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2013_1018_(day_12)(final).PDFTrial Transcript1.24 MB2013-10-18Morning Session: conclusion of cross-examination of Adrian E. Johnson, Ph.D., BP's expert witness on the hydraulic behavior of oil and gas production, followed by direct examination and cross-examination of Leif Larsen, Ph.D., the United States' rebuttal expert witness on well-test analysis, and the direct examination of Jean-Claude Roegiers, Ph.D., the United States' rebuttal expert witness on pore volume compressibility
MDL_2179_101813_PM_SESSION_FINAL_PDF.pdfTrial Transcript387.39 KB2013-10-18Afternoon Session: cross-examination of Jean-Claude Roegiers, Ph.D., the United States' rebuttal expert witness on pore volume compressibility, followed by the direct examination and cross-examination of Alan R. Huffman, Ph.D., the United States' rebuttal expert witness on the issue of interpreting seismic log and core data from the Macondo well
TREX-012102R.pdfExpert Report24.12 MB2013-10-18REDACTED Report: Expert Rebuttal Report of Leif Larsen
2013-10-18_DEPOSITION_BUNDLE_INSTRUCTIONS.PDFBundle Instructions239.72 KB2013-10-18Instructions for the Deposition Bundles
Havstad_Mark_2013-01-30_&_31.zipDeposition Bundle115.56 MB2013-10-18BP Deposition Bundle of Havstad, Mark 2013-01-30 & 31
LeBlanc_Jason_2012-09-10.zipDeposition Bundle61.95 MB2013-10-18BP Deposition Bundle of LeBlanc, Jason 2012-09-10
Loos_Jamie_2012-09-20.zipDeposition Bundle310.40 MB2013-10-18BP Deposition Bundle of Loos, Jamie 2012-09-20
Maclay_Don_2012-10-31_&_11-01.zipDeposition Bundle241.64 MB2013-10-18BP Deposition Bundle of Maclay, Don 2012-10-31 & 11-01
Ratzel_Arthur_2012-10-17_&_18.zipDeposition Bundle215.27 MB2013-10-18BP Deposition Bundle of Ratzel, Arthur 2012-10-17 & 18
Richardson_Nigel_2013-07-10.zipDeposition Bundle454.45 KB2013-10-18BP Deposition Bundle of Richardson, Nigel 2013-07-10
Schulkes_Ruben_2012-11-12.zipDeposition Bundle63.28 MB2013-10-18BP Deposition Bundle of Schulkes, Ruben 2012-11-12
Shtepani_Edmond_2012-11-30.zipDeposition Bundle46.49 MB2013-10-18BP Deposition Bundle of Shtepani, Edmond 2012-11-30
Sogge_Mark_2012-09-18_&_19.zipDeposition Bundle50.55 MB2013-10-18BP Deposition Bundle of Sogge, Mark 2012-09-18 & 19
Trusler_Martin_2013-07-09.zipDeposition Bundle6.23 MB2013-10-18BP Deposition Bundle of Trusler, Martin 2013-07-09
Vaziri_Hans_2013-07-17.zipDeposition Bundle784.13 KB2013-10-18BP Deposition Bundle of Vaziri, Hans 2013-07-17