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2013_1010(Day_8)(FINAL).PDFTrial Transcript1.24 MB2013-10-11Morning Session: direct examination and cross-examination of Martin Blunt, Ph.D., BP's expert witness on the use of reservoir engineering in calculating the volume of oil in the Macondo Well
MDL_2179_101013_PM_SESSION_FINAL_PDF.pdfTrial Transcript356.40 KB2013-10-11Afternoon Session: continued cross-examination and redirect examination of Martin Blunt, Ph.D., BP's expert witness on reservoir engineering, followed by clips from videotaped depositions of Mark Havstad , Art Ratzel, and Trevor Hill
TREX-011553R.pdfExpert Report80.45 MB2013-10-10REDACTED - Modelling Macondo, A calculation of the volume of oil released during the Deepwater Horizon incident, Prepared on Behalf of BP Exploration & Production Inc and Anadarko, Prepared by Martin J. Blunt dated May 1, 2013, marked as CONFIDENTIAL; 209