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MDL_2179-J_093013_AM.PDFTranscript3.04 MB2013-09-30Morning Session: Opening Statements by Attorneys for the Aligned Parties (Transocean, Halliburton, and the Plaintiffs' Steering Committee), the United States, and BP, followed by the direct examination of John L. Wilson (the Aligned Parties' expert witness on BP Internal Well Flow Rate Estimates in April and May 2010)
2013-0930-PM_Final.pdfTranscript596.73 KB2013-09-30Afternoon Session: cross-examination of examination of John L. Wilson (the Aligned Parties' expert witness on BP Internal Well Flow Rate Estimates in April and May 2010), followed by direct examination and cross-examination of Gregg S. Perkin (the Aligned Parties' expert witness on well control and blow-out preventers)
D20004.pdfDemonstrative192.95 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20005.pdfDemonstrative104.51 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20006.pdfDemonstrative91.05 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20007.pdfDemonstrative151.59 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20008.pdfDemonstrative124.60 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20013.pdfDemonstrative407.71 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20014.pdfDemonstrative161.88 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20015.pdfDemonstrative244.02 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20016.pdfDemonstrative362.16 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20017.pdfDemonstrative107.57 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20018.pdfDemonstrative133.41 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20019.pdfDemonstrative159.10 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20070.pdfDemonstrative251.46 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20071.pdfDemonstrative143.93 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20072.pdfDemonstrative177.91 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20073.pdfDemonstrative83.17 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D20074.pdfDemonstrative180.52 KB2013-09-30PSC Demonstrative Slide
D23274A.PDFDemonstrative91.16 KB2013-09-30BP Demonstrative Slide
D25011A.PPTXDemonstrative2.70 MB2013-09-30TO Demonstrative Slide
D25015C.pdfDemonstrative456.51 KB2013-09-30TO Demonstrative Slide
D25018A.pdfDemonstrative77.76 KB2013-09-30TO Demonstrative Slide
TREX-001651.pdfExhibit5.66 MB2013-09-30Letter: Response to Chairman Markey's Correspondence, Dated May 14, 2010, to Mr. Lamar McKay, President and CEO of BP America, Inc.
TREX-003218.pdfExhibit3.51 MB2013-09-30Email - From: Doug Suttles To: John Lynch, Jr. - Subject: FW: Flow rate note, with attachment
TREX-003220_Redacted_BP.pdfExhibit607.92 KB2013-09-30Email - From: John Lynch, Jr. To: David Rainey - Subject: Redacted
TREX-005063.pdfExhibit1.38 MB2013-09-30E-mail from Trevor Hill to Gordon Birrell with attachments, dated April 28, 2010
TREX-009131_Redacted_US.pdfExhibit1.25 MB2013-09-30May 16 and 17, 2010 E-mail string among Paul Tooms, Kate Baker , et al., Subject: Quetsions for National Labs, with Attachments
TREX-009132.pdfExhibit898.05 KB2013-09-30May 18, 2010 E-mail from Kate Baker to Bill Kirton, Jonathan Sprague , et al., Subject: Draft for our comment; summary points from the KWOP discussion, with Attachments
TREX-009146_Redacted_US.pdfExhibit165.85 KB2013-09-30May 29, 2010 E-mail from Carol Browner to Recos, Jim Messina , et al., Subject: Important news
TREX-009155.pdfExhibit843.46 KB2013-09-30May 10, 2010 E-mail from Doug Suttles to Mary Landry, Subject: 01090800 - Adobe Reader, with Attachments
TREX-009156_Redacted_BP.pdfExhibit4.49 MB2013-09-30May 11, 2010 E-mail from Mike Mason to Cindy Yeilding, Debbie Kercho , et al., Subject: Meeting Presentation May 11 2010 (3).ppt, with Attachments
TREX-009157_Redacted_BP.pdfExhibit1.44 MB2013-09-30May 5 and 6, 2010 E-mail string among Kelly McAughan, Jasper Peijs , et al., Subject: WCD Plots Request, with Attachment, WCD Plots - Macondo 1 - 050510.ppt
TREX-009160_Redacted_BP.pdfExhibit281.87 KB2013-09-30May 27, 2010 (03:25:32) Text message from Jon Sprague [Too much flowrate ]
TREX-009164_Redacted_BP.pdfExhibit1.08 MB2013-09-30May 27 and 28, 2010 E-mail string among Mark Mazzella, Paul Tooms , et al., Subject: BJ and Halli Data and May 27, 2010 E-mail from Rupen Doshi to Hank Porter, Tokes Adoun, Subject: Data Files from BP's Top Kill
TREX-009245.pdfExhibit945.84 KB2013-09-30May 18, 2010 E-mail from Kate Baker to Bill Kirton, Jonathan Sprague , et al., Subject: Draft for yor comment; summary points from the KWOP discussion, with Attachments
TREX-009250_Redacted_BP.pdfExhibit2.03 MB2013-09-30May 14 and 16 - 18, 2010 E-mail string among Trevor Hill, Kurt Mix , et al., Subject: Pressure build-up, with Attachments.
TREX-009266.pdfExhibit311.97 KB2013-09-30May 9, 2010 E-mail from Ole Rygg to Kurt Mix, Subject: Blowout Rates, with Attachments
TREX-009330_Redacted_BP.pdfExhibit23.69 MB2013-09-30E-mail chain, top e-mail from Kelly McAughan to Jasper Preijs, et al., dated May 06, 2010
TREX-009474_Redacted_BP.pdfExhibit358.12 KB2013-09-30May 16, 2010 E-mail string between Trevor Hill and Farah Saidi, Subject: Update
TREX-009475_Redacted_BP.pdfExhibit1.92 MB2013-09-30May 18, 2010 E-mail string between Mike Brown and Philip Maule and Adam Ballard, Subject: MC252 Fluid composition and May 17, 2010 E-mail string among Adam Ballard, Mike Brown , et al., Subject: ACTION: Please respond to request for ----> Re: REQUEST: Dai
TREX-009628.pdfExhibit200.78 KB2013-09-30Hand-drawn chart, initialed MEL, dated Oct. 23, 2012; two pages
TREX-009696_Redacted_US.pdfExhibit321.28 KB2013-09-30May 31, 2010 E-mail string among Andy Inglis, SCHU and others, Subject: Deepwater Horizon slide pack - May 31st 2010
TREX-009709.pdfExhibit247.41 KB2013-09-30E-mail string, top e-mail from Mr. Aoki to Mr. O'Connor, et al., dated May 17, 2010
TREX-009710_Redacted_US.pdfExhibit892.25 KB2013-09-30E-mail string, top e-mail from Mr. DeCroix to, et al., dated 5/21/2010
TREX-010522_Redacted_BP.pdfExhibit16.47 MB2013-09-30E-mail from Jon Turnbull to James Wellings, et al., dated May 15, 2010, Subject: Top Preventer Peer Assist Recommendations Final.ppt
TREX-010647.pdfExhibit456.51 KB2013-09-30May 27 and 28, 2010 E-mail string among Tim Lockett, Chris Matice and others, Subject: CFD Heat Transfer Model Case 30a - 10,000 bpd flow to assess Hydrates via CFD of BOP stack placement, with Attachments
TREX-011296.pdfExhibit4.38 MB2013-09-30Mud Flow During Kill, Ron Dykhuizen & Charlie Morrow, June 1, 2010
TREX-011305_Redacted_US.pdfExhibit1.64 MB2013-09-30E-mail string, top e-mail from Secretary Chu to Dan Leistikow, et al., dated May 30, 2010, Subject: RE: Conf call tps and q&a
TREX-011464R.pdfExhibit4.24 MB2013-09-30Expert Report - Macondo Phase II, Gregg S. Perkin, P.E., Engineering Partners International, March 22, 2013 (Redacted Version)
TREX-011465R.pdfExhibit804.65 KB2013-09-30Expert Rebuttal Report - Macondo Phase II, Gregg S. Perkin, P.E., Engineering Partners International, June 10, 2013 (Redacted Version)
TREX-011477_Redacted_US.pdfExhibit2.48 MB2013-09-30Email from SCHU to T. Hunter, et al. re Conf call tps and q&a
TREX-011478.pdfExhibit166.73 KB2013-09-30May 29, 2010 E-mail from Marcia McNutt to Kenneth Salazar and SCHU, Subject: Way forward
TREX-011480_Redacted_US.pdfExhibit6.22 MB2013-09-30Email from K. Fleckman to, et al. re Slides for May 16 Science Meeting
TREX-011677.pdfExhibit42.93 MB2013-09-30Letter from D. Moore to D. Stoltz re Discover Enterprise: Acceptance of Well Control Equipment
TREX-011900R.pdfExhibit1.47 MB2013-09-30REDACTED Report: Expert Report of Dr. John L. Wilson
TREX-011906.pdfExhibit17.11 MB2013-09-30PowerPoint slides titled BP PowerPoint tips & tricks; seven pages without Bates numbers
TREX-144757_Redacted_US.pdfExhibit2.12 MB2013-09-30Email from M. McNutt to M. Lee-Ashley et al. re Re: RE:
TREX-144811.pdfExhibit57.66 KB2013-09-30Email from D. Payton to et al. re Re: Leak rate guestimate
TREX-144847_Redacted_US.pdfExhibit100.03 KB2013-09-30Email from T. Hunter to S. Tieszen re Re: Flow
TREX-144989_Redacted_US.pdfExhibit1.44 MB2013-09-30Email from I. Sneddon to E. Redd et al. re FW: Revised LMRP Removal Procedure DWH
TREX-145079_Redacted_US.pdfExhibit93.32 KB2013-09-30Email from A. Olsen to E. Redd re Status BOP's etc.
WILSON(FINAL).pdfCallouts6.75 MB2013-09-30Aligned Parties' Callouts for Wilson