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2013-03-21_BP_Trial_Day_16_AM-Final.pdfTrial Transcript1.32 MB3/21/2013Morning Session: Continued Cross-Examination of Greg Childs, Transocean's Expert Witness on Blowout Preventers
2013-03-21_BP_Trial_Day_16_PM-Final.pdfTrial Transcript621.94 KB3/21/2013Afternoon Session: Conclusion of Cross-Examination of Greg Childs, Transocean's Expert Witness on Blowout Preventers, followed by Videoclips of Murry Sepulvado's deposition and Buddy Trahan's deposition
TREX-00609.pdfTrial Exhibit12.49 MB2013-03-21SDL Field Procedures
TREX-00942.pdfTrial Exhibit941.96 KB2013-03-21Transocean - Career Center-North American Offshore Fleet-Current Job Opening-Master
TREX-00960.pdfTrial Exhibit5.04 MB2013-03-21Email - From: Gary Butler To: Jerry Canducci - Subject: FW: DWH Station Bill, with attachment
TREX-00962.pdfTrial Exhibit739.83 KB2013-03-21Email - From: Joe Keith To: Jose Ortiz and others - Subject: RE: Items needed once daily while drilling the last Macondo interval
TREX-00969.pdfTrial Exhibit3.02 MB2013-03-21RECEIPT AND RELEASE AGREEMENT
TREX-01760.pdfTrial Exhibit488.89 KB2013-03-21711 WELL CONTROL INCIDENT
TREX-01764.pdfTrial Exhibit10.37 MB2013-03-21ISM Code Certification Company Audit Report
TREX-01765.pdfTrial Exhibit6.21 MB2013-03-21Audit Programme
TREX-01766.pdfTrial Exhibit5.94 MB2013-03-21Det Norske Veritas - Audit Programmer of Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling by David McKay
TREX-01774.pdfTrial Exhibit4.93 MB2013-03-21Safety Management Certificate Issued by the Republic of Panama and Det Norske Veritas for the Deepwater Horizon
TREX-01776.pdfTrial Exhibit726.20 KB2013-03-21DNV Safety Management Certificate for DWH (2007-2012)
TREX-01777.pdfTrial Exhibit8.00 MB2013-03-21DNV SURVEY REPORT - INTERMEDIATE ISM AUDIT
TREX-01778.pdfTrial Exhibit7.55 MB2013-03-21DNV - Survey Report - Renewal ISM Audit and Renewal Scope ISPS Audit - Audit Date(s): 2007-05-15 & 2007-05-16
TREX-02189.pdfTrial Exhibit147.58 KB2013-03-21Subject: FW: Loss of Control Events
TREX-03134.pdfTrial Exhibit5.10 MB2013-03-21Det Norske Veritas Deepwater Horizon Design Risk Assessment, Prepared For Transocean SEDCO FOREX, Final Report January 2012
TREX-03163.pdfTrial Exhibit2.60 MB2013-03-21DNV Guidance for Auditors to the ISM Code: MTPNO342 Maritime Management Systems
TREX-03288.pdfTrial Exhibit4.49 MB2013-03-21WEST Engineering Services; Subject: DEEPWATER HORIZON (Job No. 001 C); Reference: Subsea Equipment Condition Audit
TREX-04275.pdfTrial Exhibit12.79 MB2013-03-21Risk Assessment of the Deepwater Horizon Blowout Preventer (BOP) Control System Final Report, prepared for Cameron Controls Corp
TREX-04395.pdfTrial Exhibit65.00 KB2013-03-21Email from J. Bellow to J. Keith K. Gray, et al. re help needed for them on rigs, proposal to add new positions to assist
TREX-04472.pdfTrial Exhibit627.95 KB2013-03-21Transocean Interview Notes of Andrea Fleytas
TREX-05285.pdfTrial Exhibit3.77 MB2013-03-21DP Operations Manual
TREX-05295.pdfTrial Exhibit95.00 KB2013-03-21Email - From: James Kent To: DWH, ChiefMate and others - Subject: RE: Fire Dampers
TREX-05571.pdfTrial Exhibit582.38 KB2013-03-21United States Coast Guard- Certificate of Compliance
TREX-05642.pdfTrial Exhibit744.20 KB2013-03-21Transocean: Positioned to Lead Proxy Statement and 2009 Annual Report
TREX-05643.pdfTrial Exhibit1.28 MB2013-03-21Transocean Integration Memo
TREX-05649.pdfTrial Exhibit4.10 MB2013-03-21Annual Report - 2009 Well Control Events & Statistics 2005 to 2009
TREX-05650.pdfTrial Exhibit2.21 MB2013-03-21TO EAU Incident Investigation Report - Well Control Incident - Riser Unloading
TREX-05653.pdfTrial Exhibit584.46 KB2013-03-21Email from S. Newman to L. McMahan re: weekly OER Executive Review 2009 Week 02
TREX-06164.pdfTrial Exhibit5.93 MB2013-03-21bop - Deepwater Horizon Integrated Acceptance Audit - Aug-Sep 2001 prepared by Mel O'Brien, Head of Drilling Technical Audit Group
TREX-07691.pdfTrial Exhibit6.92 MB2013-03-21Letter attaching report from assessment of the well control equipment on the Deepwater Horizon
TREX-20044.pdfTrial Exhibit561.45 KB2013-03-21Braten, Olvind: DNV Document of Compliance
TREX-26009.b.pdfTrial Exhibit193.88 KB2013-03-21Letter from A.M. Polhamus to Glen Prater, Night Tool Pusher re: Jim Cunningham Blowout Incident
TREX-26023.pdfTrial Exhibit248.12 KB2013-03-21Emails to/from Arnaud Bobillier and Martin Vos regarding Arctic 1 HSE status
TREX-26025.a.pdfTrial Exhibit4.44 MB2013-03-21Email from Barry Braniff to Larry McMahan re: DWE WCE Lessons Learned rev. 1 draft
TREX-26032.pdfTrial Exhibit3.37 MB2013-03-21Email from Steven Newman to Adrian Rose, Rob Saltiel, Arnaud Bobillier, Larry McMahan re: preliminary thoughts and supplementay info
TREX-26035.b.pdfTrial Exhibit473.83 KB2013-03-21Email from Nick Jackson to Adrian Rose, Subject: Re: FINAL DRAFT: FIRST TO KNOW: Transocean Launches Major Evaluation of Safety Proceses and Culture
TREX-26035.c.pdfTrial Exhibit403.20 KB2013-03-21Email from Adrian Rose to Bob Long and Steven Newman, Subject: DRAFT Lloyd's announcement, Attachments: 10-19-09 FTK Lloyd's announcement (CW) CLEAN.doc
TREX-26035.e.pdfTrial Exhibit553.46 KB2013-03-21Email from Courtney Wilcox to Adrian Rose, Sherry Richard, Guy Cantwell, Gregory Panagos, Subject: RE: DRAFT Lloyd's announcement
TREX-36070.pdfTrial Exhibit5.19 MB2013-03-21Transocean Annual Report - 2009 Well Control Events & Statistics 2005 to 2009
TREX-41008.pdfTrial Exhibit24.77 MB2013-03-21Transoceans Well Control Manual
TREX-41215.pdfTrial Exhibit170.03 KB2013-03-21Testimony of Steve Newman - Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation US Senate
TREX-41222.pdfTrial Exhibit3.11 MB2013-03-21Email From DWH, Toolpusher (Deepwater Horizon) to DWH, AsstDriller (Deepwater Horizon), re Macondo Part 1 (14:10:00)
TREX-42123.xlsTrial Exhibit199.00 KB2013-03-21Keith, J., ZOI/Show Report, Halliburton Sperry Drilling Services, Apr 4 2010
TREX-44007.pdfTrial Exhibit81.57 KB2013-03-21DNV Safety Management Certificate issued for DWH
TREX-44015.pdfTrial Exhibit59.85 KB2013-03-21Letter re Results of BP GoM HSSE Audit of Transocean, June 22, 2005
TREX-44017.pdfTrial Exhibit2.02 MB2013-03-21Deepwater Horizon Technical Rig Audit January 2005
TREX-44032.pdfTrial Exhibit179.89 KB2013-03-21Horizon Audit
TREX-44038.xlsTrial Exhibit90.00 KB2013-03-21Transocean HSSE Audit Summary (2)
TREX-44072.pdfTrial Exhibit12.88 MB2013-03-21International Maritime Organization, Code for the Construction & Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, MODU Code Consolidated Edition (2001) (ISBN 9280151096)
TREX-47243.xlsTrial Exhibit174.00 KB2013-03-21Deepwater Horizon Follow Up Audit Report Dec 29 2009 - Working Copy (Rev Date 1-10-10)
TREX-48093.pdfTrial Exhibit68.03 KB2013-03-21Email from S. Hand to D. Foster et al. re Subsea Shut-in Procedure
TREX-48144.pdfTrial Exhibit188.28 KB2013-03-21Email from P. Smith to B. Long and A. Bobillier re Rebuilding Safety Culture at Transocean
TREX-50361.pdfTrial Exhibit270.78 KB2013-03-21International Safety Management (ISM) Code
TREX-52545.pdfTrial Exhibit1.44 MB2013-03-21Transocean - 2008 - Well Control Handbook - HQS-OPS-HB-01 - Actions Upon Taking a Kick - Shut-in Procedures - Issue 03, Revision 00
TREX-52546.pdfTrial Exhibit535.55 KB2013-03-21Transocean - 2009 - Well Control Handbook - HQS-OPS-HB-01 - Actions Upon Taking a Kick - Shut-in Procedures - Issue 03, Revision 01
TREX-52646.pdfTrial Exhibit102.79 KB2013-03-21Transocean Launches Evaluation Safety and Processes and Culture, First to Know Pre-amble
TREX-52651.pdfTrial Exhibit2.55 MB2013-03-21Email from Bill Sannan re Safety Stand-Up
TREX-60998.pdfTrial Exhibit20.28 MB2013-03-21Manual: Surface Data Logging Core Fundamentals
TREX-62953.pdfTrial Exhibit18.43 MB2013-03-21Document: SDL Applied Fundamentals, Course 237 Technical Document TDTM0002A
TREX-63213.pdfTrial Exhibit1.92 MB2013-03-21US v. TO - Plea Agreement and Factual Basis [Docs. 3, 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4, 3-5] 2:13-cr-00001-JTM-SS
AROD-181-A.pdfVisual Aid244.69 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
AS-417-A.pdfVisual Aid122.71 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
D-2103.pdfVisual Aid180.47 KB2013-03-21Key Finding #4 Influx Was Not Recognized Until Hydrocarbons Were in Riser
D-2104.pdfVisual Aid213.13 KB2013-03-21Key Finding #4 Influx Was Not Recognized Until Hydrocarbons Were in Riser
D-2105.pdfVisual Aid212.15 KB2013-03-21Key Finding #4 Influx Was Not Recognized Until Hydrocarbons Were in Riser
D-2188.pdfVisual Aid400.89 KB2013-03-21Hitec Data Display Sperry-Sun Display
D-2189.pdfVisual Aid221.99 KB2013-03-21Flow-Out Sensors and Flow Line Camera
D-2224.pdfVisual Aid730.42 KB2013-03-21Deepwater Horizon (Noted - Mud Loggers, Mud-Gas Separator Pipe, Diverters, Drill Floor, Rotary Table)
D-2357.pdfVisual Aid1.83 MB2013-03-21Simulated Sperry Sun Screen
D-3098.pdfVisual Aid95.51 KB2013-03-21Summary: Significant Overdue Maintenance on DWH
D-3179.pdfVisual Aid" 366.92 KB2013-03-21Joe Keith Exam Slides - Diagrams/Flow Meter
D-3182.pdfVisual Aid1.70 MB2013-03-21Joe Keith Exam Slides - Sperry Data
D-3183.pdfVisual Aid291.85 KB2013-03-21Joe Keith Exam Slides
D-3184.pdfVisual Aid368.25 KB2013-03-21Joe Keith Exam Slides
D-3185.pdfVisual Aid305.13 KB2013-03-21Joe Keith Exam Slides
D-3186.pdfVisual Aid575.66 KB2013-03-21Joe Keith Exam Slides
D-3187.pdfVisual Aid406.43 KB2013-03-21Joe Keith Exam Slides
D-3188.pdfVisual Aid450.80 KB2013-03-21Joe Keith Exam Slides
D-3247.pdfVisual Aid801.15 KB2013-03-21Joe Keith Exam Slides
D-3269.pdfVisual Aid6.25 MB2013-03-21Easel Chart RTC Used with Newman
D-4275.pdfVisual Aid122.00 KB2013-03-21Slide Demonstrative
D-4328A.pdfVisual Aid257.94 KB2013-03-21Revised Slide Demonstratives
D-4330A.pdfVisual Aid257.63 KB2013-03-21Revised Slide Demonstratives
D-4341.pdfVisual Aid218.78 KB2013-03-21Slide Demonstrative
D-4388.1.pdfVisual Aid76.97 KB2013-03-21BP Demonstrative
D-4401.pdfVisual Aid426.18 KB2013-03-21BP Demonstrative
D-4401.1.pdfVisual Aid68.19 KB2013-03-21BP Demonstrative
D-4401.2.pdfVisual Aid80.27 KB2013-03-21BP Demonstrative
D-4401.3.pdfVisual Aid140.02 KB2013-03-21BP Demonstrative
D-4401.4.pdfVisual Aid142.15 KB2013-03-21BP Demonstrative
D-4401.5.pdfVisual Aid144.89 KB2013-03-21BP Demonstrative
D-4418.pdfVisual Aid108.15 KB2013-03-21BP Demonstrative
D-4594.pdfVisual Aid113.19 KB2013-03-21BP Demonstrative
D-4595.pdfVisual Aid123.62 KB2013-03-21BP Demonstrative
D-6279.JPGVisual Aid6.75 MB2013-03-21Photograph
D-6726.pdfVisual Aid388.98 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
D-6727.pdfVisual Aid20.17 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
D-6728.pdfVisual Aid20.60 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
D-6730.pdfVisual Aid575.18 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
D-6731.pdfVisual Aid19.72 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
D-6732.pdfVisual Aid454.43 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
D-6733.pdfVisual Aid536.96 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
D-6734.pdfVisual Aid159.96 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
D-8167.1.pdfVisual Aid117.79 KB2013-03-21PSC Demonstrative
L-44049-1.pdfVisual Aid129.13 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
L-44049-2.pdfVisual Aid133.70 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
L-44049-3.pdfVisual Aid114.86 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
MO-13A.pdfVisual Aid181.62 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
NC-328-A.pdfVisual Aid145.49 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
NW-328-A.pdfVisual Aid130.57 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
WOLFE-27.pdfVisual Aid194.76 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
WOLFE-3.pdfVisual Aid125.78 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
WOLFE-4.pdfVisual Aid227.98 KB2013-03-21TO Demonstrative
Murry_Sepulvado.mpgDeposition Video Clip86.07 MB2013-03-21Videotape Clips of Deposition Testimony of Murry Sepulvado
Murry_Sepulvado.zipDeposition Video Clip82.50 MB2013-03-21Downloadable Version of the Videotape Clips of Deposition Testimony of Murry Sepulvado
Buddy_Trahan.aviDeposition Video Clip81.35 MB2013-03-21Videotape Clips of Deposition Testimony of Buddy Trahan
Buddy_Trahan.zipDeposition Video Clip80.13 MB2013-03-21Downloadable Version of the Videotape Clips of Deposition Testimony of Buddy Trahan