Document NameTypeFile SizeDateDescription
TREX-07500.pdfExpert Report638.74 KB2013-03-04Expert Report and Resume/C.V. of Dr. Andrew Hurst – Plaintiffs’ Expert in Petroleum Geology and Geoscience
2013-03-04_BP_Trial_Day_5_AM-Final.pdfTrial Transcript1.58 MB2013-03-04Morning Session: Conclusion of Cross-Examination and Re-Direct Examination of Mark Bly, BP's Group Head of Safety and Operations.
2013-03-04_BP_Trial_Day_5_PM-Final.pdfTrial Transcript590.47 KB2013-03-04Afternoon Session: Direct Examination, Cross-Examination, and Re-Direct of Dr. Andrew Hurst, Plaintiffs' Expert on Petroleum Geology and Geoscience, followed by Videotape clip of Mike Williams, and ending with Direct Examination of Miles Randal Ezell.