial Exhibit2.23 MB2013-05-17Laboratory Notebook, DNV - Handwritten notes - recorded activities starting with Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
TREX-003329.pdfTrial Exhibit54.78 KB2013-05-17Subject: FW: Macondo deepening recommendation
TREX-003568.pdfTrial Exhibit483.25 KB2013-05-17Email - From: Charles Holt To: Wes Black and others - Subject: P&C - WSL Ranking Spreadsheet, with attachment
TREX-003750.pdfTrial Exhibit6.63 MB2013-05-17Transocean Completion Notification Form Environmental Leadership Training
TREX-003802.pdfTrial Exhibit556.56 KB2013-05-17Offshore Installation Manager Certifications from Republic of Marshall Islands for Jimmy W. Harrell
TREX-003974.pdfTrial Exhibit26.41 KB2013-05-17Cameron - Engineering Report Abstract - Report Number: 3495 - Subject: Shear Test Using 18-15M TL CDVS Rams on 10 3/4 C110 60.7 ppf Casing
TREX-004032.pdfTrial Exhibit103.67 KB2013-05-17Form MMS-124 - Electronic Version with Temporary Abandonment Procedure
TREX-004095.pdfTrial Exhibit57.47 KB2013-05-17Emails between Burns, Thierens, Little, Rainey, Sepulvado, Reed, Lacy, Thorseth & Leary; FW: Tiber Performance
TREX-004271.pdfTrial Exhibit21.23 MB2013-05-17BP-Transocean Drilling Contract for the DWH (1998)
TREX-004426.pdfTrial Exhibit12.15 MB2013-05-17HSSE 2010 (5Q) Plan (Draft)
TREX-004456.pdfTrial Exhibit27.43 KB2013-05-17MC 252#1 - Macondo Production casing and TA Forward Planning Decision Tree
TREX-004793.pdfTrial Exhibit2.52 MB2013-05-17Spreadsheet with information about BOPs for various rigs operating for Transocean; four pages
TREX-004912.pdfTrial Exhibit435.63 KB2013-05-17Integration Memo re: Day 1 Operational Guidance
TREX-005097.pdfTrial Exhibit365.49 KB2013-05-17Refurbishment Procedure for Cameron Solenoid Valves, Part No. 223290-15 and Part No. 223290-63
TREX-005138.pdfTrial Exhibit147.93 KB2013-05-17E-mail among Michael Fry and Geoff Boughton, et al., with attachment subsea workbook (4)
TREX-005172.pdfTrial Exhibit14.47 MB2013-05-17Summary Preparation Sheet BOP-009 Test Solenoid at Deep Sea Temperature
TREX-005677.pdfTrial Exhibit349.38 KB2013-05-17Email from N. Shaw to A. Nicoletti re: Jan 9/10 meeting attaching Agenda Jan9&10; GOMTransformation; Organisation Design; Neil Shaw IPCv10; GOM Performance Management Process; GOM Strategic Cost Managment Plan
TREX-005679.pdfTrial Exhibit49.82 KB2013-05-17Email - From: Barbara Yilmaz To: Neil Shaw - Subject: RE: DAWFC on Marianas
TREX-005680.pdfTrial Exhibit22.39 KB2013-05-17Email - From: Paul McIntyre To: Kevin Lacy - Subject: RE: HiPo Incident GoM Transocean Marianas
TREX-005688.pdfTrial Exhibit155.03 KB2013-05-17Email from P. Zart to N. Shaw and J. Dupree re: SPU Performance in 2009 attaching GoM 2009 Performance v6; 2009 NShaw IPC close out
TREX-005690.pdfTrial Exhibit285.99 KB2013-05-17Email from L. Erwin to R. Morrison and N. Shaw re: New Orleans District Safe Award
TREX-005695.pdfTrial Exhibit43.86 KB2013-05-17Email - From: Neil Shaw To: Kevin Lacy - Subject: RE: Transocean Marianas Travelling Block/ Crown Collision HIPO Investigation Report
TREX-006025.g.PDFTrial Exhibit635.64 KB2013-05-172010 SPU OMS GAPS - RANKING MATRIX
TREX-006294.pdfTrial Exhibit444.43 KB2013-05-17Annual Individual Performance Assessment, J. Guide
TREX-007392.pdfTrial Exhibit35.50 KB2013-05-17E-mail dated April 16, 2010 Guide to Powell and others Subject: RE: Macondo Temporary Abandonment Procedure for MMS
TREX-007406.pdfTrial Exhibit1.70 MB2013-05-17Deepwater Horizon Incident Investigation
TREX-007410.pdfExpert Report2.95 MB2013-05-17Report of James P. McAdams, PE, Interlink Systems, Inc. - Cameron SEM Automatic Mode Function Tests
TREX-007547.pdfTrial Exhibit2.31 MB2013-05-17Supplemental APD Information Sheet
TREX-007563.pdfTrial Exhibit9.32 MB2013-05-17Rig Manager Performance Training Marine Module
TREX-007749.pdfTrial Exhibit6.90 MB2013-05-17API Recommended Practice for Well Control Operations
TREX-008098.pdfExpert Report1.92 MB2013-05-17Review of the Production Casing Design for the Macondo Well - Expert Report by David Lewis
TREX-020843.pdfTrial Exhibit33.84 KB2013-05-17Johnson, Paul: E-mail FW: Updated audits
TREX-020845.xlsTrial Exhibit170.50 KB2013-05-17Tiano, Robert: Deepwater Horizon Follow Up Audit Report Dec 29 2009 - Working Copy.xls
TREX-022608.pdfTrial Exhibit445.98 KB2013-05-17CV of Mitchell, Capt. Andrew
TREX-026042.pdfTrial Exhibit5.64 MB2013-05-17Email from Mac Polhamus to Daun Winsow and others. Subject: High Level BP Presentation
TREX-026050.pdfTrial Exhibit8.15 MB2013-05-17Major Accident Hazard Risk Assessment - Deepwater Horizon
TREX-032031.pdfTrial Exhibit198.34 KB2013-05-17Muller, Eric T: BP Management of Change (4/15/2010)
TREX-036071.pdfTrial Exhibit1.00 MB2013-05-17Transocean Annual Report - 2010 Well Control Events & Statistics 2005 to 2010
TREX-037001.pdfTrial Exhibit848.01 MB2013-05-17Drilling Training Alliance - Drilling Engineering & Well Planning - Volumes 1 & 2
TREX-037005.pdfTrial Exhibit21.16 MB2013-05-17Email from Christopher to Walz and others re: minutes for April 6, 2009, Drilling Excellence Network teleconference
TREX-037010.pdfTrial Exhibit3.38 MB2013-05-17Email from Morel to Sims re: Performance Details
TREX-037023.pdfTrial Exhibit21.04 MB2013-05-17Email from Rivera to Walz re: D&C Global Career Development
TREX-037027.pdfTrial Exhibit26.70 MB2013-05-17Pere Notes of 5/1/2010 Walz interview
TREX-037034.pdfTrial Exhibit15.78 MB2013-05-17Email from Gregory Walz to Charles Taylor re: Cementing Info from the Drlg Excellence Network Site
TREX-040008.pdfExpert Report19.73 MB2013-05-17Expert Report of Forrest Earl Shanks (as amended)
TREX-040009.pdfExpert Report17.03 MB2013-05-17Expert Report of Arthur Zatarain (as amended)
TREX-040011.pdfExpert Report6.53 MB2013-05-17Expert Report of Captain Andrew Mitchell
TREX-040020.pdfTrial Exhibit6.38 MB2013-05-17DDII IADC Report 9/22/10
TREX-041025.pdfTrial Exhibit51.00 KB2013-05-17Email from Guide to Sanders re centralizers
TREX-041060.pdfTrial Exhibit668.76 KB2013-05-17IADC Daily Drilling Report No. 20 (6-Apr-2010)
TREX-041625.pdfTrial Exhibit124.24 KB2013-05-17TD casing and TA plan forward
TREX-041666.pdfTrial Exhibit2.57 MB2013-05-17EPT Drilling, Evaluation of Casing Design Basis for Macondo Prospect, Missippi Canyon Block 252, OCS-G-32306 Well No. 1 (Revision 4)
TREX-044013.pdfTrial Exhibit5.83 MB2013-05-17Marshall Islands Guidance MI-118: Requirements for Merchant Marine Personnel Certification
TREX-044046.pdfTrial Exhibit2.95 MB2013-05-17CMID Annex for Deepwater Horizon
TREX-045076.pdfTrial Exhibit250.65 KB2013-05-174/2010 GoM Leadership Org. Charts
TREX-045257.xlsTrial Exhibit2.13 MB2013-05-17GoM Maroon Book
TREX-045259.pdfTrial Exhibit2.80 MB2013-05-17Group Leader Peformance and Reward Program (2009)
TREX-045482.00004.pdfTrial Exhibit345.50 KB2013-05-17 Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) U.S. Department of Interior Technical Information Management System (TIMS), e-well databases, and Performance Measures Program databases on Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf (OC)
TREX-047145.pdfTrial Exhibit461.62 KB2013-05-173/4/09 Shaw Email re 2009 SPU Safety
TREX-047461.pdfTrial Exhibit42.52 KB2013-05-17Email from J. Guide to D. Sims re Crane Block & Dock Pictures
TREX-047570.pdfTrial Exhibit134.41 KB2013-05-17DWH Safety Pulse Check - Report & Action Plan
TREX-047846.00163.pdfTrial Exhibit5.81 MB2013-05-17GOV 042 eWells production excerpt
TREX-047846.00167.pdfTrial Exhibit13.68 MB2013-05-17GOV 042 eWells production excerpt
TREX-047846.00168.pdfTrial Exhibit5.85 MB2013-05-17GOV 042 eWells production excerpt
TREX-047846.00169.pdfTrial Exhibit6.08 MB2013-05-17GOV 042 eWells production excerpt
TREX-047846.00174.pdfTrial Exhibit5.74 MB2013-05-17GOV 042 eWells production excerpt
TREX-047846.00177.pdfTrial Exhibit5.28 MB2013-05-17GOV 042 eWells production excerpt
TREX-047846.00180.pdfTrial Exhibit8.78 MB2013-05-17GOV 042 eWells production excerpt
TREX-047855.zipTrial Exhibit42.36 MB2013-05-17Documents from IMS998-000001 associated with well API No. 608174108000
TREX-047933.zipTrial Exhibit398.64 KB2013-05-17APD and related documents for API well #608114049500
TREX-047934.zipTrial Exhibit1.01 MB2013-05-17APD and related documents for API well #608114049600
TREX-047936.zipTrial Exhibit437.72 KB2013-05-17APD and related documents for API well #608124002302
TREX-047937.zipTrial Exhibit1.05 MB2013-05-17APD and related documents for API well #608124002600
TREX-047938.zipTrial Exhibit2.86 MB2013-05-17APD and related documents for API well #608124002700
TREX-047939.zipTrial Exhibit445.05 KB2013-05-17APD and related documents for API well #608124002900
TREX-047940.zipTrial Exhibit142.67 KB2013-05-17APD and related documents for API well #608124003400
TREX-047941.zipTrial Exhibit1.01 MB2013-05-17APD and related documents for API well #608174113600
TREX-047942.zipTrial Exhibit1.53 MB2013-05-17APD and related documents for API well #608174114700
TREX-047943.zipTrial Exhibit1.45 MB2013-05-17APD and related documents for API well #608124002500
TREX-047944.zipTrial Exhibit1.43 MB2013-05-17APD and related documents for API well #608124002700
TREX-047962.pdfTrial Exhibit104.58 KB2013-05-173/26/10 Email from J. Grant to S. Todd, et al re BP National MMS SAFE Award Finalist
TREX-047964.PDFTrial Exhibit2.72 MB2013-05-174/19/10 D. Sims e-mail re Rig Visit
TREX-048042.pdfTrial Exhibit1.60 MB2013-05-17Email from B. Morel to J. Guide re Centralizer with Color version of attachment
TREX-048074.pdfTrial Exhibit470.97 KB2013-05-172009 Performance Contract: Neil Shaw, GoM Exploration BUL
TREX-048272.pdfTrial Exhibit27.72 KB2013-05-17Email from P. O'Bryan - J. Caldwell re What I'm Personally Doing to Improve Safety
TREX-052683.pdfTrial Exhibit68.93 MB2013-05-17RMS II equipment history
TREX-060520.pdfTrial Exhibit5.62 MB2013-05-17Manual: API Recommended Practice 53 Third Edition, March 1997, Reaffirmed September 1, 2004, Recommended Practices for Blowout Prevention Equipment Systems for Drilling Wells
TREX-063204.pdfTrial Exhibit4.46 MB2013-05-17Manual: API Recommended Practice for Diverter Systems Equipment and Operations RP 64, Second Edition, November 2001
TREX-087132.pdfTrial Exhibit307.59 KB2013-05-17Photograph of Auto-Fill Tube Shear Screws (Figure 39 to Lirette Expert Report)
V-46A.mpgVideo7.11 MB2013-05-17Excerpt of Jeff Wolfe's Deposition
Mike Williams.mpgDeposition Video Clip282.78 MB2013-03-04Videotape Clips of Deposition Testimony of Mike Williams
Mike Williams.zipDeposition Video Clip226.96 MB2013-03-04Downloadable Version of the Videotape Clips of Deposition Testimony of Mike Williams